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  1. ladybabie3

    Better late than never.

    Hello my lapband family, I know I haven't been on here in gods knows when but let me tell yall of my progress. First off I'm down to a happy 195. I know I can't believe it either. I now work out 5 to 6 days a week and have fell in love with it :wub: . I love it so much I crave for it when I have to miss a day crazy I know. Also I'm really learning how to eat I'm still not perfect and I have some pit falls but I'm still a work in progress none the less. Well I hope to update more often until then have a good day.
  2. ladybabie3

    Better late than never.

    Hey Dylan, work has really been busy but im still at it.
  3. ladybabie3

    Im so happy

    Hello all, I know I haven't been on in a while but I'm happy to report that I'm under 200 pounds. I weighted myself today and I weighted in at 198 I'm so freakin happy. Hard word and determination really do pay off. I'm living proof. :wub:
  4. ladybabie3


    First I want to say that I'm so proud of myself with sticking with this life style change. Now don't get me wrong I have had mistakes along they way. But I realized when I fell off and got back on track. With that being said I'm weighing in at 202. I need you to understand I haven't seen this number in years. And what this tells me is I am my own success. I can do this. And If nobody has told you today I'm proud of you. :wub:
  5. ladybabie3

    My Barrier

    I absolutely love this. I swear it sound like you look in my home and told my story. Good Days and Bad Days. Congrats on getting back on track.
  6. ladybabie3

    January 2013 Bandsters!

    Hello my january fam im happy to report im 202 since being banded on the 21st of jan. All smiles over here
  7. ladybabie3

    Body by Vi

    I no some people who have sold it and i have listen to there pitch. And it is a get rich quick scam to me.
  8. ladybabie3

    Just stopping by to say hello

    Hello all I no I haven't been on here in a minute. Been really busy at work. I took a small break from working out. I only took off this week. I will be back at it starting Monday. I find I crave working out now, who would have thought it. I went and got a tired fill yesterday so I'm on liquids for two days. So we will see how I do. My weight is still maintaining I'm still at 208. Well I thank I gave y'all a full update. Will check in later I have to work again tonight. That makes 10 days straight so far and I'm not off until Sunday. Enjoy the rest of y'all evening
  9. ladybabie3

    January 2013 Bandsters!

    @tigerlillie. Great job on jogging.
  10. ladybabie3

    January 2013 Bandsters Unite

    Ok so i tried on a suit today that i haven't worn in 7 years and i can fit it. The pants is a size 10 and the jacket is a 12. I really can't believe it.
  11. i'm down to 208 and i can see onederland in my future
  12. ladybabie3

    January 2013 Bandsters!

    @steelerfan1115 im down 42 pounds since being banded on jan 21. Im looking and hoping to be in onederland by jun 14.
  13. ladybabie3

    I'm back and I missed yall.

    Hello all I no I been gone for a min. I had a lot of stress these past few weeks, and with stress comes band habits that I didn't let go and I own up to them. So with that said I put myself back on my liquid diet and I'm back to working out. So much so I fasted walked 6 miles today. How is everyone else doing.
  14. ladybabie3

    am i reading this right

    so i weighted myself to see how much damage this stress has done along with me being off my game. first let me say i went to the gym and saw my personal trainer and ran a mile in a half after. then i came home took a shower got on the scale and to my surprise i had lost weight im down to 210 and i can wear a size 12 jeans. i didnt do as bad as i thought i did.
  15. ladybabie3

    not happy at all

    I was doing really good. But when Im stressed it shows. Main pipe line in my home broke. basement flooded. and you cant live without water. just really stressed and depressed and im off my game. its always something.
  16. ladybabie3

    not happy at all

    Thanks ladies your encouraging words means a lot
  17. I have lost 38 since jan 7 (pre opt and post opt combo)
  18. ladybabie3

    Hello I missed yall

    Hello all I haven't been on here in a min. All is going good. Since the weather is so nice here I went running for the first time in a year. One top of me working out with my personal trainer and I feel really good. A little sore but good just the same. I haven't got anymore fills yet and I'm fine with that. But just wanted to share the I was able to do 130 sit ups with a 10 pound weight plate. It's the little things in life. Have a good day all.
  19. ladybabie3

    I know what my trigger is!

    I have figured out what one of my triggers is that sets me off. Sadly it's my husband, when we have an argument it set me off. And I find the more weight I lose or the more I work out the more he wants to argue over dumb stuff. But I have also realized that I'm doing this for me. For once in my life I'm putting me first. And if he can't handle that then tough titty. Just thought I would vent a little cause I needed to get this off my chest. My morning started off bad. Hope everyone else have a better day.
  20. ladybabie3

    I know what my trigger is!

    @ceecee-shapingiTup I believe they may be brothers lol... We was to have date night but because we got to arguing over dumb stuff I went to the movies by myself. Good luck to you reaching goal. I still have a ways to go but like you said with the weather changing I will get there. I went running today for the first time in I don't no how long and it felt great. Talk to you soon.
  21. ladybabie3

    I know what my trigger is!

    Thanks ladies for the encouraging words. Men(some) can just be jerks sometimes i guess.
  22. ladybabie3

    is anyone else going through this

    I have noticed I have more gas now than ever it doesn't smell at all.
  23. Meet my goal of 212 im almost out the 200 range. Bring on april challenge.
  24. ladybabie3

    A glass of wine?

    Ok I have a question my husband wants to have date night. Something we haven't did in over 7 months. I had my surgery on Jan 21, 2013. How long after surgery did anyone have a drink. I know we are doing dinner and a movie or should I avoid the whole thing.

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