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    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    Two month follow up!
  2. 47 pounds down. Feeling pretty damn good. Surgery was on 1/28/13.
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    I have Cigna and was approved just short of three days. My surgeons office knew exactly how to put my paperwork together though. They were just awesome.
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    I read ( not sure if it is true ) that our stomach still makes the same amount of acid when our stomach is larger. So imagine all that acid in our little tummy now. Eek! Sounds gross. ????
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    I had been nauseous for three weeks. Everything made me feel sick and I felt awful. Doctor put me on a prescription acid reducer medicine and it has been AMAZING! Apparently all that acid in my tummy was whirling around like a witches brew and now that it is settled a bit I feel so much better! Just a thought for some of you dealing with the nausea.
  6. ashiashley

    January 2013 Sleevers?

    Hi everyone! Had my one month post-op appt today. It is also the very first time I stepped on a scale since surgery as well. Including the 6 pounds I lost on my liquid diet the week prior to surgery, I lost a total of 31 pounds!! The Dr. was very happy with my progress and thinks all is going well so I don't have to see him for another 2 months. I was absolutely floored to lose that kind of weight!! I have been a bit nauseous so they told me to start a probiotic to help even out all that is going on in my tummy. I have been struggling with the Protein so they told me about some protein shots to get at The Vitamin Shoppe to help me increase my intake. I was also able to purchase some great chewable vitamins and some sample protein packs. I have attached a few one month photos. I can finally see a difference!
  7. ashiashley

    Rude orange man! off topic

    I would have to.d him that my pale skin will have me looking younger instead of older like he looks. Haha!
  8. I am only a month post-op and it really is very emotional. You won't only be shedding weight, but shedding some mental and emotional hurdles. I have had a fairly easy recovery physically but the tears flow pretty easily for me now. I think it is just the entire process. Sometimes easy and sometimes overwhelming. It will all be worth it in the end. Good luck!
  9. ashiashley

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    You are so sassy in your second photo! I LOVE IT!!
  10. ashiashley

    So gross...

    Tomato soup made me really sick too. ???? I had a few bites of baked potato with chili tonight and ended up throwing it up. I know your pain. I was sleeved 1/28/13. I have been perfectly fine until the last few days. Everything is making me sick and even the smell of food is making me want to barf. I'm a little frustrated! I hope you feel better quickly. I know it is an awful feeling.
  11. Hi everyone! Just thought I would check in. I was sleeved on 1/28/13. I haven't really had any recovery problems to speak of and am just toodling along. I have been doing more reading than posting lately and am noticing lots of people upset over weight loss stalls. Am I the only person that will weigh myself only once a month? I haven't even gotten on a scale since surgery because I decided I would wait until my first post op appt which is next Tuesday. That will be nearly a month before I weigh in for the first time. I refuse to be a slave to the scale. I have already been there done that for 20 yrs. I decided as long as I was following my doctors and NUTS orders that it would all work out in time. After my first weigh in next Tuesday I won't weigh myself for another month. I personally feel like stepping on the scale too much will play with mentally and I don't want to be discouraged. Just thinking my thoughts out loud, but maybe some of you should stay off the scale and give your body a chance to catch up?
  12. I have not had my first postop checkup yet. Prior to surgery I was told to have 60 to 70 g of Protein a day and only up to 30 g of carbs a day. I was not given a daily caloric intake however I feel 600 to 700 cal a day is far too low to maintain for the rest of someone's life. I am hoping when it comes to eating normally I can have between 1000 and 1200 cal a day and still lose or maintain what I have lost at that point. I want to live and eat like a normal healthy human being. My surgery was on January 28 and my first postop is the 26th of this month where I will weigh in for the first time! I'm so very excited and have not been on the scale since the day before surgery.
  13. ashiashley

    What do you miss most?

    I miss Coca Cola. Big time!
  14. ashiashley

    On my way to surgery!

    Good luck! It's not as hard as I thought it may be. I'm excited for you!
  15. ashiashley

    Month post op

    I have been drinking ice water since the day after surgery with no issues. I love water so that was a sigh of relief for me. I am 15 days post op and I too feel I am just not getting in enough of anything except my water. I have good days and bad days. I have read it will get better!
  16. ashiashley

    January 2013 Sleevers?

    Eggs, cottage cheese, egg salad, tuna salad. I have to do some research but that was why I asked about the scallops. Eating one scallop would be so heavenly but I don't want to push!
  17. ashiashley

    January 2013 Sleevers?

    I'm on my third week and just moving to soft food. I have been on liquids for all two weeks plus the one week prior to surgery.
  18. Today is my 17 year wedding anniversary. (24 years together). Because my anniversary is so close to Valentine's Day we usually go out to eat to a newer high-end restaurant. We very much enjoy good food and good wine. I am only two weeks post op so obviously I cannot have dinner with my husband tonight. I'm feeling very sad about this today instead of being overjoyed by spending 17 years with the man that I have loved for half my life. I am feeling guilty that he will not be able to enjoy a nice dinner because of my crappy food choices that I've made my entire life. I understand I'm still going through some post op emotional feelings but I am very weepy today.
  19. ashiashley

    January 2013 Sleevers?

    This is the dumbest question but here goes........ Would scallops counts as a soft food? I'm sure I'm reaching heh? Lol! :-)