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  1. Surgery on Monday 8/6 and staples not out til Thursday. Already itchy.
  2. I'm an addict too! LOL. No one else to talk with about all this! You will do fine. Like all the Nuts say, forgive yourself, start over and keep going. Dont let one slip derail the whole train!
  3. I am appalled that people are allowed to have surgery without information. The place I went to had six months of taking classes, attending support groups and reviewing then signing off on information sheets. I wondered why the death across the country is so high but not one at the place I go to and now I know. Come on people, you are responsible for your own success. Why did you do this to begin with? Yes, it's hard but it's temporary. Every day is better than the last. You can do it if you try. It's ok to feel like you feel but it's not ok to put your life in danger for a bite. Think about how crazy that is.
  4. I started full liquids and I am SO full. How do you get all the Water and the Protein in now? I spend every second sipping something.
  5. I had to sign papers I wouldn't get pregnant for at least one year after surgery. My sister in law had the full bypass then pregnant by accident a few weeks later at 38. She had many health issues and needed blood&iron infusions during pregnancy. Unable to sustain enough nutrition for two. Scary stuff.
  6. The Ahh Bra is an infomercial. I bought mine at Rite Aid drug store. Any place with an "As seen on tv" section will have it. They are $19.99.
  7. jennrus

    Is This Weird ?

    Full liquid ten days prior is to shrink your liver and prevent "last supper" prior to cutting open. I have a very careful Dr. I also have a place with zero deaths from surgery. I did and will continue to do every single thing they tell me to do. I like being alive.
  8. jennrus

    Bra Post Op

    I have the pendulum problem too! Lol. That's why I started the thread. So saggy. This surgery was my 40th bday gift to myself. Think a boob lift will be my 41st! I am a 42DD. The XL AhhBra worked well. Not as tight as a sports bra (which are hard to get in my size) and easier to get on. Not the most supportive but did the trick. I would suggest. I did put a big bandaid on over the top opening tho just to stop rubbing. For outfits to wear home I strongly encourage a dress. I have found that to be the best option daily. Anything on waist hurts.
  9. I had s headache on day three but mostly due to no coffee. Over it no. W
  10. Had surgery Monday and will have drain until Thursday. How long was hour drain in? It's the worst part. I feel without it I will be a lot more active. Now i move gingerly so I don't disturb it. Don't think I will really heal til it's out. Hate it. Everything else is going great.
  11. jennrus

    The Drain Is A Pain

    The facility I use has a mandatory 10 days with a drain. I had two when I came out of surgery and they took one out on day three. So not only do i have one for another six days, I know how much fun it is to have it taken out. Thinking I will load up on the pain meds they sent me home with before I go to have it out.
  12. So I got about three sips of protein drink down. And tried to eat a yogurt but only could eat a spoonfull in 20 mnts. Wow. This is going to be harder than I thought to get protein. Anyone else on this finding it hard?
  13. OMG- I didn't mean to imply I fell asleep because it was boring. I just dozed off. Hope i didn't offend.
  14. Sorry, I had surgery on Monday and fell asleep reading this. My phone slid down and posted for me a few times. *blush*
  15. jennrus


    Way to go Disney! Wish more people knew this and more places did this!
  16. I use Mirena since May. Had doubts but now I barely have a period. Love it now but first few months were tough. Spotted every day.
  17. I am traveling home with my family on a road trip and everyone is snacking. I feel like a drug addict in a room of drugs. Really getting bitchy too. Family is taking the brunt. Surgery tomorrow. Getting nervous. .
  18. I am also tomorrow. Not sure what to do today. Can't focus. Nervous and excited.
  19. jennrus

    Soooo Hungry

    Thank you for validating my feelings. No one but you guys know how tough it was. So proud of myself and even more sure i can do this. Waz so scared i would fail. Very powerful. I still dont believe it is goi g to work. Can not picture myself skinny.
  20. jennrus

    Soooo Hungry

    Oh I am not giving up! Haven't faltered a bit. Just makes me cranky. This is my choice, not theirs. But feeling like I broke up with food yet everyone else still dating. It actually kind of grosses me out to see them stuffing their face.
  21. jennrus

    Soooo Hungry

    Also sat in restaurant while they ate and watched them eat all kinds of baked goods my aunt made for our visit. Like I said, getting very snappy and bitchy. Have to learn how go live with this.
  22. I haven't told the people I work with or hardly anyone else. What have you all said and what are reactions? My surgery is August 6. Next Monday.
  23. Warning - I am going to discuss something very unpleasant! Having to do with bowel movements. Seriously, stop reading now if you don't want to hear it. Ok, you were warned. I hadn't had a bowel movement in 7 days and asked my doctor about it today. I was confused since I thought a liquid diet would certainly move things along. Usually I take a colace every day (for past few years now). They said I could start taking that again because I had stopped when starting the liquid plan. I got home a few hours later and was sitting at the table catching up on work and thought I had to pass a small amount of gas. I was wrong. So very, very wrong. How completely embarrassing! Everyone was home - including my teenage daughters boyfriend! I backed out of the room and jumped in the shower but now I'm completely paranoid that it will happen again. Is this normal? Will it keep happening? For how long? Can I stop it?

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