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    Is It True What They Say???

    It was one of the best! Love ya too girlie!

    Is It True What They Say???

    You're the best!

    Is It True What They Say???

    I've been de-throned! Take it away Bayou!! Missed you guys bunches!!
  4. Panera has an awesome "hidden" menu with lots of Protein options.
  5. I live in the area and would be interested in joining a support group.

    Banders Exercise

    Look at you go!!
  7. I don't know about their bariatric program, but I used to work there and had both of my children there. What a great place! I'm sure you're in good hands. Best wishes to you!!

    Band Dilation after 4 years

    I'm going through the exact same thing right now as well. I gained 6 pounds in the process and have been feeling down about it. I realized how badly I need my band! I got one fill but I still don't feel any different so I'm looking forward to my next one tomorrow. Looks like we have the same doctor too. Take care!

    Banders Exercise

    You're very welcome my friend. I've been missing your runs too! So glad to see you posting them again. After all, YOU got me started with this running thing. In case I haven't told you lately. .... THANKS!
  10. KAATNS

    Banders Exercise

    Had a lovely (outdoor) run in the cool, crisp country air! Ahhhh....been missing my runs.
  11. KAATNS

    Cincinnati & surrounding area

    Hi Andy, have you been to any support group meetings at West Chester Hospital?
  12. Unfilled and hungry. :(

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    2. KAATNS


      3 weeks then another Barium Swallow test and if everything is okay, then I can get small fills again.

    3. KAATNS
    4. ADJL


      Yikes! Hope you are good, my friend!

  13. KAATNS

    Banders Exercise

    Awww........so proud of you!
  14. KAATNS

    Embarrassed to go for a fill

    Thirty pounds since November is awesome!! Nothing to be ashamed of at all! Remember, your bariatric team is there to help YOU. I probably had 10 fills before my band started working for me. Hang in there, you're doing great!
  15. KAATNS

    Do the Math

    WOWWEE!! You look fantastic!!
  16. KAATNS


  17. KAATNS


    From the album: Steph04

  18. Happy Valentine's Day to my dear friend.

    1. catfish87


      Happy Valentines Day to you! I'm so thankful for you! :)

    2. KAATNS
  19. KAATNS

    My Journey

  20. KAATNS

    What to do when STUCK?

    It does happen occasionally and if I'm lucky, it will pass. If not, no biggie. I've gotten stuck while driving, in restaurants, on the side of the road (thanks CF!) on an airplane, etc. It takes some trial and error to find the foods that won't go down. Just be patient and chew, chew, chew.
  21. KAATNS

    Color Run

    I'm doing the Color Run in Cincinnati! Looks like a lot of fun.
  22. Absolutely, without a doubt!
  23. KAATNS


    You my dear are stunning!!
  24. KAATNS

    Self image, anger, & resentment

    I must say that life is so much better for me when I freed myself from the things that were bringing me down (weight, toxic marriage, etc.). I can totally relate to these posts though!
  25. KAATNS

    One Year Surgiversary

    WOWWEE!! You look great my friend! So happy for you!

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