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  1. Guys, I need help to come up with the correct wording about why I am asking time off for my surgery. 1. I didn't tell anyone what I am doing and still want to keep it quit. 2. I am consultant and I need to fly to the client site for at least one week, so I need somehow to tell that I wouldn't be able to fly for another 3-4 weeks ( not sure what is the save time period after surgery), because they are looking for a new client for me right now. So from one point I thought I would write that "I am having minor surgery". but I don't think it is minor and I don't want to end up being on the plane 2 weeks after.
  2. scorpion509

    Any September People

    I am so happy reading how all of you are doing...
  3. scorpion509

    Any September People

    shewolf. NSV- non scale victory about speed up the weight loss. what exercise are you doing? how much. I hit the stall and even though I was exercising min 45 min per day the weight doesn't go down, I was told to change the time of my routing. so I switch the evening exercise with mid day one and it help. So another thing try sometimes to increase the calories. just for one day. to 1200. I mean do something like that to help your body to shake your stall.
  4. scorpion509

    Any September People

    NewGrandma, I am so happy to hear something from you. your result is very good as well. What are you guys eating... Did you stop drinking the protein shakes? How is your hair? ( my is still falling off) and what to do to make my belly flat.... I know a lot of questions but might be you can help
  5. scorpion509

    Any September People

    Hi, September last year people. How are you? I am doing good. Notice that sometimes I want to eat something but no idea what. very hard time to decide
  6. scorpion509

    Desperately seeking advice

    Hi, I would suggest to start doing cardio work out. I notice myself that I start looking weight after i start doing elliptical. I start with only 5 min per day. I know sound funny but I wasn't exercise person at all before surgery. so as soon as doctor gave me green light at 4th week to do work out. I bought myself elliptical and step on it. It was terrible. after 5 min barely walking I step off it and fall on my bed thinking I would die... ( really) but I continue doing that 5 min per day. when I feel that I am not dying anymore from 5 min I increase time to 10 min. and my advise. WATCH something when you do it. it help. at least it helped me. now I am crazy person with my elliptical. I can stay up to 90 min at once. and sometimes step on it 2x a day. you will see that your weight will go down after you start doing cardio.... Good Luck.
  7. scorpion509

    One month

    Great!!!. very good progress.
  8. scorpion509

    4 more days till Sleeve Day

    Good Luck!!! I am 3 months post op and I don't have any regret for what I did. ( and I am 45lbs down since surgery)
  9. scorpion509

    Post op diet question

    I wasn't allowed fruit in the first 2 weeks and after that only berries because some fruit has some part which hard to digest. so I would suggest you to stay off them for now.
  10. scorpion509

    I remember when-One year later

    Congratulation on your achievement. Your post gives all of us support and telling that we can do it too. Keep the weight falling off and Good Luck.
  11. during my liquid diet I chicken broth help with hunger. I didn't have any limitation in calories so I can drink 5 Protein shakes + as much chicken broth + Water as much as I want. so whenever I feel hungry I just drink the chicken broth and the hunger subside. Good Luck with your surgery.
  12. scorpion509

    Surgery 12-31-12!

    usually it is only 1 night in the hospital if everything is fine. sometimes 2 if you don't feel well. I was only 1 night in the hospital.
  13. I hope everything would be fine. Good luck to you. and keep us posted.
  14. scorpion509

    3Months Tomorrow

    Great progress, girls. I would be 3 months on December 7 I started at 277 lbs day of the surgery - 255.5 lbs and as of today - 209.7 lbs.
  15. scorpion509

    How Much Weight Loss?

    I am slow looser so I am loosing around 15 lbs per month. check my signature for details.
  16. scorpion509

    Help! Please.

    I was on clear liquid for 1 week. and no limitation in calories. but I only had protein shakes and water and chicken broth. and lost a bit more then 8 lbs for that week.
  17. I wasn't able to drink water right after surgery. it taste disgusting. but now 2 months post op I am able to drink just water without adding crystal light or something like that to it. so wait it would be gone
  18. I wasn't mention to stop vitamins either. only medications. but I think you would be told to stop vitamins after surgery for a little while. at least my surgeon stop me for a week and after that I started again.
  19. Kevin, yes your stomach is swollen very very much and it will be healing with time and you start to notice that you can drink much easy and by 2nd month you would be able to eat 6 oz of yogurt at once. Just be patient about weight loss I heard that man loosing faster then women. so keep it going. and I am sure that your body will slow down to adjust the new weight and after continue to loose again. Good Luck.
  20. scorpion509

    Plateau And Weight Gain

    these 2 pound can be just Water. ate something like salted food and water stay inside of the body. ,Also did you exercise before surgery? if not might be you gaining some muscles. I had stall and remember we are stronger we can keep going and weight will go down. and btw 30 lbs per months - great. I was able to loose the same amount only for 2 months. So KEEP IT GOING!!!!
  21. scorpion509

    Normal Ever Come Back?

    Delta, Normal doesn't mean to be Huge and able to eat a elephant we are talking about all this sound/felling which it does now when we put a little more then it can hold.
  22. scorpion509

    Normal Ever Come Back?

    I am 2 months post op and I already notice that I can eat more then right after the surgery and it scared me I am still not normal but I feel great. the one thing what I still didn't learn to stop before I start burping...... and probably chew very well.
  23. scorpion509

    I Did It! I Got Sleeved!

    try to sip. it will not that bad. and it would better every day. just don't rush and take your time to drink and do it often. Also walk walk walk Good Luck with your journey.
  24. scorpion509

    Approved In Two Days Bcbs Rocks!

    Congratulation on approval!!!! and Good Luck.
  25. scorpion509

    Surgery Date Ticker Issue

    the internal ticker doesn't display the decimal information it just cut off the wight to the whole number which from one point mislead about the weight. I use external one only because of that. Can this issue be fix as well? because if you weight 219.7 lbs it display on the ticker as 219. from my point it is not accurate.

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