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    Hi, I'm from STL and having my sleeve with Dr Snow on nov 19. I was originally ached for Aug but decided to delay it because I am going on a 2 wk cruise and did not want to worry about complications away from home. So how are you doing now with the sleeve? I too have been torn between having band and sleeve. But I have done a lot of reading in FB groups and am leading towards the sleeve. Why did u decide to choose sleeve?
  2. Lauranbob, thank you for yr reply. How did you feel strength wise at 2 months out? We're you still tired?
  3. Silly girl did y have the sleeve? I just got approval to have sleeve. I can have on 8/20. My question to u is if u were going on an 2 wk cruise 8 wks post opt would u hold off and have surgery after cruise? I thought I would ask u since know what it feels like around this timeframe. Thanks for your input.
  4. traceann


    Queen of crop- I just sent u a private MSG about a sleeve surgery question. Thanks
  5. traceann

    Anyone In Stl?

    Me too Aligayle I have completed my ins requirements and waiting for approval. What Dr are u going too?i am using dr Snow at Heart of America Bariatrics. Good luck and hope you are approved with no problems.
  6. Good luck with yr preop diet and surgery. So exciting for you. See u on the flip side...
  7. traceann

    Anyone In Stl?

    Samijane. Question for u. Now that u are 3 wks post op, would you go on a 2 wk cruise at 7 or 8 wks post opt??? I am asking because I am goin on a 2 wk cruise Oct 15 and I don't know if I would be okay if I got the sleeve Aug 20 If I should wait until after cruise. I am glad u are doing so good.
  8. Shellie and golden -- thats awesome of you for offering your support to us soon to be sleevers. I would like your opinion about this. I have completed my 90 day maint. Ins. Requirement and am waiting for Ins approval. And I am going on a 2 wk cruise and don't know if I should wait to have surgery before or after the cruise. If I am able to have surgery 7 -8 wks before the cruise do you thing I would be feeling good enough to enjoy cruise??? Thanks for your thoughts.
  9. traceann

    Anyone In Stl?

    Samijane that's awesome. Glad for you. You're doing good.
  10. traceann

    Anyone In Stl?

    Hey I'm from STL too. Not sleeved yet. I have completed my 90 day maint req by ins and now waiting for approval. Drs. Wagoner and Snow is who I am using. I am going on a 2 wk cruise to Europe Oct 15 and I am having a hard time deciding if I should wait til after cruise to have surgery. I don't want to be to tired or sick to enjoy. And i was looking forward to being smaller for the trip. And then theres all The wonderful Food i would miss out on. If i am able to have surgery by Aug 15 or 20 that would put me a 7-8 weeks til the cruise. Experienced sleevers- what's your thoughts??? What would u do??
  11. Hey I am new to VST too. I would like to be your buddy. I haven't had my surgery yet, I have completed my 90 days maintenance required by insurance and waiting for approval. I like the fact that of you three there are two that have already been sleeved and can be of much support. I am having a hard time deciding on whether or not to have my surgery before or after I go on my cruse Oct 14. Let me know if you three are interested in adding me to yr group. :-)

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