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    suzieq256 got a reaction from ShortiAKA in Alabama sleevers?   
    I'm new to this forum & I'm looking for fellow sleevers in the Alabama area. I'm about a 1.5 yrs out & am doing great but I need support locally. Feel free to add me as friends. I'm probably going to start a local FB group in the Huntsville area if anyone is interested in joining, please let me know.
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    suzieq256 reacted to csw8578 in Any sleevers from Alabama   
    I am having my sleeve may 5th and live in florence.
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    suzieq256 reacted to Hunter in Alabama sleevers?   
    florence here sleeved 8/20/13
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    suzieq256 reacted to happycrazylion in Alabama sleevers?   
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    suzieq256 got a reaction from Kristina Mccarthy-Martin in Alabama Here   
    Would anyone be interested in getting together for a monthly meet & greet? I'm in the Huntsville area & would love to start hosting an event so that we can have a local support system. Let me know if anyone is interested. Just a thought...
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    suzieq256 reacted to FeliciaMcG in Alabama Here   
    Hi, I'm 2 weeks post-op, I live in Athens but had surgery at crestwood in Huntsville with Dr Foreman. 20# down so far, started at 241, now I'm at 221! Stoked about it so far! Hoping that my journey continues to be a smooth one!!
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    suzieq256 reacted to Jermiria LaideeJae Darden in Alabama Here   
    And I'll be posting updated on my progress on my FB pages and my blog! Links are in my signature!
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    suzieq256 reacted to vols fan in Alabama Here   
    Yea I live in Huntsville AL and I was approved on yesterday surgery on jan 28
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    suzieq256 reacted to Taylor Webster in Alabama Here   
    Huntsville/ Decatur area also. Surgery scheduled for January 9th at Crestwood Hospital.
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    suzieq256 reacted to BrookeRN in December 17Th!   
    I am also the 17th! Im a single mom of 3 kids 10, 8, 6. My daughters have birthdatys on the 18th and 22nd! I had a friend tell me "I dont want you to have this surgery; I don't want to have to go to a funeral" What the heck?? Anyway, they are supportive now, he just didnt want anything to happen to me. We can do this! Dont back down now!
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    suzieq256 reacted to thinoneday in Relationships?   
    Well what can i say, it really depends on how strong the relationship with hubbie/wife really is. . my hubbie was really worried about the outcome of the surgery. . he wasn't worrying about how thin i would get. . his problem was what if the weight loss can't be stopped and i would die of starvation or something like that. . . i and the doctor consoled his fears and now at 2 years out, i have stopped loosing weight and maintaining pretty well. . . he can see that i'm eating "normally" (small amounts but eat everything) and that I'm not going to die from starvation. . . he is ok with things now and all it took was love, reassurance, and a gentle voice. . .
    They may get all jealous cause they think the minute you lose the weight your going to run off with some hunk whose all lean, mean, jellin' machine. . . but heck you can tell them, why would you go through all that re-training all over again??? hehehe. . . men are so insecure. . .
    As far as friends are concerned, does that aspect really matter? Who really gives a flip if the friends are happy with you or not? They don't live with you, they don't love you. . so who really cares about that? Family, well family is family, they are always going to be there and no matter what they love you for who you are. . . they will get all krunk with you about this and tell you this and that, but always remember they love you and will always be there for you no matter what. . .
    Good luck! Your' going to do ok!

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