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  1. Hello, I have not posted in a while, and have been wondering how the year has been going for everyone? I started this year with the same resolution as many many years before... To get healthier!!! Weighed in on Jan 1st at 369lbs. Started per op diet on Jan the 14th. Banded on Jan the 29th at 355lbs. Second fill today, 310lbs. I have had good and bad days...As all of us do. Everytime I have a bad day or rough time with the band, I log in and get insperation for everyone of you. You might not realize it, but all of you are helping myself and others by just posting good and bad experiances. I THANK ALL OF YOU...HAVE A GREAT YEAR!!!!!!'' Daron
  2. Daron1965

    New guy here!

    Congrates,,,, I have my 2 month bandaversay the 29th of March, as of today, I have lost 51lbs including my 2 week diet. I did start heavier than you. There will be many ups and downs. I had to learn what actual hunger, vs. head hunger is. The surgery and all the helpful people on this site saved my life. I am much happier and full of energy. Can finally fit into a kayak again.....LOL,,,
  3. Hello fellow bandsters, I have been banded for 4 days. I feel great. Been following my docs orders to the letter. I have been walking and walking. Drinking my shakes, and other liquids. What can I expect next? Next few weeks??? months??? etc. What has been your personal findings during these time periods.??? Thanks, Daron
  4. Daron1965


    Contrats!!! Welcome to the beginning of your "new" life, I was banded 4 days ago, and it has been great. Daron
  5. Good evening all, I went nto surgery at 9:30AM yesterday..By noon, I was up walking and went to due my swallow (barium) test. All went well. I knew what to expect, by ready all others posts. I sipped and sipped. The worst pain was the gas pain in my chest and shoulder. The more I walked, the better it was. I came home around noon today. I cld not walk outdoors because of the high wind and rain, so I walked every room and hallway. The steps still hurt a little. I am so excited to be starting the "NEW" life. I want to thank everyone on this site for your help. You where right on. It helped with everything. Good luck to all the people being banded soon... Again, Thanks to everyone, Daron
  6. Good Luck,,,,I go in Tuesday morning... Very excited, but growing more nervous... Daron
  7. Hello, I am permitted 3 shakes, 2 Protein bars, and 2 bullion cubes a day. I am on day 3, and I'm not gonna lie. ITS HARD, It is getting a little easier each day, and I have not cheated. I have come to understand the differance between true hunger, and just wanting to eat. I have lost 4 lbs in 3 days, and as I set here eating my dinner (chicken bullion and snack bar) I am glad that I am doing this. Yes, to be healthier, but also to be able to enjoy life and what all it offers, I wish the very best to everyone on here. Have a great night. Daron
  8. Daron1965

    January 2013 Bandsters Unite

    Hello, Day 1 of the 14 day diet is winding down. I do have a slight headache, but all else seems good, I have had two bariatic advantage shakes, and 1 bar so far. It all seemed fine until I came home and turned on the TV. The fast food commercials are killing me. I am craving something warm. I am permitted to have broth, but of course do not have any. Does anyone know if bullion cubes are ok? I keep telling myself why I am doing this, and that helps alot, Thanks, Daron
  9. After all the months and Dr. visits, my surgery date is Jan the 29th.. I am excited to start my new life.... Daron
  10. Daron1965

    January 2013 Bandsters Unite

    Hello, Had the final pre op visit today. Had blood drawn, chest x-ray, Dr. talked about the risks, signed many papers, and bought all that I needed for my two week liquid diet to begine next Tuesday. I am super excited and nervous. I am required to be at the hospitol at 6AM on the 29th of this Month. I hope all goes well for everyone on here. Daron
  11. Daron1965


    Good Luck, I wish you well, I go the 29th of Jan and am very excited and nervous. Please keep us updated on your success... Daron
  12. Daron1965

    January 2013 Bandsters Unite

    MissMia9, I glad to have another person being banded the same day. I hope all goes well for you and everyone on here. Anyone from Pennsylvania area being banded in January? Daron
  13. Daron1965


    Hello, My band date is the 29th of Jan, 2013. I am nervous and excited....
  14. Daron1965

    Anyone from Johnstown, PA

    Hello all. I am from Westmont. I will be banded the 29th of Jan 2013 by Dr, Marley. I am in the very nervous, excited stage. How was the surgery at Windber? Daron
  15. Daron1965

    January 2013 Bandsters Unite

    Hello, I have also read many many threads on this site, I have gathered so much info its incredible. I am scheduled for Jan the 29th, 2013. When I get nervous, I come here for support. Everyone of you have helped in one way or another. I hope that evryone has a safe and happy new year. Daron
  16. Hello, My name is Daron, I am a 47 year old male, 356 lbs. I have been doing the 6 month diet with Dr. visits. I will have my pre op and last visit before the surgery on the 8th of January. Start my 2 week liquid diet on the 15th, and finally have surgery on the 29th. I am excited and nervous. Can anyone give me some advise? HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL. Daron
  17. Daron1965

    Jan 4

    Congrats.. ...I hope all goes well.... I have the surgery on the 29th of Jan.... Daron

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