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  1. DeniseG

    Constitutional change

    princess brought up a good point when you are in the liquids phase you probably won't poop, if you do, it will probably be more of the consistency of diahrea(sp) once you go on solids it will probably change back to normal. As far as periods go...I have PCOS, so, if I have a period 4 times a year that is regular for me. I did have one unusual period that lasted a whole month. I went to the doctor on that one and then of course it stopped the day after lol She said for me she wasn't suprised because of my only 4 periods a year. My guess, your period is abnormal because your food habits/or lack of have changed. Just like an athlete usually has no period when they are in serious training. But, if you are concerned it might be something different I would consult your gyn. At least a check-up if you haven't had one in a while will ease your fears.
  2. DeniseG

    Chinese Food?

    Just like Alexandra says......everyone will be completely different about what food will and won't go down.......I have the same problem with Hot and sour soup.......which was the whole reason I liked Chinese food in the first place. Now that I have a problem with it, I don't eat Chinese unless it is a lean cuisine or something. I can't eat any part of eggs they won't go down at all for me personally---white, yellow, scrambled, soft, hardboiled it doesn't matter. Same as grits......but, if you look at most lapband doctors lists they are one of the easy things to try. So, use your doctor's lists as a guide but, don't take them as the Gospel or you will get discouraged. Do yourself a favor--lessoned learned for me. Experiment with foods that will encourage you to lose weight. Don't experiment with gummy worms, snickers bars........lol like I did.
  3. DeniseG

    bmi 34

    Alex is right. Look at it this way too. Even though the lapband is a great option to lose weight.....don't think you can't gain weight after having the lapband. I gained 30 pounds after losing 50. So, If you need to lose less than 50 pounds I don't know if I would do it. I know some people will be upset that I posted that, but, I have to be honest. I thought I wouldn't be able to gain it back, or at least not more than 5 pounds because of the restriction.......I found the opposite to be true. The more the restriction the less weight I lost/or the more weight I gained. (it's hard to eat anything good for you at that stage without being frustrated and reaching for the foods that will go down.......milkshake, chocolate etc. I know it seems frustrating when you want something so bad. Now I am down to hardly any restriction had plateaued for about 6 months. Started NutriSystem and have now lost 24 more pounds.
  4. DeniseG

    the band and dentists

    Good to know you don't need one. I have gone to the dentist several times since the band. Best thing, doctors notice your weightloss when it's been 6 months since they have seen you. For me, it's great now that I can use the armrests. It was such a tight squeeze before that they had to be raised for me to be comfortable
  5. DeniseG

    Chinese Food?

    Alex, you read my mind about the "forbidden" I don't/never had a problem with rice, except for the big puffy rice--I can't think of what it is called I think it is technically a Pasta that looks like rice. You may actually have the problem with the sesame seeds. That is what I have a problem with. It is garnish stuff that is harder for me. (I only have a slight fill in me now, but, I am talking about the past) If a dish has parsley in it, or those little green thingys.......I know I will have a problem. Chinese food......hardest things for me were egg rolls and anything dry. Sometimes things like Peking chicken--fried chicken was hard. Seafood works the best I think. Keep in mind Chinese food is usually loaded with calories, fat, and sodium. Not really good "lose weight" food.
  6. DeniseG

    Pics of me

    Just think, you may be able to be that size once again before the class reunion...wouldn't that be cool. It looks like you don't need to lose that much anyway. Good luck getting approved. I wish you much success
  7. DeniseG

    Constitutional change

    I poop the same as far as I remember anyway. No difference. I use to have IBS...I don't have that anymore thank goodness
  8. DeniseG

    non-compliant or bad banding

    Just a question.........do you have regular sinus problems? I wandered if your pbing has anything to do with it if you do. For instance, I have just about no adjustment now, and I pbed on something I have never experienced on it before. I am really having major drainage problems due to pollen. I think I pbed more of the drainage than actual food. It has been several months since I pbed anything.
  9. DeniseG

    I am sad and angry...

    I wish if they weren't going to cover the surgeries they would just not cover any surgeries. It ticks me off when I find out one person can qualify and another can't.
  10. DeniseG


    IamCanadian, it is basically a talent show in which viewers call in to vote who they like and each week someone gets voted off. The one with the highest # of calls in the end wins and becomes "the American Idol"
  11. DeniseG


    Babs, I am a music/program director at my radio station, but, your job sounds cooler. Delarla...you are too cool!! I'll take Constantine with cheese or non. He was a little over the top on "I Can't make you love me" but, didn't think he was on Bohemian Rapsody. I liked the tongue thing it was cool. I think he is a sincere person. He actually seems kind of shy when he's not performing....maybe it brings his crazy side out. I think people like myself look forward to see which song he will perform next. It's actually a pretty smart move on his part.
  12. DeniseG


    My....someone has an opinion lol. Well here's mine. First of all, I ain't a teen........I am 35 and I vote for Constantine!!! I think the people who vote for him are more likely in my age bracket, give or ten a few years. He won me over when he sang David Cassidy. I thought to myself if this guy is going to take a chance with a song like that....he's my man. Then when he sang....I forgot the song he sang the next week..wasn't it a Gary Puckett song? can't remember. He was even better........then came Showtunes.......My funny valentine. then Queen last night....boy this guy has versatility.....unlike the rest of the pack who don't even come a close second. Bo messed up singing Freebird last night.....Worst song ever! IMO. When Simon agreed with me, I knew there was something to it. Unless you live in Alabama or below the Mason Dixson Line Lynard Skynard is not going to appeal to the masses. Bo needs more then the Southern states to win. He needs to branch out from his Southern rock label. I think he is looking more for exposure of his band though, then to actually win the contest. I was surprised that Nadia went home before Scott. Anwar.....I liked him at first, but, he sings his songs the same way every week. Start slow and build up at the end---I told my husband that before the judges said the same thing. He is cute though. Vonzell...she's got a lot of talent. I don't think she will win, but, she is great to watch. Carrie.......something about her I just can't dig her. I think it was the Tiffany song. She is pretty, and I actually thought she did a pretty good job last night. Anthony is okay. I would think teens like him better than adults. He sounds like Jon Secada or Mark Anthony. That's my opinion for what it's worth. Delarla....you got good taste!!
  13. DeniseG


