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  1. this is an important topic.. I think this is so important fo you to get to the bottom of. This issue may be why you put on all the weight in the first place ( as a shield). You need to seek therapy to get a solid mind/ body balance and be sure you are fully aware that the weight wasnt really shielding you-- you are old enough now to shield yourself and take back your own power. You deserve to be the best you !! Take the time to get to the root of your emotional situation --- why you put on the weight in the first place? Best of luck:)
  2. Vegasme

    The size of your new stomach

    great video >> I think I finally get what is really involved in this surgery.
  3. Vegasme

    Date night at 14 weeks post op!

    You look soooo awesome!!! It is unbelievable what a difference 14 weeks have made... a true inspiration. How are you feeling? Any issues with excess skin? Do you wear body shapers to help? Im sure im older than you but thats the only thing im kinda nervous about. Thanks for sharing your great pics
  4. Vegasme

    Las Vegas, Nv Dr. Atkinson

    Im wondering about excess skin after losing so much weight so fast ... how are you doing regarding skin?? Can you live with it ?
  5. Vegasme

    Las Vegas, Nv Dr. Atkinson

    If you dont mind me asking what kind of insurance did you have/ what did it cover? Did you finance the rest through Dr Atkinson's office?
  6. I have United Health care - serviced by health plan of Nevada... they have said they will pay 5k of the surgery ( leaving me with 10k left to pay on my own). I am trying to get the surgery early this summer-- any ideas who might finance this sort of thing ... my credit is about 625 helppppp
  7. Vegasme


    Im all ready for surgery-- now how am I going to PAY my part $10k?? I live in las vegas and dont have stellar credit... any ideas of who might finance this for me? thanks
  8. Vegasme

    Las Vegas, Nv Dr. Atkinson

    Has anyone else used Dr Atkinson or Dr Soong?? I am scheduling surgery and want to hear from other patients about their experiences... please share the good and bad thanks
  9. Life is short.... sometimes in the end you need to just take care of yourself and count on yourself. I believe that if you marriage starts having problems- it just wasnt meant to be. I believe that when you are at your correct weight you will be your most true authentic self.... If someone can't love you then, let them go .Good luck... just do it..( I am:)
  10. Vegasme


  11. Vegasme


    your pics have inspired me... wow!!! you look great. Im sure it is harder than it looks. I am just considering getting lap band-- I need it, but I am nervous that I will be miserable with food or sick all the time???? Can you tell me how your experience with eating has been?
  12. Vegasme

    kristie 5 month

    you look great! I love the blond hair.. post more rent pics:)

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