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  1. Ijam75

    2 1/2 months post op

    Looking great!!
  2. Ijam75

    before pic 11/29/12

    good luck today!!
  3. Nice short work week!!

  4. Ijam75

    When Were You On Puree?

    You know Dr. Kim would break your arm for that !! J/K.. same post-op as you. I found RTD Isopure zero (melon flavor) was good way to break up the shakes.
  5. Ijam75

    Is It Natural

    Sounds like anxiety... and yes, that is natural
  6. Ijam75


  7. Ijam75

    Got My Feelings Hurt...

    Great job on the loss so far Hang that belt and use it as a little motivation.
  8. Ijam75


    You need to talk to your surgeons office about this, nobody here can answer this for you. Good luck with the liquid phase.
  9. can't think of anything to type, but old status needed to go :)

  10. Ijam75

    Before Pics

    You look great now, I'm sure you will shedding the LB's in no time.
  11. Ijam75


    Some of the skinny girl ones are really packed with carbs and calories. Be sure to read the label. Sent from my mobile productivity killer.
  12. Ijam75


    I waited the 3 months my doc tells us to. Since then a "drink" happens when the urge strikes. Sent from my mobile productivity killer.
  13. Ijam75

    Taking Orlistat

    I would ask ur surgeon. Sent from my mobile productivity killer.
  14. This weight loss needs to hurry up!! :)

  15. Ijam75

    Closing Account

    " I just posted that I hit onederland. I have been on this site for about a year now. I feel like I didn't lose it fast enough to get a congratulations for hitting onederland. Out of 160 people that looked, two bothered to comment. I worked my butt off. So what, it is coming off a little slower." Why not just be honest or quietly leave? You are upset that you did not get the amount of responses you had hoped for, so instead create an "im leaving" thread. We all dwell on numbers to a point.
  16. Yes. Ecko, EKG and stress test all in the same day. Other than being out of breath, it was easy. They did tell you it was a timed 5k, right? Just kidding... Sent from my mobile productivity killer.
  17. Ijam75

    Stall Solution?

    I had a brutal stall around the 6 week mark that lasted for weeks. They happen, they suck, they play games with your mind and can even start making you second guess things. You just have to remind yourself that the weight will come off. Sent from my mobile productivity killer.
  18. Y'all are gonna do fine. Sent from my mobile productivity killer.
  19. Thanks for the info on the sale. I just hit the clothing jackpot last week. While gathering all of my "too big" clothes for donation, I found a huge bag of work pants and shirts that I bought at a day after christmas sale a few years back. I was on medifast at the time and 1lb lighter than I am today, but bought them a size or 2 smaller in anticipation of continuing the diet. We know how that went
  20. Ijam75

    Drinking Question

    I had an all night whiskey fest last night.. same results as pre-op.