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  1. I am having same probably Maria I had a CR scan and they found nothing wring but everything I eat or drink comes back up. I'll see a gastroenterologist next week. Hopefully we can find and fix it. God please.
  2. mizzliz83

    Sleeved 4/25/2012

    How much is her cost Dr weavers for the sleeve if you don't mind my asking.
  3. blahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. mizzliz83

    Hey July Sleevers!

    Sleeved July 7 Height 5'3 Starting weight 421 Day of surgery weight 400 Weight today 379 Goal...315 before Thanksgiving Goal weight...190 ***someone add me to the Facebook group please. Ejohnson@cricketcommunications.com thanks. Happy losing!
  5. mizzliz83

    556076 10150757240221049 1718331848 N

    You look Fab!!! Great job
  6. I'm 6 days out and I keep getting these feeling of it feels like indigestion in midsection like I've swallowed something too big although I'm only on liquids. Is this a form of gas or reflux (can you get reflux from liquids). I've only been having popsciles broth water and apple juice. It happens about 10 times an hour just a passing of about 3 seconds of pain in my middle, not my back or sides. Is anyone familiar with this feeling? Any advice?
  7. mizzliz83

    Hey July Sleevers!

    Hey all. I'm recovering nicely. Just not hungry for liquids but sipping regularly. I keep thinking of what id like to be able to eat. It is torture. I still have some periodic discomfort not sure if its gas or reflux as I had neither in painful amounts prior to surgery. I'll continue gas ex stripes and milk of magnesia and prilosec till it all resides. Prayers and well wishes to all. Ready for mushies!!!
  8. mizzliz83

    Hey July Sleevers!

    You're in my prayers Starshinemama. I'm up tomorrow so many emotions right now. At the airport headed to Mexico this very moment. Lord be with me. I'll keep everyone posted.
  9. mizzliz83

    Update On Patrick

    So glad to hear that news! Get well soon Patrick!
  10. Why was I just informed that Louise is no longer with the hospital. This has caused upset because its already risky going out of country to have a surgery but when the coordinator or liaison you've been working with and gained trust in disappears from the company immediately before you surgery you might just freak out as if you didn't have enough to think about. Ughhh. Trying to keep calm and praying this isn't an sign from God to reconsider. This is the worst possible timing 30 days till I'm to be sleeved...any thoughts?
  11. Will do sweet...tweety yay! Now I'm releaved I couldn't find anyone else at Jerusalem on July 7! See ya there
  12. July 7th here I come!!! Peace and blessings to us all!!
  13. mizzliz83

    Self Pay Vsg Us Based Surgeons

    Dr Mario Almanza. Wish me luck
  14. mizzliz83

    Coordinaters Who Talk Smack..

    Please know that coordinators are a form of sales representatives and they get paid based on the revenue they create. The coordinators ethics should be questioned not necessarily the Dr himself. Research, research, research. Do not be swayed by hearsay. They talked badly about Jesus and he traveled about doing good for 33 years. Not comparing Dr Kelly to C.J. but saying the premise is the same. Peace and blessings to all
  15. mizzliz83

    Self Pay Vsg Us Based Surgeons

    Sorry for your loss. The surgeons in Mexico are very experienced and fatalities are few and far between. Best wishes with whatever and whoever you chose. I'll be sleeved in 10 days. Mexico here I come, God place your protective spirit over me and all of your children stepping out on faith. Amen.
  16. mizzliz83


    I love it!!!
  17. mizzliz83

    Hey July Sleevers!

    I had a problem sticking to my liquids too and did have some lean chicken which is protein so I hope all is well. This is the darkest hour before the dawn guys! July is less than a week away! Here we come world!
  18. mizzliz83

    Hey July Sleevers!

    I'm had a problem sticking to my liquids too and dud have some lean chicken which is protein so I hope all is well. This is the darkest hour before the dawn guys! July is less than a week away! Here we come world!
  19. mizzliz83

    Need Usa Sleeve Surgeon Advice Asap...

    Sister's friend...sorry.
  20. mizzliz83

    Need Usa Sleeve Surgeon Advice Asap...

    Could you say what hospital or surgeon in Mexico your friends sister used?
  21. mizzliz83

    Hey July Sleevers!

    Trying to adjust to this protein...not easy but mandatory. Realizing change isn't my preference but this is the only way I can move out of this body to my new slimmer frame. Slightly stressed.
  22. So as I relax this Friday evening 3 weeks pre op with a crystal light mocktail in one hand, cell phone in the other, I wonder. How would marijuana affect my sleeve? Am I eternally banded from medicinal use of Mary (for my cateracs of course!) Any thoughts?
  23. mizzliz83

    Hey July Sleevers!

    In 3 days I will be on liquids. Trying to stay positive my sleeve awaits at the end of the yellow brick road. LOL.
  24. mizzliz83

    Don't Judge Me (A Scenario)

    Whatttt???!!!! I have to research this! It just can't be...am I gonna have to divorce food and Mary Jane? Sad day for me. LOL!
  25. Yes thank you! I'm July 7th and ready for my rebirth! Will contact you with any questions. Keep us posted and Congrats on your new journey!

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