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  1. They are in the ethinic food isle at most food stores, or buy a bag of pinto beans and cook them up and mash them.
  2. Hi, I fell off the wagon. I hit the red zone and had to be unfilled and went crazy..now I am trying to get back on the wagon and finding it hard to eat right again. Anyone have any advise?
  3. jddowney

    Getting back on the Band wagon

    I got a fill and was to tight, so they took all the fluid out. I need to get back to eating more protein, less crap.
  4. jddowney


    I am in tucson and used true results. Dr. stevenson did mine at the tempe new day, all the staff is wonderfull. Good Luck!
  5. jddowney

    shocked at the changes

    I feel ya, I have lost 70 so far and I still see the fatter me.
  6. Cleaned out 4 bags of clothes that were way to big!!!

  7. jddowney

    Arizona Bandsters... Where are you?

    tucson bandster here!
  8. I cant wait to wear a tight top and have the only bulge be my port, not my rolls or back fat!!
  9. I drove the next day, only took pain meds like 2 days and only at night.
  10. jddowney

    Carb Cycling- An Experiment Gone Right!

    I am waiting for the book too!! No milk will not be a problem for me I dont drink it anyway, can I still have coffee and sf creamer, without that I may die or beat my patients.
  11. Yesterday was not a very good day could not keep anything down!

  12. jddowney

    Sweet cravings

    I like skinny cow too, or coffee with sf creamer pepperment mocha is delish
  13. jddowney

    pkb has BIG news!

    good for you!
  14. MIRALAX worked wonders for me!!
  15. jddowney

    Bread, rice and pasta

    Bread is no go for me, I can do rice kinda, but like other post I try to get my protein in first so I usually dont get to the rice.
  16. jddowney

    A Very Blessed December Challenge

    down to 242....yea
  17. bought smaller pants yesterday!!! ya

  18. HI! I was banded 6/15/2012. current weight 247 preop weight 305 so like 58 down.
  19. jddowney

    A Very Blessed December Challenge

    A day late... Name~Jolee Goal weight for December 29th~ 235 Weight in December 1st~247 Age~31 Dietary Goal for December~water Exercise Goal~4 days a week Date banded~June 15,2012 Total wight loss~58(since pre op diet) What is your fav holiday activity? my nephews first chirstmas
  20. jddowney

    How Much Water Should You Drink Every Day?

    Since being banded june 15 2012, I have had no thirst. Anyone else have that problem?
  21. I also have never had surgery before the lap band and it was pretty easy. I had mine on a friday went to work wednesday aswell.
  22. jddowney

    2 Ingredient Cookies

    thanks! sounds good
  23. me too me too joleedowney@yahoo.com
  24. Almost all carbs get stuck for me..and bananas, and shrip
  25. jddowney

    Dr Reilly True Results Houston

    I go to true results in arizona, they are very nice. I only saw the Dr. twice. The office staff is wonderful and I saw the NP from Dallas last fill she was very kind and efficiant

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