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  1. mykdzmom

    September Sleevers

    Way to go on your weight loss ladies! I went back to work this week and I am doing well. I am getting in iver 60 oz of water and 60-80 g of protein every day at this point. I go for my follow up with my surgeon 10/15 and can't wait to move on to pureed foods. He actually suggest that we chew the food to the puree. Any who, I am excited to move on. I have already incorporated low fat cottage cheese into my diet this week. I chew it really well and think it is s healthier option for me calorie and protein wise over yogurt. I can't find yogurt that I like without all the extras that I don't need and I love the cottage cheese plain. What's on your plates? ( or cups?)
  2. mykdzmom

    High Protein Pasta

    My local Whole Foods carries it. You could buy 1 pack and see if you like it before investing in a larger shipment onlineHey, Thanks! I have one of those. I am going to give it a try when I reach the 30 day mark. ☺
  3. mykdzmom

    High Protein Pasta

    Just saw the link to the online site. I will have to wait until I am ready to order several things so the shipping charges will be waved. Wish I could find locally.
  4. mykdzmom

    High Protein Pasta

    Where can you get this?
  5. mykdzmom


    I like Syntax Medical Grade Unflavored. It has 10g protein in small scoup.
  6. mykdzmom

    Purée cottage cheese?

    I am only allowed full liquids until day 14, but I have been thinking about plain cottage cheese as my first soft food because it is delicious! ♡???? @@Ashlegal - great minds lol
  7. mykdzmom

    Needs help!

    My surgery was 9/30. I also had very lose stool in the beginning. Probably will for a while - liquid in, liquid out. I focused on liquids until day 5 because I couldn't tolerate the thick protein shakes. I did enjoy syntax unflavored protein in a warm cup of chicken or beef bullion cubes. The salty taste just sat better on my stomach than the sweet. I started protein shakes after day 5.
  8. mykdzmom

    NSV....Rings resized

    Congratulations! I hadn't thought of that! I have some rings I can shrink back into! That's is something else to look forward too!
  9. Sweet home Alabama - Auburn
  10. VCORE cookies and cream - Complete Nutrition is my favorite. It is not thick like other protein powders I have tried. I also use premier chocolate powder, but it is a bit thicker.
  11. mykdzmom

    Very Slow Recovery

    Don't give up friend. Press on. I experienced a good bit of nausea my first few days and did not meet the recommended goals either. I couldn't tolerate protein until day 5 or later. What worked for me was an ounce shot glass that I sipped from. In the beginning it took 5 sips to get one down per hour. The next day I went for two oz per hour., and increased from there. For me, once I could tolerate the liquid goal, I could tolerate the protein. My NUT and Dr were more concerned with liquids early on than protein. ((Hugs))
  12. You look amazing! Thanks for sharing you victory!
  13. mykdzmom


    I use the Bariatric Advantage lemon flavor Calcium / D3 chews and love them. I got my mom the caramel and she says they are great too. I am 10 days post op.
  14. mykdzmom


    Same here. Could only tolerate pre made during pre-op liquid and they turn my stomach post op. Powder for me now. I do find adding icemakes them even more enjoyable.
  15. mykdzmom

    Fish on soft food died?

    Yum! Those look great! Thanks for the suggestion!
  16. mykdzmom

    4 Month Surgiversary - WOOT!

    @@SleevePerry You look amazing! Running is a goal for me. I have started walking (9 days post op today), but I dream of being able to run a mile. How / when did you get started? Congratulations on your success.
  17. mykdzmom

    Time off work? One week? More?

    I have a desk job and I am currently 9 days post op. I will be going back to work on Monday which will be 11 days post op. I have been running errands, shopping and light walking. I feel that I could have gone back at 7 days post op. I agree that it is very individualized, and you will be able to tell around 5 days post op. I took off 2 weeks, but will go back on Monday.
  18. Surgery 9/30 SW: 268 CW: 249 60 Oz water per day and 40g of protein. Trying to increase protein daily. Plan to start vitamins at 14 days post op. Feeling really amazing and so very thankful right now.
  19. mykdzmom

    Walking Post Op

    I think you are right on track. I am day 5 as well and attempted the grocery store and was really beat after 45 minutes of just pointing. Don't be discouraged, you will get better each day.
  20. mykdzmom

    Hi had surgery on 29th....

    @@bibleajosc I still have not pushed protein yet. I could only get down 2 Oz and it got so thick I just couldn't tolerate any more. I plan to try again tomorrow which will be day 5. Did your Dr give you a PPI? I hope the heartburn eases up soon.
  21. mykdzmom

    Hi had surgery on 29th....

    I am 3 days post op and I had the yuck mouth as well. It was the worst. I am only drinking water trying to get my fluids and this morning it is already much better. I am not taking any meds so I assume it was either them or anesthesia. I will try some protein on day 4 or 5 as I get nauseous really easy. Good luck to you all!
  22. mykdzmom

    September Sleevers

    Congrats on your loss! I lost 8 lbs on my liquid pre-op diet and gained them back with the IV as well.
  23. mykdzmom

    September Sleevers

    @ and ANewMe9/21 Thanks for the feedback. I am going for 3 Oz of clear liquids an hour today. I just can tolerate the protein yet, and assume if nothing else I need to get the fluids down. Glad you both are well.