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    at the movies

    I decided as an addict to movie theater popcorn, to only go to the theater when it is a must see movie. I will wait for it to come out on DVD and watch at home so I can eat proper foods. For the couple of times I did go, I broke down and had popcorn. Now since I don't go, I forget about renting the movie. And actually wind up being more active. Which is what I technically want too. It's not easy at times, but it's easier at home. There I admitted it. Popcorn is one huge downfall for me.
  2. Shazam

    Hello group ....

    Hi. First - don't get me wrong. You should check with your doctor. And I sampled it with trying a little at a time. I didn't go all gong ho either. Your body is healing. It takes a couple of weeks too. I was banded Nov 2012, and I've lost over 50 lbs. it hasn't been easy, it's all about making better and healthier choices and turning nearly everything we hold wonderful when it comes to food down. But it's made me stronger and healthier because of it. Currently, I am only taking vitamins now. Before my surgery I was taking 5 different medications, plus another 2-3 when needed. I feel 100 % better than ever. I'm active and recent jogged for the first time in over 16 years. I will be honest, I haven't been the poster child of a lap band patient, but I continue to strive and motivate myself to change old bad habits. During the time I fall, I try to pick myself back up right away before I get back into that dark vortex which could ruin me. Any clothes which have become oversized, I either give to goodwill or Am Vets or Purple Hearts. I don't want them in my home as a temptation to get big again. Everyone here has there struggles or issues. And what is great about here is that you can come or go when you need it the most. Someone will be here just for you Be careful, and try to be strong. Good luck to you and your new life!!
  3. Shazam

    Post-op constipation

    One word - Benefiber or the like. Yes, this topic is always brought up because unfortunately it is a major side effect. And one I'm willing to accept with the results I've experienced. Every time if run out of Benefiber I'm reminded in about a day or two why I must have stock of it in the house. Kinda like why you never run out of toilet tissue! Overall, in this journey there is lots of trial and error with so many things. Good luck. I hope it helps.
  4. Shazam

    Hello group ....

    Congrats razzle! When I was at your point I had started with cottage cheese and soft scrambled eggs and slowly worked up to omelets. Baby steps. Think soft and mushy and filled with protein. The shakes help a lot. Good luck and welcome!
  5. Shazam

    Trouble getting protein in

    You could have cottage cheese or even eggs. But I usually have my shakes, chicken, and fish. When I started out I was making all sorts of omelets. Omelets which were your traditional, and then I was getting creative adding crabmeat and Monterey cheese. They were yummy.
  6. Shazam

    Is It True What They Say???

    "Two hands now"....!!!! You just made my day!!! I will say its great we can be open, honest, and adults here!!! Go anywhere else and it'd be sexual harassment. I've been lovin reading this thread. "Winkies" !!!!
  7. Shazam


    Yes, I love the water tracking too. Also, seeing my activity and how far I've walked kinda makes me want to increase it for the next time. And I forget it's even there! I'm lovin it
  8. Shazam


    Sorry to hear. The above answers are good. This is also my reason for not telling to many people. And the banded friends which know, I fear one day spill the beans. I now wish that no one knew. Good luck.
  9. Shazam

    guess what I did

    Amazingly it does get easier. And good for you!! I have been noticing how much people eat crap. For nearly any occasion people stuff themselves with carb filled evil goodies. No wonder it was so easy for all of us slide on that slope. Thank goodness for the band to aid in making the right Nd healthier decisions. Good luck to you on your surgery. I hope all goes well.
  10. Shazam

    Is It True What They Say???

    Parts are parts.
  11. Shazam


    Just received one today as a gift. It seems pretty cool. My sis purchased it through amazon.com and you can download the app for free. I haven't seen everything as to how it does it all but. It seems pretty useful. A friend at work was considering of getting one because Weight Watches has their own for approx 40 dollars. But you have to pay 5 bucks on using the website. With the fitnit, it's free. Good luck
  12. Shazam

    A wow of an NSV !!

    Yes indeed!! It's the best gift I've received since being banded. And I still have at least 50 lbs or more to go!!! *as she does her Happy Dance!!
  13. Shazam

    Is It True What They Say???

    Hahaha CarolinaGirl said it best, "men fascinated with their winkles!" She's has a valid point!!
  14. Shazam

    I Was Called FAT In Public..... AGAIN!

