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  1. Bmarion662

    Any March 19 sleevers?

    I am down 61 lbs size 8. HW 216 CW 155
  2. Weighed in at 169 this morning. Sleevdd March 19. Hw 216. Sw 209
  3. Sleeved March19 down 46.6 pounds. CW 169.4
  4. Bmarion662

    Seeking Buddies 5'2" & Under

    I was sleeved March 19 down 45 lbs also 5 1
  5. Bmarion662

    Any March 19 sleevers?

    Update HW 216 SW 209 CW 173 Total 43 down. Sleeve date March 19
  6. Bmarion662

    Seeking Buddies 5'2" & Under

    Checking in I am 5 1 sleeved on march 19 in my tenth week out lost 42 lbs 7 of which were preop. Weighed in at 173.8 this morning
  7. Bmarion662

    Sharp Pain On Left Side Of Chest

    Heating pad
  8. Bmarion662

    Gained 3 lbs

    I long weight everyday. At 5 th week I gained two pounds in one day and lost nothing for five days. Dont worry I am in week ten now and down 41 pounds. It will go down plus some next week
  9. Bmarion662

    Dallas, Texas Sleevers! !

    Mansfield TX sleeved by Dr.Harrison Arlington Tx. March 19 down 41lbs as of this morning
  10. Hospital charged my insurance 101,000. Insurance paid about 35,000 of it. Surgeon charged 7,000 insurance paid 3,500
  11. Bmarion662


  12. Bmarion662

    Any March 19 sleevers?

    Sleeved on the 19 th as well able to eat about 3 oz as well. Havent stalled but i am only losing like .02 a day. Very slow lost 36 total 30 exactly since surgery
  13. Bmarion662

    Any March 19 sleevers?

    Sleeved on the 19th of March as well. started at 216 and now 180. Wow so close to your stats
  14. Bmarion662


    Are you taking b12
  15. [ATTACH]12160[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]12159[/ATTACH]
  16. They do have low carb ice cream. Found it at Walmart Made by Breyers 4 carbs per serving
  17. Bmarion662


    Please also take into consideration that some overweight people are not so much an addict as their bodies crave more food for energy as it takes more food to support. Cycle effect more weight more food more weight.
  18. Bmarion662

    Questions, Questions?!

    Not at all still only eating three times a day
  19. I from Mansfield (DFW) Tx sleeved by Dr. Jason Harrison onMarch 19th. Down 31 lbs including preop.
  20. Bmarion662

    3 month post op pic

    I second that how much did you lose preop. Awesome
  21. Bmarion662

    Stall-please give feedback

    I was also sleeved on the 19th March.
  22. Bmarion662

    6 weeks post op

    I am 5 weeks out from Tuesday as well and down 31 lbs including preop lost 7 preop
  23. Bmarion662

    Seeking Buddies 5'2" & Under

    I 5 1 sleeved March19 starting weight 216 Surgery weight 209 current 185. Total loss 31lbs

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