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  1. @honk, sorry you must have missed the part where I wrote my surgeon prescribed me a 6 month supply of protein shakes. I'm obviously going to talk to my ob and surgeon, I was just trying to get advised from those who have become pregnant after being banded.
  2. Hello All I was banded 8/27/2012. I have lost a total of 33 lbs, and now find myself 6 weeks pregnant. I have wanted to get pregnant just did not expect it this soon, I've already lost 4 during pregnancy, I am making sure I am eating, but want to do it right. Now I know I'm pregnant it seems like food goes down easier. I haven't had a chance to contact my nutritionist but thought I would ask those here with experience. I was given a 6 month supply of protein shakes from my doctor. They are high calorie high protein no sugar protein shakes. They are okay on my stomach as long as they are cold. If I drank these twice a day with one healthy meal and a snack would that be okay? What was your experience? did anyone continue to loose during pregnancy?
  3. sassycass830

    Sex Drive

    My surgeon said I can have sex right away, just not Olympic, so basically that means no sex for a while
  4. sassycass830

    To All You Stomach Sleepers.

    I'll have to try it, getting down wasn't hard, it was the getting up part. I was more afraid of tearing the internal stitches where my port is than anything.
  5. sassycass830

    To All You Stomach Sleepers.

    Thanks guys, I hope I can soon. Nothing feels better than sleeping on my tummy lol.
  6. So today I was feeling pretty good and decided, okay maybe I can try to lay on my stomach. Not the best idea. UGH. It HUUUUUUUUURT. I had to call for DH to help me, I felt like a turtle stuck on it's back, I finally got up and have some soreness at my port site now. I am icing it, I hope I didn't cause any damage. How long before you were able to sleep on your stomach again? Also just wanted to let you know I have been extremely hungry today it is terrible, I wish I could exercise but I am not cleared from the doctor yet.
  7. sassycass830

    September Autumn Challenge

    Name, real or screen- Cass Goal weight for September 29th~ 15 more lbs Weight on September 1st~250.5 Age~27 Dietary goal for September~survive post op diet Exercise goal for September~ 5x week once the doctor releases me Personal goal for September~Juggle full time job, gym, school, husband, painting, and weight loss successfully. Date banded~ august 28 2012 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet- 0 (banded less than a week ago) What is your favorite Fall Activity? baking.
  8. sassycass830

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    I just signed up too! mine is sassycass830
  9. sassycass830


    What an amazing accomplishment, keep up the good work.
  10. sassycass830

    Tuna Never Tasted So Good.

    Yes lol. So sleepy
  11. After two weeks liquid diet, surgery on Tuesday and a couple of days not being able to eat at all.... Today is the start of my pureed diet. I had 1/2 cup yogurt at breakfast. And lunch I had 2oz tuna and 2oz. Mixed veggies pureed. All I can say is canned tuna never tasted so good. I'm glad I can keep food down. Dr did fill me a little at the time of surgery so it does take about an half hour to 45 minutes to eat. The wait has been worth it. Also I got really sleepy after eating, anyone else experience this?
  12. sassycass830


    Oh man, I just had some gas x. I feel 100x better way easier to.breathe. I tried walking around the house, then the block and nothing worked, until the gas x. I wish I had gotten it sooner
  13. sassycass830


    I kinda figured it would be silly lol. The meds do help take the edge off. I think I can remember the Dr saying he had.to reapair a hernia, but I was so dopped up I could have imagined it. I will call in a couple hours. Thank you all for the.well wishes. I think I went into this thinking my pain.threshold was higher. I am extremely happy I did it. Side question. Did anyone else find it hard to eat after, I'm not hungry at all

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