    People can really suck! That's where you hold your head high.
  15. greetings fellow bandsters. this morning i was thinking how lucky i've been through my journey in changing and to my new and improved life!!! and i also owe lots of thanks to each and every one of you. for those who have been there and even those who you may not. we are all together in this. some of us may linger and not say anything, and others post daily. what ever the reason you're here, the fact is you are here. knowing i can come here open and honestly for support, complain, share my joys or even my downs, is for me support. i actually have a couple of friends who i feel no longer any type of support for me. for me they are no longer an inspiration, or mentor, or even someone i can talk to anymore. and heres why: my one friend, who I'll call Sharon. Sharon basically got me interested in the lapband. she was successful in loosing lots a weight. she looked fantastic. after she had lost weight she had a face lift, her veins done in her legs, all kinds of things to look good. she now drinks like a fish, in fact her fridge is so full of liquor it makes me ill. i went to a Thirty One party at her house last night, and i was very proud of myself with control and temptation. (i'm finding that is getting easier) she had chips, yummy bread, veggies & dip, and buffalo wings, crackers and some other bad things. a pretty tough selection for one who is on a diet. remember she is on it as well. i limited myself to a couple of wings and veggies. normally i would had have a ton of wings, and certainly the chips. so, as for having her for support, not really anymore. PLUS she has gained a lot of weight back. which i don't want to do. and she is beginning to look not so good. and now... its as though she has gone off the deep end. i'm very uncomfortable around her, she wants to have cocktails all the time...!!! another friend i work with, Milkshake Mandy she is way gone. i call her milkshake mandy because she is always walking around with a milkshake and claims its a Protein shake - in a Culver's cup. Right! i can't tell if she has gained it back (she wears lots of hoodies, i think to hide it), but she is constantly eating crap, and drinking crap and always eating chocolate. she lies about nearly everything and i don't have the patience anymore with her. she over reacts to stuff. her drama is wacko. so she is gone from eating healthy anymore. then there is Jill who i work with and from the start she didn't follow the diet. eating crackers and not drinking the Protein shakes. in fact, yesterday she was walking around with a huge honking bag of chocolate covered popcorn. WTH? so talking to her, is difficult. she complains she hasnt lost weight, and its true, she really hasnt. i have tried to suggest drinking a Protein Shake...and its like talking to the wall. so i can't really find support with her. Jill's friend Shelly had the sleeve done. she looks marvelous.. she is done. in just a couple of short months, she has completed her journey. (mine will probably be another year at my going rate) (i will admit i do at times wish i had the sleeve done, but i'm getting okay with my decision with the lapband now) she had her surgery in april. but here is the BUT, she eats crap too. from the beginning she was walking in with ice cream cones, crackers, chips.. i hardly saw her eat anything good. so yes, she is skinny now, but her eating habits are very uncomfortable for me. and you know what, maybe not right now, but her eating habits will catch up to her. maybe not today, but it will. i feel as though i know one or two more people with the lapband, but im not as close as i am with these girls. its very frustrating for me. so i try not to associate with them anymore or have little time with them. i don't want to be one of those who loose and gain it back. and that is sooooooo easy to do. my husband says i'm like a smoker who quit, and now can't stand smoke. hahaha. but its with food. and i think he's right. turning down the bad choices have surprisingly become extremely easier. and now my "cheats" are like having beef or like last night the wings with breading. i try not to beat myself over the head with a situation as the breading on the chicken, because it was beyond my control. and i keep thinking i didn't have chips or a cocktail. thats where the really bad stuff lies. another thing, i've learned EXERCISING IS ESSENTIAL for loosing weight and maintaining weight. i know its difficult to get into a routine. but if you do it, the weight melts off even faster. anyhoo, sorry for making this long. but that is why i am sending thanks to you all. see, i've tried talking to what my friends in real life in regards to their experiences. and we aren't on the same page anymore. they simply want the quick fix. and you know what - there isn't one. this is lifetime. this is life changing. i still have a ways to go. my year anniversary is in november. i've lost over 50lbs and have at least another 50lbs to go. i am off all my old medicines and currently only taking Vitamins. i want to keep it that way. plus, the shopping in smaller sizes is such a moral booster. and this is why i thank you. sometimes, i didn't post, i just read other thoughts, questions and ideas. sometimes, i did post. and other times, i didn't need support. but, you all have been there, anytime, day or night. good luck to all of you. don't let anyone get you down. youre stronger now. and most of HEALTHIER!!!
  16. Shazam

    hi & thank you all....!!

    Thanx Lady VS! You're absolutely correct! Best wishes to you.
  17. Shazam

    Protien Shakes

    Oops mine is Body Fortress.
  18. Shazam

    Is It True What They Say???

  19. If I'm really hungry, I will wait a bit and drink a protein shake or water. That usually helps. A few times you just might find me drowning in the deep end until reality come back to me and I stop and recover. I will say the better hydrated or full I am the better I do. If I wait too long between meals I'm like a vampire with their kill. O.o So to avoid, water and protein shake!
  20. Shazam

    Reality smack in the face

    You go! Awesome job!!
  21. Shazam

    Is It True What They Say???

    All I can say is "Wow" to this thread.
  22. Shazam

    Protien Shakes

    I just buy the cheapest at walmart, which is EAS, chocolate. They are all about the same. Though, the more expensive it is, it does tend to taste better. But, it's been an acquired taste and the chocolate flavored one taste the best. Also I carry mine in a reuse able Starbucks container, and everyone usually thinks I always have a fancy drink, which I don't. But they don't end to know that. Just make sure the protein content is high and the sugar content is low. Like Slim Fast is horrible that way. Hope this helps
  23. Shazam

    Foods you can't eat

    Parisshel - I totally can relate to your pastries remark!!! I agree! In fact just this week a guy at work brought in doughnuts - two days in a row. And all I keep thinking about was: one don't go there and two I don't want it to get stuck!! I felt strong passing it up too!
  24. Shazam


    I agree with B52! Protein is the way to go. Otherwise, after loosing a lot of weight you will appear drawn. Plus, you actually feel fuller longer with the protein shakes!!

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