    I know what you mean about Constantine......I have to hide my lust from the hubby. He is my fave. I think the final 3 will be Bo (all though he sang my least favorite song in the world last night) Constantine and Carrie will be the final 3.
  14. DeniseG


    I can understand princess. It was on three nights at the beginning! Now it is on Tues night, loser is chosen on Wed on Fox
  15. DeniseG


    I think Vonzell did a great job, but, I am so burned out on Whitney Houston. I wish she could have sung a different artist. Carrie did a good job, I just don't care for country music, that is probably why I am not into her.
  16. DeniseG


    Couldn't believe Constantine sang, "I Can't make you love me" Who in there right mind would turn down those big brown eyes. I wish the judges would stop comparing him and Bo. They have totally different styles. Only thing they have in common is longer hair and they are both in bands. I am not sure who will be out this week. My guess, the Ukranian guy Niko, or Scott. I think the final 3 will be Bo, Constantine, and Carrie (even though I am not crazy about her)
  17. I know BCBS pays for Tummy Tucks. Weird because they don't usually pay for the lapband
  18. DeniseG


    sassay, Did your band slip? I saw you were rebanded. It is strange that you have those symptoms the 2nd time around because my husband has those too. He was banded 2003 rebanded 2004. He had an adjustment it took him a long time to get use to that one, he tried a second one that was just barely more than the first (according to the doctor who said he wanted to go really slow) and he couldn't handle it at all. He had to go back down in his fill to where he was. I wonder if this is a normal problem with rebanding
  19. DeniseG

    Do I have to sip water my whole life?

    chicago, If pollen bothers you (cutting grass scenario) you may have to sip, because it seems to cause me to have more tightness, or more mucuous. But, you may not have problem. I can pretty much chug Water as long as it is not real cold. I usually drink it at room temp. My husband on the other hand, still has a problem with all liquids no matter the tightness of band(since our surgery in 2003) Everyone is different I guess
  20. DeniseG

    Favorite Perfumes/Colognes

    I have so many allergies to perfumes I rarely wear them. On men though...love "Cool Water" I do use Philosophy products in the bath. I love "White Chocolate Hazlenut" if I can't eat it, I might as well smell like it lol
  21. DeniseG


    I didn't know about Constatine at first I thought they were giving him too much press, but, I agree with your statement about the David Cassidy song. He did a great job with the song the week before too. Maybe he should go with 60-70 era songs. I noticed in his bio that one of his favorite artists was James Morrison. I can see that. Not in his voice, but, he is really good at "Making love" to the camera with his eyes. oooh baby! I agree with the statement about Simon and Carrie. I think Bo (who I like too) might have a little crush on her too. I am not as crazy about her, but, I have noticed one thing about her....she is very hard on herself. You could tell that in the "vote off" show a couple weeks ago. I respect that about her.
  22. DeniseG


    you have the same symptons my husband had before we realized his band slipped. Acid reflux, not being able to get liquids down etc. When you had your unfill, did they exam the band (ultrasound)? Did you tell him about your symptoms?
  23. DeniseG

    Friends Question

    I am finding I am having this problem with my husband right now, and he is banded lol I have really been working on my weightloss, and he has not been as encouraged. He is constantly saying "Come on, let's go out to eat, one day of bad food isn't going to kill you" It has really been a downer for me. In the past I would have given in, but, now, even when we go out to eat I get something healthy. It is really bugging him because, I think it makes him feel better when I fall off the wagon when he does. Now, I am not giving him that power. (I don't want you to think he is evil or anything). That maybe the same problem you are having, your old friends are not use to you saying no. It makes them feel guilty because they know they shouldn't be eating the junk, so they surround themselves with people who have the same issue. I know for me, I am a closet eater--well was. I would want a piece of cake but, wouldn't eat it in front of anyone unless someone else was having a piece. Once they did...it was like I was a kid. She ate a piece that means I can have a piece too! If she hadn't eaten the piece, I wouldn't eat it then, but sneak it later.
  24. Alcohol runs in my genes, but, I never grew up around anyone that drank. One thing they both give me that numb feeling that you get when you eat too much....that euphoria(sp) feeling. I can see why people might be attracted to alcohol after the band, because it is hard to get to that numb state.........well, I take that back.......you can still eat a bag of chocolate chips with the band lol, but, it is hard to eat to excess with the band like you use to. Some people say they get a euphoria feeling from excercise.......I don't think I will ever do that. But, find things that are positive to replace it with...be the Clean Queen, best parent/and or spouse, best lapband patient ever etc.
  25. DeniseG


    I have noticed I have a problem with the rice, with the darker pieces in it (don't know the technical name for it) or rice that puffs up somewhat. Plain White Rice I am okay with as long as it is in a liquidy substance, not dry. For instance, Chicken and Rice casserole, or in soups.

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