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  1. Harrier's Woman

    Need my fitness pal friends

    I've added everyone. I'm simoneheard1. Feel free to add me.
  2. I'm not usually a complainer, but, I just don't know what I may be doing wrong. I have read other peoples testimonies & they seem to be losing weight at a faster rate than me. I know everyone loses at their own pace & believe me I've always been a slower "loser" than everyone else. I'm just so afraid of failing my band. I was starting to have some health issues as a result of my obesity; so I don't want to fall back into old habits. I have spoken with my doctor & he assures me that I am doing everything correctly. I do exercise, get my proteinn, drink water(although I could probably increase that amount) & stick to my diet. But, still, I hover around the 340's. Any suggestions?
  3. Harrier's Woman


    I'm so sorry to hear about this. I was diagnosed with diverticulitis almost a year ago. It was the worst pain I've ever experienced. Just keep taking your meds & try and get some rest. Also, stay hydrated! Hope you feel better soon!
  4. Harrier's Woman

    Chewable protein supplements?

    Has anyone tried any kind of chewable protein tablet or gummie bear? I just can't stomach the shakes anymore. Despite my best intentions, its been a struggle to make sure I get the protein that I need. Any suggestions?
  5. Harrier's Woman

    Lapband and that time of the month??

    I am dealing with that right now. My craving is always chocolate...this is a struggle but, I am learning to deal with it the right way.
  6. Harrier's Woman

    How many cc's is your band?

    That makes me feel better!
  7. Harrier's Woman

    How many cc's is your band?

    No restriction at all prior to this fill. My dr doesn't use a fluoroscope. I am definitely going to ask them about on my next visit.
  8. Harrier's Woman

    Harrier's Woman

  9. Harrier's Woman

    October Bandsters?

    What is PB2?
  10. Harrier's Woman

    October Bandsters?

    1 day post op. Ended up having to spend the night because my surgery got delayed by 3 hours, but, all in all, it wasn't a bad thing. Got some much needed rest & so far the pain has been tolerable. Thank God for pain pills, gas-x & heating pads. Hope everyone is doing well!
  11. Harrier's Woman

    October Bandsters?

    Surgery time is all set....10:15am this friday! Finished all pre-op blood work, paid my fees & pre-registered for admission....This is getting so real....a little scary but still exciting. I hope & pray for all of my fellow October Bandsters; may we all be successful, happy, healthy & definitely have little to no gas pain! LOL
  12. Harrier's Woman

    Pre-Op Weight Loss

    I was just wondering about everyone's progress. I am having the hardest time finding a protein shake/drink that I can stomach. They either make me nauseous or the taste is disgusting. I don't know what to do.....
  13. I have been very excited since finally making the decision to get the Lapband. Now, I will be finding out my surgery date(hopefully this week) and all of sudden; I'm getting nervous. Doubts are starting to creep up and I'm 2nd guessing my decision. I know its probably just nerves. I don't want to go all thru all of this just to fail so I'm having some anxiety. Is this normal to "all of sudden" get scared about this? Has anyone else felt like this? Help!!!
  14. Harrier's Woman

    Short Term Goals

    My goals are 1) to not bust out sweating just walking across the room at my job, 2)for my knees, hips & feet to finally stop hurting and 3) to not always be the fattest person in the room!
  15. Harrier's Woman

    October Bandsters?

    I'm having mine done here in San Antonio. I'll be so glad when that part of this process is over.
  16. Harrier's Woman

    Ashamed To Meet Husband Co-Workers

    Spoken like a true gentlemen. Well said!
  17. Harrier's Woman

    So Nervous

    You'll rock it! Congrats!
  18. Harrier's Woman

    October 22 Surgery Date!

    I am scheduled for Oct 5th. This is getting very real for me as well. I'm torn between being excited & nervous. So ready to have some time off from work & get this surgery done. I'm too ready to move on to this next chapter. Good luck to us all!
  19. Harrier's Woman

    October Bandsters?

    Oct 5th.....so excited!
  20. I'm so sorry to hear about this. I understand about not being supported by the people closest to you. This explains why I have only told a few people about my decision. I knew going into this that one of my closest friends would have a issue. She is about 100lbs heavier than me & even though she says happy being this way; its not true. Her health is starting to declining as a result of her weight. My advice is to listen to your heart. If you have given this decision serious & have researched it thoroughly then don't let anything stop you. My oldest friend died at the age of 37 because of weight diseases. The lesson I've learned from her death is that you truly only have one life to live. When its over; its over...so why not make it the best possible life you can.
  21. Harrier's Woman

    Tmi But I Really Need To Know

    Great question! I've been thinking about the same thing. Lol
  22. Harrier's Woman

    So Excited!!

    Just drop me a message thru here...
  23. Harrier's Woman

    Anyone In Tx?

    Hi Ladies, I'm also in San Antonio. I am scheduled to have my surgery in October @TrueResults. I am going to have my psych evaluation on Thursday. Dr. Carcamo will be performing my surgery & I've heard he can be a little blunt. This doesn't bother me because the main thing is that he performs the surgery well. Surprisingly, I'm not nervous(yet) about this procedure. I'm more excited than anything. I have been struggling for 30yrs with this weight; so now its beyond time to get serious about it. I hope everyone has a lot if success with the Lapband. Keep in Touch!
  24. Harrier's Woman

    Not Quite A Testimony, But So Uplifted!

    Believe me, this is definitely a testimony! Thanks for the encouragement because this all new(& a little bit scary too) for me. Congratulations & keep us posted!

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