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  1. ChangingMyLife

    Any February 2013 Bandsters?

    Had a big meltdown last night! I am SO SCARED of the pre-op stuff. I have a fear of needles ... which I know I will need to overcome very quickly.
  2. ChangingMyLife

    Any February 2013 Bandsters?

    MellzBellz21: We are being banded on the same day, but I'm in New Zealand so I'm guessing I will be banded first I am having a freak out day today and am really scared of having surgery! I think because it's down to single digits now before my big day it's becoming more and more real!
  3. ChangingMyLife

    Any February 2013 Bandsters?

    It's onwards and upwards from here! How would you describe the gas pains? Those are one of the things I am worried about
  4. ChangingMyLife

    Any February 2013 Bandsters?

    Woo Hoo! Good luck chick! You will have to let us all know how you go and all that jazz! Take Care CLAIRE
  5. ChangingMyLife

    Any February 2013 Bandsters?

    Sounds like a fantastic idea NurseKelly.I will send you an email
  6. ChangingMyLife

    Any February 2013 Bandsters?

    My surgery date is in between both of you NurseKelly and WANTMYHEALTHBACK. I'm being banded on the 20th. I live in New Zealand. How are you both feeling about surgery? WANTMYHEALTHBACK: I remember the HUNGRY feeling when I started my optifast diet. I decided to do a 8 week optifast prior to my surgery date. The first 2 weeks I felt so hungry about an hour after having a shake ... but it does get easier I promise! For the past month I have struggled to finish a whole shake by about half I am close to full! I've lost 19.1kg (42lbs) since the start of December.
  7. ChangingMyLife

    Bad Night. feeling down doesnt begin to cover it..

    Oh Amy. That made me cry! People are so cruel. I myself am 16 sleeps away from getting my band inserted. I am only 23 and am Morbidly Obese. I hate it how people judge me as being a horrible person just because I am large. I am lucky in the sense that I have an amazing fiance who has never known me to be a slim person. My weight issues all began at the age of 9yrs when I was sexually abused by a male family member. Overeating so that I 'hide' myself from the world is all I have done since. I am looking forward to closing my life book and starting a new one in 17 days time!
  8. ChangingMyLife

    How Bout New Zealand

    Hi Everyone, Thought I would pop into here and say hi. I live in the Bay of Plenty and have been approved for my lap band surgery. Surgery date is 20th February. I have been booked since early December but now that we are in February I am starting to get super nervous. One of my silly fears is that the hospital will not have a hospital gown that will fit :'( I know this is probably a silly fear as my mum said "there will be people bigger than you who have had operations" but I'm really scared that there isn't. I have done really well with my weight loss since December and am really excited to start this new chapter of my life. Does anyone have any advice for me? Is the port really easy to feel?
  9. ChangingMyLife

    February Bandsters?

    Hi everyone, I have been approved for my lap band sugery and now have a surgery date of February 20th. It's all getting so close now and the nerves are starting to set in.
  10. ChangingMyLife


    Hi Skuzzie, Can I ask why you have just had a 2nd band done? Thanks for the tip on the food and nutrition.
  11. ChangingMyLife


    Hi Fairy Kitten, I too have just signed up on here today. I have my surgery booked for February 20th as that's the soonest my surgeon can do it. I live in New Zealand, where abouts are you? Have you set a goal weight yet?

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