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  1. Laceyloveland

    I'm Approved!

    Congrats!!! So excited for u!
  2. Laceyloveland

    Surgery Tmrw!

    Best wishes to both of you! Excited for u!!! I just got my sx. Date today, it will be 8-22! Yeah!! Less than a month!
  3. Laceyloveland

    Eugene Oregon Great Pcp Group!

    That's 541 area code, sorry!
  4. Spoke w my pcp, he works in large group and says all drs there are very supportive of weight loss surgery. Oak street medical, Eugene, Oregon.Ph. 542-431-0000. I know lots of people struggle finding someone, hope this helps. My Dr. Is kirk Jacobson, but he isn't taking new patients. But he said his associates are all well versed in Er. Loss surgery.
  5. Laceyloveland

    Oregon-Portland Metro Area

    Kirk Jacobson @ oak st medical in Eugene. Ph 541-431-0000. I would bet his associates are too, but I'm not sure. Maybe ask when u call. He was 100% supportive. Good luck. If all else fails, ask ur surgeon for referral!
  6. Laceyloveland

    Oregon-Portland Metro Area

    I am a patient of Dr Emma pattersons and have my pre op 8-7. I'm cash pay so I don't expect too long a wait after that. Is she ur Dr. Too? Did you get or need a pain pump? How long in hospital? How wad it?!
  7. Before the liquid stage, after u met w nutritionist, what was ur diet like? I'm cutting out soda and coffee, and set a rigid meal plan. Dark.g small bites, protein first. They didn't tell me how much to loose, etc. What is ur experience?
  8. Laceyloveland

    Pre Pre-Op Diet!?

    My insurance doesn't cover it, so I wonder how much it matters? I'll do my best. Hard night cause I'm sick in bed and would be eating! Lol!
  9. Laceyloveland

    Mourning Food

    Carikap, great post. I agree!
  10. I bet u will be fine! U have done everything right, can't Di better than that! Prayers r with u!!!
  11. Bomshelle, thank u for the awsome post! Glad to hear u r doing well and helps me know what to expect. Best to u!
  12. How r u doing?did u get a pain pump? Get ice chips and clears? I sure hope u r feeling well!
  13. Laceyloveland

    Frustrated With The Wait

    I'm not good @ waiting either, using the time to make chicken & beef stock, get isopure, stock the pantry w sf liquids / protein and get did of junk. Pre op apt is 8th. Need to diet until then, all other stuff finished yesterday. Struggling a bit w food cause I have sore throat, but doing better. Hope things speed along for u!
  14. Laceyloveland

    Any Oregon Sleevers?

    Congrats on ur sx! Please keep us updated! So excited for u!
  15. Laceyloveland

    Any Oregon Sleevers?

    They have made the preop stuff easy so far. I am going to Portland after work today to have my metabolism,exercise,sleep and psych tests tomorrow. Had Ekg and bloodwork by pcp, and have nutrition consult over the phone tomorrow nite. Have u turned in your initial application yet?
  16. Laceyloveland

    Any Oregon Sleevers?

    My Dr is kirk Jacobson in Eugene, but I don't think he is taking new patients, and its a long drive. I recommend calling and asking Dr. Patterson's office. I'm sure they get that question a lot!
  17. Laceyloveland

    Any Oregon Sleevers?

    Frza, yes! I am cash pay w Dr Patterson. But I have insurance that may cover labs and sleep study. I was quoted $35,828. All my pre op stuff was basically done in two days and my preop apt is 8-7. I don't know how long after that my surgery will be, but would be happy to keep u updated! Let me know if you have more questions. I can be reached directly @ laceyloveland@gmail.com. good luck! I hear she is great.
  18. Laceyloveland

    Mourning Food

    I'm pre op and cleaning out my kitchen and going thru same thing. Going to go to counseling to help find substitutes for food. U r definately not alone! Just keep reminding myself its for my health, my family, myself, my life. The choice of not doing the surgery is harder to live with, but neither are easy or perfect. Good luck!
  19. Great posts! I am pre op and have been asking myself the same questions. I'm going to go to counseling, just for that reason. I'm hoping I will learn to like exercise, and that will fill the void. What did you all do to fill the "food void" in your life, if anything? Really appreciate some help!
  20. Laceyloveland

    Pre Op Diet

    Wildflower, the beef broth is yummy! So happy to share receipe!! Let me know how it turns out!
  21. Laceyloveland

    Pre Op Diet

    Some fantastic ideas! Thanks!
  22. Laceyloveland

    Pre Op Diet

    Happy to help! I also recommend making some if ur own broth and freezing it in baby 3 oz or 1 oz tupperware! 1. Beef broth . Buy bones from butcher, they are usually ore wrapped in meat section. Out in pan w onion (i buy frozen chopped for this), add garlic and pepper and roast 350 for about 30-40 mins, turning bones once until brown. Add bones and onion and any liquid from pan into large pot. Add kitchen basics beef broth....whole carton and one can beer. Add dried mushrooms (or fresh), garlic and a spoon of beef "better than bullion" simmer a few hours, covered. Add more kitchen basics broth if u like. Uncover and let beer alcohol boil off. 2. chicken broth. Remove meat from costco or other roast herb chicken. Put carcass in soup pot, add one bottle of chardonnay or other white wine. (it will boil off too but if u r concerned about alcohol check w ur nut.) Add kitchen basics chicken broth, better than bullion, garlic, pepper, onion, mushroom. Simmer 2-3 hours, covered. Uncover, adjust broth w kitchen basics if needed. Enjoy! Let me know if u have questions.
  23. Laceyloveland

    All Good News!

    Good job! Happy for u!

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