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  1. Chewable or not I can't keep them down. Sleeved August 6th and the B vitamins are ok but the multi vitamins are not. I have taken with and without food, am and pm, even right before bed but puke every time. They are too expensive to through away. Suggestions
  2. Anyone have problems post surgery?
  3. jennrus

    Gallbladder Attach?

    Next Friday. Not tomorrow.
  4. jennrus

    Gallbladder Attach?

    Right under rib cage. Comes and goes but mostly after one.or two bites of food. I feel full right away. Had terrible diarrhea last week too. Called doctor and wont see til Friday. Hope I can wait that long. After a little research I see symptoms are spot.on. crap.
  5. jennrus

    Gallbladder Attach?

    I am having stomach pain. Cant eat anything or have pain but now even without food. See doctor on Friday. Just wonder what symptoms of gallbladder are.
  6. No problems until this week. Now whenever i eat, one or two bites and stomach pain.
  7. You are right. I just called and.left a message with the nurse.
  8. No. My husband said i should. Im too scared.
  9. Having been heavy most of my life it upsets me to admit this but the thinner I get, the nicer people are to me. I just left a gas station where I hot a coffee. A young man let me cut him and an old guy got the door for me. Like I said, it is sad to me. I was invisible before.
  10. That does sound scary! Good luck. At least we arent alone.
  11. Ok, not really but I just find myself wanting to eat all day. I know I can' t fit it in even if I wanted to and not sure why today. Must be PMS but my cycle is messed up since surgery. Perhaps I need to keep myself busy. Ahhhhhh....
  12. So far I have been so good. Sleeved in August now panic that I am reverting back to bad brain habbits. Need to exercise. Just remind myself how good compliments feel.
  13. I feel stupid asking but what does it stand for? I am sure I will face palm when I know.
  14. jennrus

    What Is Nsv?

    Oooooo...thank you!
  15. jennrus

    Big Stall... Hate This

    Many of your posts have inspired me over the past few months. Stay strong. We are all pulling for you.
  16. Surgery was 8/6 Start weight 218 Today 172.2 Protein or slimfast shake for bkfst, greek yogurt for lnch, popsicle or fudgicle for snack, chicken for dinner or tunafish but some meat with high protein. I want to pig out but I can't. Head hunger and sad that my coping mechanism is gone but managing. Very glad I did it. Feel great. Gym 3 days a week for elyptical 30 mnts then weights for 30.
  17. jennrus

    Very Cold

    Happened to me too. I am two months out and freezing all the time when I used to be sweating like a pig. Maybe because I was.
  18. Bad idea on the 66th day. Feels bad in my tummy. Wish I could undo that.
  19. God does it hurt. Wish I could throw up.
  20. jennrus

    Portion Size

    I use a salad plate for every meal too. Love the idea of taking pictures of meals. Help to see how it compares. Will do it tomorrow night and post. Meanwhile will keep an eye on here for others. By the way, love your plates!
  21. For a while i had major runs so stopped protein shakes with milk. For a week. Today had one and been running to bathroom all day. Yet yogurt doesnt bother me.
  22. A girl at work saw me and said, "Everyone has been asking, 'Have you seen Jenn?' Because you have lost so much weight and they were right, you look great!". Only two people have said anything so it blew me away to know people are talking about me at work. I didn't think they noticed.
  23. jennrus

    Antidepressants & Weight Gain

    I take Cymbalta for depression and Prozac for PMS so I don't kill people. I used to take Wellbutrin which made me loose weight AND helped me quit smoking. As far as I know it's the only one that does that. I thought I might be able to stop after surgery but no such luck. I was miserable. Good luck to you.
  24. For about a week now if I eat solid food I feel sick. It feels like it gets stuck in my chest after a few bites. Very uncomfortable. Find myself just wanting yogurt for every meal because it works best. Tried slowing down, smaller bites, chewing more...nothing helps. Kind of discouraged. Eating definitely not enjoyable anymore.

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