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  1. Shazam

    Soda dreams?

    hi, i haven't had a pop in over a year, and not looking back!!! feel 300 times better, dont want to go there. but there are other things i want, but try not to indulge.... sorry
  2. Shazam

    NEWLY BANDED 9/13/13!

    welcome to your new life. im almost a year out and feel FANTASTIC!!!!!!!
  3. Shazam

    Feed a cold....

  4. Shazam

    Eating slow is hard

    I'm a year old and still have probs eating slow. Don't allow yourself to get to the starving point is key.
  5. Shazam


    Welcome to your new life!!!!!
  6. Shazam

    What Are You Reading?

    Game of Thrones, HBO made a series from the books.... Very good. Books better than the show
  7. Shazam


    Interesting. I was told to give up caffeine. Mainly because it dehydrates your body, which actually makes you hungry. Giving up caffeine was so difficult, I didn't see the point in going back to it. Sure I miss it at times, but for the most part I don't miss it at all. I only drink water. Anything diet tastes horrible and is unsatisfying. So I guess I can't answer that question.
  8. Definitely do not chug. As for the shakes, have you thought about brining ice??i know I can swallow it if its warm. I try to have ice when I make mine. And I use a reuse able stainless steel coffee mug, everyone thinks I'm drinking a special drink from Starbucks, (it's actually from Starbucks too). Plus it does kinda make you feel like you have a "special" drink. Only you know it's protein. If you have a fridge at work, put it in the freezer, if not fill a cooler and mix it up, and poof there ya go. Sometimes I make 2 at a time and run out the door, if I know I would be running and can't stop. And you can pack them up made up in a cooler too. Then I won't snack.
  9. If you don't mind me saying, try and find a doctor who is supportive. You can switch. If you would move you'd need to switch, well if he's arrogant, switch. My doc is sympathetic, but stern. He wants his patients to be successful. If you cheat, you're cheating yourself. And I get that, but we are also human. As you get more restriction from the band, you will actually find yourself cheating less. If you can. Take the time and research and find a new doc. No point and going somewhere that makes you stressed. That will only lead to stress eating, and you don't want that. I wish you the best, he sounds awful.
  10. Shazam

    Diet Pepsi/ carbonated drinks

    FYI - I have read somewhere that even after you stir the bubbles, the carbon is still in the drink, which still extends your stomach. It's really better to stay away from pop. Water is the best to drink.
  11. Shazam


    I totally understand. But with the band remember that the weight loss is slower. 1-2 lbs a week. Frustrating. But healthy. Hang in there. Continue what you are doing and it will slowly come off. Good luck
  12. Last night I went out to dinner with a long time friend. I never told her I was banded, but towards the beginning of my journey I did tell her I began watching what I ate. We were talking about medicine and how needed to get on track, watch what she ate so didn't need to take meds. And I said, I got off my meds. She had asked how, and I simply told her, I lost weight. After I said this, I honestly would have thought she would have complimented me and say something like, oh I thought there was something different about you, or I thought you lost some. Well after I told her - nothing, not a peep. And here's the thing, she has trouble with her weight, which is why I thought of all people she would say some kind words. And more people are noticing, so I know people can tell. I was floored. I really thought of all people she would have said something nice. I have known her for nearly 14 years! I'm kinda upset about it. Though I did suspect some people would be jerks, I guess I didn't really know which ones. I know I shouldn't let it get me down. But it is. I'm trying to hang in there. :|
  13. Shazam


    Name, real or screen~ Shazam Goal weight for September 30th~ 234 Weight on September 1st~ 238 Age~ 49 City/State~ Hogwarts Dietary goal for September~ more fish and chicken Exercise goal for September~ workout everyday Personal goal for September~ less tv Date banded~ nov 2012 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet~ 52 Favorite Fall Activity~ crafting
  14. Shazam

    Proud of Myself

    Keep up with the good work
  15. Shazam

    Wow some people...!!!

    There are some wise peeps here!! Thanks! And you all are correct. Knowing of her, she never was one to compliment much, I didn't think of that or the green eyed jeousy monster. And I'm certain all of the above mentioned from you peeps and that might have something to do with her lack of response. Oh well, but yay me!
  16. Shazam


    Oh yeah I forgot yogurt and cheese
  17. What is your response when someone asks, "so, how much have you lost?l
  18. Shazam


    Well I couldn't have carbs. So did eggs in about a hundred ways like scrambled, omelets, and eggs benedict without the muffin. and cottage cheese and that I mixed with salsa to give flavor when I got tired of it. I didn't have many choices and the protein made me feel full, so I was good with that. Lots of broth too. I still for the most part dont eat a lot of carbs, they are evil and wind up making ya hungry. It wasn't easy, but it's been worth it.
  19. Shazam

    I'm so confused!!

    I chose the band because it was reversible, if necessary. I do know of someone who had the sleeve. I have seen her eat, she hasn't changed any of her habits, none. Though I know it will catch up to her. I have changed my lifestyle for this. I want this so bad. I gave up coffee, pop, burgers, so many things. And I don't miss most of them. The caffeine, the bloating. I feel so good now. I just want to keep moving in the right direction. I exercise on a almost daily basis. Doing something like this, without changing your life while doing so, will only bring you back where you were. I did one thing at a time, and the band made it easier to do. It's a tool. Not magic. It will take time to get to goal weight. Remember that and you'll do fine. And I have no regrets, none at all. Just wish I did it sooner. Good luck
  20. Shazam

    Unflavored protein

    I don't know if there are unflavored ones, I'm sure there are. I use the chocolate. Sorry cant help ya out anymore than that. Did you look online
  21. It's funny how the strangest foods are soooo satisfying when you haven't been able to eat them anymore. I can completely understand!!! I couldn't wait for cottage cheese. Haha
  22. Shazam

    How do you answer ?

    Wow thanks all for replying. I don't know how I want to answer yet. I feel that it is kinda personal, and no ones business. I guess I figure the only ones that need to know are my kids and hubs. Everyone else to me doesn't matter and don't need to know.
  23. Shazam


    Thanks all, yes I'm feeling awesome!!!

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