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  1. Hey guys, I'm having such a hard time getting over this hump. I started at 282 and was sleeved on 9/12/2011 a day that changed my life forever. Until now. I was stuck at 212 for the longest time, now with a back injury I'm at 220. I can only do Water aerobics and nothing strenuous. I'm happy with the weight loss, but I have 40 lbs to get to my personal goal. I have done everything except fast to get over this hump. Any ideas?

  2. My journey began 9/12/11. I do not regret it at all, one of the bed decisions I've ever made. I started at 272 and I am STUCK at 212-214. I'm extremely proud of the weight loss. I've worked hard but now every thing I try to lose that last 10-15 lbs are impossible. I do cardio, weights, andand change my calorie intake. has anyone found a way to solve this please help. thanjs


  3. Hey there Lisa..

    I work for Starbucks and there are a ton of options. For everyday you can get 'skinny' lattes...they are sugarfree hazelnut' date=' cinnamon or vanilla syrups with espresso, nonfat milk and no whipped cream.

    And, it's VERY TOP SECRET...but when holiday launches there will be something very yummy and very 'Christmas' that will totally fit your need...I promise!

    In the meantime...the baristas can totally customize something for you...just always stay away from whipped cream ;)[/quote']

    I have a question about Starbucks. I love the chocolate banana Viviano with double protien and yogurt base. I can't get enough of them but I can't get specifics on them-sugar,calories, carbs can you help out for a 12oz cup. Thanks

  4. I was sleeved 9/12/2011, a day that changed my life forever. I had my surgery at UCLA and had the best care and after care. I have bloodwork done every three months and my dietician is the best. So for I have lost 60 lbs. don't get me wrong I feel great but in the last month or so I have lost my motivation. I have kept my food intake under control but the Excerise is just not happening. I work 40 hours at a very stressful job where I am at a computer all day. So I haven't lost anything. I'm stuck anyone have advice, a pep talk.....

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