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  1. rickyvsg

    Hey July Sleevers

    I get tons of great used & new jeans eBay!! Seriously check it out, but go try on some jeans first so you know your size! Congrats to be in onederland!
  2. rickyvsg

    Hey July Sleevers

    I want to be 198 by mon too! Hang in there, your doing great! Just remember where we came from. I'm a serious eBay addict now buying size 10-12 & loving that part but I have excess skin too in belly.....any tips? Lol
  3. rickyvsg

    Hey July Sleevers

    Sleeved 7/31/12, sw 260, cw 205. Down 55 lbs--from size 18/20 to 10/12 but these long stalls r killing me! Want to b under 200 soo bad! I've been bouncing between 205-215 for few months. I do eat crap every now & again but i walk 4x a week for Hour & eat alot of protein. Surgeon wants me at 198 but I think I should b 175. I'm 5'9". What is normal anyway? I feel a size 10 is the lowest I've ever been or will ever b...like Oprah, I was a 10 for 15 min in 1990.....my belly feels loose nit tight looking though:(
  4. rickyvsg

    Hey July Sleevers

    7/31 sleeved, down 43 lbs--feels slow
  5. rickyvsg

    First Major Stall

    I agree! I was on a stall & did this too and what my body was holding on to in starvation mode, it let it go. I needed some sugar & fat. I find the more often I eat, the smaller the meals, the more I lose. Like a fire consistently being stoked--it burns longer.
  6. I lost 10lbs the first week & I'm down 27 lbs after 25 days. So I don't think you are losing too fast. It slows after a few weeks.
  7. rickyvsg

    Leak - When No Longer A Worry?

    I was told 3 months & you'll know b/c you are in alot of pain
  8. rickyvsg


    Click is non caffeinated express tasting protein! Makes me feel like I still get coffee:)
  9. rickyvsg

    Tijuana Mexico In August!

    How r u doing?
  10. rickyvsg

    July Sleevers

    I'd say Popsicles, pb2, torani sugar free syrup.....what are you craving?
  11. I'm 40, just sleeved last week & me and m boyfriend want 2 kids...... I know I should wait at least a year
  12. rickyvsg


    Day 5 after
  13. rickyvsg

    Today Is The Day.

    How are you oing?
  14. rickyvsg

    Considering Mexico...

    I was self pay & went to dr mark pleatman in Bloomfield hills michigan paid $11,350 with credit card. 1) it's in the us 2) awesome experience
  15. rickyvsg

    July Sleevers

    I'd call the dr
  16. rickyvsg

    July Sleevers

    It keeps getting better! Hang in there! I'm finding the protein shakes I liked b4, I'm it all that keen on now:( any suggestions?
  17. rickyvsg

    July Sleevers

    I can relate! Gurgle tummy, no pain meds me either. I've walked some. Had 1st bm. Ate 1/4 protein shake, 1/2 a jello, 1/2 v8, 1 yogurt w/ protein.
  18. rickyvsg

    July Sleevers

    Yes, I can relate. Just had 1st bm. But norway can I finish a ull protein shake lol. I've had 1/4 protein shake, 1/2 a v8, a yogurt w/ protein & crystal lite.
  19. rickyvsg

    July Sleevers

    How are all the 7/31 ers doing? I'm home, feeling great & down 6 lbs. just had first shower & protein shake. No pain meds. Only pain I had was in lungs so I'm doing my breathing machine apparatus they gave me at ospital. I'm walking some & last few days I rested alot. Tough to get liquids in. How is everyone lse doing?
  20. rickyvsg

    Did It!

    How do you feel? I had mine Tuesday, everything pretty smooth but lungs hurt & difficult to get liquids in. I felt great after surgery & today. We'd was tougher after 2,5 hr car ride home. I've been sleeping alot but I'm down 6lbs in 2 days!
  21. rickyvsg

    Today Is The Day.

    Sending you warm thoughts!
  22. rickyvsg

    July Sleevers

    Good luck! I'm ready! Leaving for the hospital in a min
  23. rickyvsg

    July Sleevers

    Lol, my surgery is Tuesday too & I'm getting nervous & excited!! I'm only on clear liquids monday

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