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    I am Spunkielor.
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    You guys are too funny! Soccermomma73 you are so 100% correct! We have to be realistic without being martyrs or going overboard. This surgery is a tool to use wisely. I am 10 months out and I have lost 82 lbs.. I'm not breaking any speed records, but when my grand kids have their birthdays, I don't sit with a long haggard look being a martyr over a piece of cake. My daughter in law knows to cut me a small piece and I have a couple of bites and I quit. Am I full or do I feel I'll from it, no. I want to live my life to the best of my ability and be happy. My diabetes is gone, my cholesterol is normal and my grand kids notice that grandma has more energy. I would like to lose 40 more, but my Dr. Says 20 more is sufficient. It may take me several months and that's ok if it does, I'm happy and living in moderation and not condemnation. There are a few on here from time to time that want to condem choices others make. In my opinion for whatever its worth, if we are too severe or strict with ourselves I think we set ourselves up for failure. I'll probably get some non complimenatary responses to this post and if I do, so be it.
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    I had no issues either, no pain meds even when I was in the hospital, skipped the clear liquid phase and went straight to general liquids. The pureed phase for me has pretty much been my own cooking chopped up in the food processor and now I am eating pretty much what I want (no Pasta, bread, salad, steak) and I am only 4 1/2 weeks out. Still only eating about 4-6 tablesppons per meal. I've lost 21 lbs since the day I got home from the hospital, I go back Friday, guess we'll see what they say...I also don;t feel like i had any surgery until i start eating...I so hope I can start eating salad again after my appt. Keep up the good work..
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    I'll be 50 in November so there are a few of his hitting the 1/2 century mark...50 is the new 30!!!
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    Hello all, I'm home and feel great. I had no pain or any gas pains. I can;t believe I actually did this and am feeling so good. Just trying to sip sip sip, Clear Liquids for a week, not sure how I am going to survive that. Hope everyone else is feeling as well as I am.
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    Had my surgery yesterday morning at 7:30 am. Had a little bit of trouble breathing as I was waking up but not, just feels like bad cramps, very hungry, and a teensy bit nauseous. Slept alot of the day yesterday so only falling asleep off and tonight. Will go home Wednesday. And I can't wait to DRINK SOMETHING!!!
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    I told them the truth. I said I have finally made a life altering decision to get the fat monkey off my back forever. I have been very open with everyone...overall very supportive...I think they think it is a drastic step and they have seen me lose weight before..why not do it that way..my mom is totally against it which is tough..

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