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  1. Not quite sure how to post my own message on here...but i had the lap band done November 2012...The port came off about 6 months later ands was lodged in my pelvic and rectal area causing excruciating pain. i kept being told it was a ruptured ovarian cyst...finally they did a cat scan and realized the issue i had emergency surgery the next day. Today i had an xray because of the same pains and also gallbladder issues and have been informed again that THE LAP LAPBAND LAPBAND FLOATING SOMEWHERE INSIDE MY BODY....i am giving up up and going to another practice to have the sleeve as soon as i get my gallbladder taken care of. Too many issues with the lap band....However I have lost 65lbs so far....even without there being any fluid in my band 80% of of the time....go figure
  2. has anyone tried these protein shots? it says 26 grams of protein....just curious, saw it advertised on facebook.
  3. just curious if i should be putting anything on my healing incisions.... ever since i took off the steri strips they are itching like crazy...(they dont look infected at all)
  4. hello everyone! i was banded on 11/19, and went home the same day...had lots of pain and didnt think the tylenol w/codeine was going 2 cut it...but i did lots of walking and sipping. by the 2nd day my sister was dragging me out of the house2 walk around my neighborhood and also 2 the grocery store. 2day is my 3rd day banded...no pain meds all day just gas x, protein shakes (little by little) and walking....im finally able 2 lie on my side, pull myself up w/o cringing in pain, and (release some of this built up gas)...i feel A LOT better, but am nervous about drinking too much and having some trouble remembering to keep sipping...i had 2 popsicles yesterday and got really full and freaked out for a minute then realized it was just liquids and calmed myself down lol...cant wait until i can at least have some "mushies" i have my tuna, faux lasagna (minus the noodles) dried beans for soups etc all stocked up....will continue to post as i go...
  5. MissPYT

    Quick Question?

    i was banded on nov 19th...my back hurts a lot as well! i was wondering why everyone was saying to make sure you have a heating pad...makes sense now lol...
  6. i've gone to 4 stores and no one seems to have the gas x thin strips even walmart!! is it ok to get the gas x chewables? or will it be too much for the day of/right after my surgery? which is this monday nov 19th also...no tylenol at any of the stores either...some kind of recall...just my luck...
  7. im both nervous and excited....just getting off of work finally! dont think i'll be able 2 sleep...would it be bad to pull an all nighter??? Here's to the new me....
  8. thanks for the well wishes everyone! goodnight!
  9. didnt think of that! good idea....will do...i see them both available online just not in any local stores. thanks!
  10. which is the best kind? whey protein or whey isolate? or is there a difference? dont want 2 pick up the wrong kind...
  11. any suggestions on tips/tricks/helpful things to do before surgery...what did you wear to the hospital? how long were you actually in the hospital? did most of you go home the same day if not why? how long were you out of work? my surgery date is november 19th, just want to make sure i didnt forget anything... thanks for the feedback in advance
  12. has anyone tried interdry? i've seen it advertised on this site and a few other sites, is it any good for the over lapping flaps of skin/rash issue? it says free sample 1.99 shipping, was thinking about trying it out...just wanted to see if anyone else has tried it first and your opinion
  13. MissPYT

    So I Got My Ban But...

    i agree, you will be fine. stop listening to the negativity and focus on the positive. join a support group, and make sure you see a therapist for the negative thoughts and feelings you are having. keep in contact with your doctor, exercise, and continue to eat healthy. you will be alright.
  14. i'm having my surgery on november 19th...i've only told my family, and a few close friends.....its going 2 be hard 2 explain to my coworkers why i havent been to work for a month, why im not eating like i usually do (we order take out all the time and do lots of pot lucks) and why im losing so much weight....but we've just started a health club at work w/zumba and weight watchers etc. so i plan on just telling them im eating healthier and exercising...i feel like its none of their business and dont want my name to be in their mouths with negative things 2 say behind my back. point blank period. i havent told any of my male friends because they've already talked bad about weight loss surgery, and like me just the way i am...especially my best friend, he'd just try 2 talk me out of it and frown upon it. My oldest sister had some negative things 2 say about it at first but i shut that down quick by letting her know that if she continues with the negativity ill be forced to slowly cut her out of my life being as though this is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE....and that shut her up and made her more supportive very QUICKLY. my middle sister is the most supportive keeps me motivated and positive and makes me stay on track....my mom wishes she could have the surgery...her doctor told her no (he's just no knowledgeable) and she doesnt want to quit cigarettes...my dad was against it at first but when he realized i was actually serious he hopped on board and is very supportive, even plans on taking off work 2 be in the hospital with me the entire time 2 make sure my doctors are on top of things (yeah im such a daddy's girl im a bit worried about my personal life i.e. dating, relationships etc. im just recently out of a relationship (eehhh 6mos is recent for me) and with not being able 2 eat normally how that will affect my dating...and how ill bring it up to anyone i decide 2 date in the future....buuutttt im just going 2 take it one day at a time, and if they are important enough, they will understand. (sorry for the lllooonnngggg bio, just in a chatty mood)
  15. these optifast shakes and bars are really getting to me, does anyone know if anything else is permitted? i know its supposed 2 be helping shrink my liver...but will a few multigrain no salt crackers hurt? im dying over here lol
  16. has anyone had the sils lapband done? i keep seeing it advertised on this website...
  17. MissPYT

    Pre Op Diet Struggle

    i made some sugar free strawberry jello w/chopped up strawberries with splenda (saw someone post that their doctor told them a few berries when it gets rough was ok)...havent eaten it yet going 2 save it for a late night snack being as though thats the roughest time for me...
  18. MissPYT

    Pre Op Diet Struggle

    well, my doctor has me on optifast 800 shakes 4 times a day, optifast soup once a day, and an optifast bar twice a day....but i havent been doing the soup, cant stand the taste and the bars taste like they're filled with chalky medication...so i've just been doing the shakes and a chocolate bar here and there....but, if my doctor allowed me the protein and veggies like your doctor...im sure id be ok right about now lol.... (im on day 6 surgery date is nov 19th)

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