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  1. I'm still very early in the process and don't see the surgeon until September 7th. I just got my packet in the mail and had no idea I had to quit smoking 2 MONTHS prior to surgery! I thought it would more like 2 WEEKS!. Now I'm in total panic and scared I won't be able to do it. I need a plan fast! Any suggestion?!?!
  2. A I just read the my post that you responded to and now read this one. Lol! I've been sick all day today too! Now we have something else in common.
  3. mommybo

    7 months out and 125 lbs down!

    u look beautiful!
  4. mommybo


    the better i feel about myself the more sexual i feel with my husband. i don't feel as self conscious about myself. i love the compliments from other people and men but save it all for my man.
  5. mommybo

    Bad breath?

    yep, its ketosis. listerine strips help until it passes. . .
  6. mommybo

    Made the "Infamous" Ricotta Bake

    I wonder if it would work with cottage cheese? I always used cottage cheese in lasagna. Hmmmm
  7. mommybo

    Anyone approved by CIGNA?

    Oh no Ms Jackie! Praying for you!! Hang in there, remember I was denied at first too and then approved. It's like they don't EVER approve on the first try. Keep me updated.
  8. mommybo

    Surgery - December 27th!

    I just got home too. I am having the pain where the big incision is on my right side. I had a hiatal hernia repair too and maybe that's causing the pain. I tell ya, my surgery wasn't until 4pm and when I woke up yesterday morning in all that pain, I thought "what have I done to myself". Today was a whole lot better and I'm just so happy to be home. We got the hard part over with (I hope).
  9. mommybo

    Surgery - December 27th!

    my biggest fear is getting sick beforehand and not being able to have it that day. everyone around me is getting sick! i'm hoping the flu shot will save me. . .
  10. thank you for posting. i have 4 days til my surgery and i don't if it's just me, but i have been reading nothing but negative posts lately. reading your story makes me feel positive so again, thank you
  11. Today I had all my pre-op testing and completed all my classes. The next time I make the hour drive to Cleveland will be my surgery day of December 27th. Omgosh, did **** get real today or what?? I signed the consent form and believe I started sweating. I was so happy my husband went with me so he could really learn about everything I am about to go through. Now, he finally gets it. I still have so much to do with Christmas in less than 2 weeks and my surgery two days after. It will be here so fast because I am so busy!! But I am so happy to get this ball rolling and start the new chapter in my life!
  12. mommybo

    I finally got a date!

    yay yay yay for you!! congrats, it will be here before you know it!!
  13. mommybo

    December Surgeries?

    pre-testing in the morning, surgery 2 weeks from tomorrow!!
  14. this is my biggest fear. i am a F (and i refuse to buy bigger so im probably a double F). i worry what is going to happen and how long i have to wait to have them fixed. this is the main reason my husband is hesitant on the surgery. i mean the girls are as much his as they are mine. how long do we have to wait to have the surgery to "repair" them?
  15. mommybo

    Submitted To Cigna Today!

    FINALLY! Got my date!! December 27th. Someone cancelled and I got the last surgery for my surgeon in December!!. Woohoo!! I cannot wait! Three weeks from today!!
  16. mommybo

    Just Got Approved!

    I know, me too. Let me know what you find out!
  17. Love your story!! I am a RN too and have gained 100 pounds since being married 16 years ago. I just got my approval and will be getting my sleeve in January. Congrats on your success!!
  18. mommybo

    Distant Husband

    i'm not where you are yet but i can see myself being there. i just found out i'm approved and my husband has flipped a switch and is now acting like he doesn't want me to have the surgery. ugh!! i know he is not going to be as supportive as i thought he would be. but i am doing this for me and not for him. hope things get better for you.
  19. mommybo

    Submitted To Cigna Today!

    Well got denied. They said something is missing. The advocate at the surgeon's said not to worry. Have to resend and hopefully hear next week. Of course it wouldn't be easy for me. that's the way my life goes. Feeling kinda down right now. I hate waiting.
  20. mommybo

    Submitted To Cigna Today!

    It's been one week today and no news yet. I'm going to make the first call to them to see if they have everything. Wish me luck! This waiting is nerve racking!!!
  21. mommybo

    Submitted To Cigna Today!

    I hope mine goes well too. My surgeon's office is supposed to be awesome about having everything together so we'll see!
  22. mommybo

    Bye Bye Nicotone!

    I made it to 10 days today without a cigarette and it feels awesome!
  23. mommybo

    Bye Bye Nicotone!

    I am 3 days today!! I feel ok, the first day was the worst with the constant headache. I've quit before (once for 4 years) and always started back up. This surgery is a motivation like no other. It's crazy cause I know it could cause cancer and still did it. But knowing it could keep me from having the surgery really made me WANT to quit. It's a constant struggle, but htis whole process is. Hang in there, we can support each other.

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