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    2nd after

    From the album: 6 weeks post op

  2. Spunkielor

    6 weeks post op

  3. Spunkielor

    1st after

    From the album: 6 weeks post op

  4. Spunkielor


  5. Spunkielor

    before surgery

    From the album: before

  6. Spunkielor

    Before surgery

    From the album: before

  7. Spunkielor

    1st after.jpg

    From the album: Spunkielor

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  9. Spunkielor

    5 foot

    Hello, I'm 5'1 1/2" goal is 145 (maybe less, didn;t want to set myself up for failure)
  10. Spunkielor

    This is a little TOO easy

    I had no issues either, no pain meds even when I was in the hospital, skipped the clear liquid phase and went straight to general liquids. The pureed phase for me has pretty much been my own cooking chopped up in the food processor and now I am eating pretty much what I want (no pasta, bread, salad, steak) and I am only 4 1/2 weeks out. Still only eating about 4-6 tablesppons per meal. I've lost 21 lbs since the day I got home from the hospital, I go back Friday, guess we'll see what they say...I also don;t feel like i had any surgery until i start eating...I so hope I can start eating salad again after my appt. Keep up the good work..
  11. french onion soup broth.tasty and salty
  12. Spunkielor

    Fabulous February Post-Op's

    I'm going on a crusie in January, but plan on celebrating every accomplishment I can in 2013
  13. Spunkielor

    Fabulous February Post-Op's

    I'll be 50 in November so there are a few of his hitting the 1/2 century mark...50 is the new 30!!!
  14. My Nutrtionist said during the puree stage (weeks 2-5) we should be getting 60-80 gms protein and 600-800 cals
  15. Spunkielor

    Fabulous February Post-Op's

    I hate them too, but I have found 2 that I actually like...eat good look great pure protein frosty chocolate (walmart-premixed)with a tablespoon of choc peanut butter PB2 and the same brandpure protein in vanilla cream with 2 oz of torani sugar free coconut syrup...for those of you who love peanut butter...PB2 is a powder PB that is all natural..low in cal & fat and high in protein..2 flavors reg peanut butter and chocolate peanut butter...really good
  16. Spunkielor

    Please help me with protein!

    I hate protein drinks too...today I really enjoyed mine. Vanilla cream pure protein from walmart (premixed) 2 oz sugar free coconut coffee syrup and 2 oz over the moon fat free milk...it was the bomb.The premixed tends to be a little more expensive but for me well worth it of I can get it down without gagging I also experimented with the frosty chocolate with a little peanut butter and 4 oz fat free milk and it was good too...30 grams of protein in one sitting.
  17. Spunkielor

    Fabulous February Post-Op's

    I can't wait until I can say I am in onederland!! CONGRATS!!!!!
  18. Spunkielor

    Fabulous February Post-Op's

    Hello all, Finally found this forum. I'm sorry to hear everyone is having so many problems. I am truly blessed. I have had no pain, I am eating all pureed's with no problems and am going back to work tomorrow. Hating the protein shakes but am doing it first thing in the am so I don';t need to deal with it. 1 shake a day and the rest from food. I've been experimenting alot with the shakes and have gotten them so they are at least tolerable...I just do a shot glass of 2 ounces every 10 minutes or so. Wondering if something is wrong because I feel so good and have been able to eat jutabout anything pureed with no problems. Had 1 bad experience the 1st night of puireed...ate too fast and felt lousy...walked it off. I bought a bunch of baby spoons and it helps alot. Wishing you all the best and keep your chin up. I've lost 14 lbs since feb 8th (9 days)
  19. Spunkielor

    Fabulous February!

    Hello all, what is the name of the February post op group?
  20. Spunkielor

    Fabulous February!

    sorry you are having difficulty, thinking of you
  21. Spunkielor

    Fabulous February!

    Good luck to all the feb 11ths...I hope you all feel as well as I have 4 days out!!
  22. Does anyone know why the post op diet is clear liquids for 7 days and not just liquids?
  23. Spunkielor


    From the album: Spunkielor

  24. Spunkielor

    Fabulous February!

    Hello all, I'm home and feel great. I had no pain or any gas pains. I can;t believe I actually did this and am feeling so good. Just trying to sip sip sip, clear liquids for a week, not sure how I am going to survive that. Hope everyone else is feeling as well as I am.

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