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  1. rev.meckenzie

    Distant Husband

    If I may, as a man, husband, & counselor, ALOT of men are nervous about the attention you will get because of weight loss. It's not that he doesn't want you to lose weight, but what if there was a Bbd (bigger better deal). You are his and he is afraid that he will not be able to compete. This may not be true for all but this is for some. Seek a professional and be honest this can be a great situation for both of you.
  2. rev.meckenzie

    Insanity Anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried p90x or insanity after the sleeve and had success. I am 2 weeks out and am contemplating trying this after the first of the year once my healing is over.
  3. rev.meckenzie

    Can I Ever Have A Diet Soda Again?

    Don't do it, find something else you like and indulge there, the carbonation is so bad for sleeve. Once it's stretched there is nothing the doctor can really do as you are already at 85% stomach loss. If you like the taste let it go flat then drink it but please don't jeopardize your sleeve.
  4. rev.meckenzie

    Anyone Not Tell Family Or Friends?

    I'm not so sure that telling people you lost weight through diet and exercise is lying. I just had Surg last Monday and had lost 45 over my three month pre op diet. If you do not abide to the nutrition plan/diet you can defeate all that the surgery can do. I did tell family, friends, and co-workers, I wish I wouldn't have. That is all they want to talk to me about, I'm no longer buddy, I'm the dude who had weightloss surgery. But I would not feel bad telling people I didn't know I lost by diet and exercise at all, because I feel that surgery alone allows for bad habits to slip back in, eating responsibly is a life long habit.
  5. rev.meckenzie

    Please God!

    Just think of it this way. From what you have experienced, once youve lost your weight you will have the ability to see men for who they are as people and respond accirdingly. Just remember who you are and that God has someone who will love you for you.
  6. rev.meckenzie

    Cheating? Already?!

    My wife made chicken pasta for the family and I was very envious. Of course right now she could have cooked chef boyardi and I would have probably had the same response.
  7. rev.meckenzie

    Please God!

    I think bigger girls are so cute, it's a shame that our society is so size concerned. I didn't get my surgery because of the way I look, I got it so I don't get sick.
  8. rev.meckenzie

    Please God!

    Lol, I am not worried about looking ugly, but I wont look mean anymore. I like when people cross the street when I walk by. I'm a big Teddybear, now I will look like a starved Teddybear...
  9. rev.meckenzie

    One Week Out

    Since I started I have lost 54 total lbs to date. I'm hoping to get under 300lbs by new years!
  10. rev.meckenzie

    One Week Out

    I had my Sleeve las Monday, I have experienced very little to no pain. I've only had a minor discomfort on days where I haven't taken pain meds. I am really tired of liquids, but other than that I have no complaints!!!
  11. rev.meckenzie

    Today Is The Day

    Brandy has been put on 2 antibiotics to fight an infection, and she is running fever. All prayer is appreciated.
  12. rev.meckenzie

    Today Is The Day

    All is well, so far no complications!!!
  13. My wife is in pre-op getting ready for her sleeve surgery.

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