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  1. I had surgery on July 20th. I had to stay an extra night because I could not drink the fluids. My esophagus was having spasms to my new stomach. I am now home, but it still hurts so bad to swallow. Anyone experience this and how long did it last?
  2. You look AMAZING, I had surgery in July. Have lost 75 lbs, but I don't look that good! Way to go!
  3. Finally there! Sleeved July 20th and hit 199.4 this morning! I haven't seen the "one's" in 6 years. Feeling great!
  4. lasuber


    O, I am in the I between stages is clothing. All of my church clothes are either way to big, or just a tad to snug to wear to church. Indon't have money to go buy new one's. Very frustrated. Any suggestions?
  5. O far I have found 3 things my New tummy doesn't like: pork chops, pretzels, and celery...
  6. July 20: 268, today 207!!! I can see onederland.....
  7. Congrats! I am right there with you. Sleeved July 20. Weighed 268 down to 207.... Onederland is in sight! Keep up the good work!
  8. Was sleeved on July 20th. Weighed 268. This morning, down to 214!!! That made me feel great. Then I saw a former student that didn't even recognize me. What a great feeling!
  9. lasuber

    Whoop Whoop!

    Can't wait!
  10. I was having a stall, which I knew was normal. I figured since my weight wasn't moving I would "cheat" and have a bite of chocolate. I ate two squares of a hershey bar. The next morning, I had dropped 2 lbs. I think my body just needed a little more sugar. Won't make a habit of it by any means, but it did help with my cravings and pushed the stall along!
  11. lasuber


    Besides water (with crystal light etc.) unsweet tea and coffee, has anyone found anything else to drink? I am 3 months out and going crazy for a different taste.
  12. I was sleeved on July 20th and have lost 51 lbs.
  13. Have heard here shakes can taste pretty good. Anyone got any info on them?
  14. I started mine the day of surgery also. Wore a tampon and "hid" the string!
  15. lasuber

    Anyone Else Have This Problem?

    I definitely eat more before and during my period. I just don't weigh during that time. I found I would get frustrated and itnwas all do to bloating.
  16. Sleeved July 20th. Down 43 lbs since surgery day!
  17. lasuber

    One Month Down...

    One month check up tomorrow. Kinda nervous to see total weight loss. I know I have been at astallmfor the past 5 days. I think the stall has been the hardest part. My mental mind really wants cookies and cheeseburgers!
  18. I was on soft foods 3 days after surgery. Did best with mashed potatoes and yogurt and star free pudding. Started eggs about day 5 after surgery. Sleeved 7/20 and down 37 pounds!
  19. lasuber

    Eating More?

    I did! I just had my first one since surgery and even though I didn't eat a whole lot I felt like I could eat something every time I turned atound. I am just thankful that I no longer am craving chocolate!
  20. I Know everyone stalls at some point. But how frusturating. Need some words of encouragement!
  21. lasuber

    5 Confessions (Join In)

    I confess that I haven't exercised but twice. I confess that I could eat an entire chocolate cake. I confess that I want a diet coke soooo bad! I confess that I don't sleep as much as I used to. I confess I am tired of water, I confess that I am scared of being thin, even though I can't wait!
  22. How long did your stomach stay bloated? I am 4 weeks out and am still puffy.
  23. I am 4 weeks out and my stomach is still so bloated! How long before it gets a little less puffy?

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