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  1. bluegirly

    Im just gonna say it

    I've lost 30 pounds, work out 4-5x a week, and feel fantastic!! But one seriously unexpected side effect of this surgery is my.....ahem....drive. I went from "sorry, my head hurts," or "I'm so tired", or "this book is just too good to put down", to "GET OVER HERE AND TAKE ME NOW!". I don't know if it's surgery, my age, or what, but this girl ain't complaining!
  2. bluegirly

    barium xray/fill

    Most likely stress is effecting your band, but trying not to be stressed actually stresses me out more! I'm sure there is not a leak, but if there is, have confidence in your surgeon. You chose him/her for a reason. In my experience hospital mistakes are par for the course....sad but true. So let's just hope that's what it is a not a leak! Keep us posted and good luck!
  3. bluegirly

    Is Vegan life so awful

    would you mind sharing your black bean burger recipe? I don't know that i would be able to go vegan, but i would love some meat substitutions, especially when summer comes around!
  4. bluegirly

    2014 Races

    i have my very first race on april 12, it's a 5k. may 4th i have the broad street run in philly (it's a 10 miler), then i have an 8k the next weekend. october 19th is my first half. SOOO glad there are other runners here!! good luck to all!
  5. bluegirly

    Dr goldstein south jersey

    I did have surgery with him!! He is really great....all business but I am ok with that. I was banded on September 11 2013, and i have had two fills. So far I am down 56 pounds and I am happy with my decision to go through with surgery. My issue with him really has nothing to do with him, but his office assistant. Just a heads up-she never returns phone calls. She does not do what she says she will do, as far as looking into insurance or whatever the case may be. You have to become a huge pain and call her all the time in order to get results. As a patient, this is a HUGE turn off, as it is her you deal with most of the time!!! So just be prepared if you haven't already discovered this about her. I've been in the waiting room on more than one occasion and had conversations with other patients about her. Good luck in your journey!!!! If you have any questions or if there is anything at all I can do, please let me know!
  6. bluegirly

    I've lost a cinder block

    Wow! I love when you can compare your weight loss to a common item like that! That's amazing! Great work!!!!!
  7. bluegirly

    Stuck episode

    Thank you for the tip!
  8. bluegirly

    Stuck episode

    I had a horrible stuck episode tonight before bed. I've gotten stuck before, on a small scale and it always passes quickly. But not tonight. I was stuck for about 20-25 minutes and I thought I was going to die!! Thankfully I did not vomit (TMI?) but there was lots of sliming. So tomorrow what should I do? Should I stick to liquids for a day it is that not necessary? I've never had such a bad episode and I don't want to anger an already irritated band! Thanks for your help!
  9. bluegirly

    Any Runners?

    So a few months ago I started walking, then jogging, and now I am running. I typically run 3-5 miles three times a week. I am working on increasing my mileage and am planning on a half marathon this fall. I am finding that I am struggling to balance the banded life with the running life. Before runs you are supposed to eat foods high in carbs and lower in Proteins....but that goes against everything I have been doing to be a successful bandster. And my nutritionist wanted me at 1200 calories a day, but with my longer runs I get HUNGRY!!!! I am planning to go back to see her and talk about it. Is anyone else dealing with a similar problem? Any suggestions for me?
  10. bluegirly

    Any Runners?

    Thank you SOOO much for the suggestions!!!! I figured right now my body is still definitely in the "fat burning" stages so I wasn't really thinking I needed to worry too much about additional fuel. I just want to make sure that I am not going to pass out on one of my runs now that they are getting a little longer I don't eat the calories I burn so I try to stick to the 1200 a day. Now I know that's ok! I'm so glad there are so many banded runners!! I'm sure this won't be the last of my running questions. I
  11. bluegirly

    Banded Feb 7th!

    My family and friends were the SAME WAY!!!! They really are just trying to be supportive, even though it gets frustrating for you. But eventually you will heal and move on to regular foods and guess what? They will kind of forget about it! Being banded is a way of life and your family will adjust with you and then not even notice it! Try to be patient with them, and come here to rant anytime!!!! Congratulations on your journey!!
  12. bluegirly

    Here is my TV Commercial--update

    Amazing! You look great, and I love hearing your voice....the computer does leave a little to be desired! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Help!!!! I'm usually pretty good about getting past bad days. We all have them....days where you don't make the best food choices and you kick yourself while you lay in bed at night. I just resolve to do better the next day and I usually do. I don't know what it is....the past two days I've been horrible!!! We are using Hershey kisses to potty train my son and HOLY COW they are calling my name. And I'm responding! And not just a few...a bunch!!!! And I'm mad about it. And not just that....I hit the Snacks last night before bed too. It's like I'm pregnant (IM NOT!!!) and I can't stop! I'm exercising a ton...six days a week. Three of those days I run 2-3 miles. I know my body needs more fuel but what the hell!?!? Help!
  14. bluegirly

    I DID IT!

    Wednesday mornings I weigh and measure myself....and today, I was 199.4!!! I made it to ONEDERLAND!!! Before my surgery I made a list of both scale and non scale goals I wanted to reach, and it feels amazing to keep checking them off!
  15. bluegirly

    Crock pot pumpkin chili

    looks great! thanks for sharing!
  16. bluegirly

    Quick Protein Drinks

    stock up on those bolthouse farms drinks!!!! my husband works for campbells Soup (who owns bolthouse) so we thank you!
  17. bluegirly


    keep us posted on what you think. im slowly gaining the courage to give it a shot!
  18. bluegirly

    Save me from my pity party!

    Thanks Again everyone! This is not actually a post about potty training, though, but about my inability to resist cravings for the past two days. I don't feel like I need advice on potty training my second child, but if you need to give it, go ahead. I am completely fine with my kids having a sweet treat every now and then when I know they eat fruits and veggies at every meal and don't drink juice at all. This is about MY issue....not my parenting choices. As for my diet choices, that is where I need support sometimes and that is why I come here to this forum. I truly do appreciate the support and love available here.
  19. bluegirly

    Save me from my pity party!

    Yeah, I'm going to have to try something else. Man, he is going to be MAD AT ME!!! Chocolate is a big deal for him bc he doesn't typically get it. Maybe I'll try something like a dum dum....he loves them and I could care less....or licorice....yuck! I like the hot wheels idea too! Even though we have a million of them it seems like there are never enough! Thanks for the input!
  20. bluegirly

    Save me from my pity party!

    thank you everyone for the advice!! tomorrow is a new day and im going to get back on track!! it's all i can do!
  21. bluegirly

    Save me from my pity party!

    That's awesome perspective! Thanks!
  22. bluegirly

    Save me from my pity party!

    I appreciate your advise but he's two and a half. He eats GREAT! And I feel like my kids can and should have a treat every now and then. It's my problem, not his. And there is always a snack available for them that I need to avoid....typically it's not an issue. But yesterday and today it has been and I don't know why!
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    From the album: bluegirly

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