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    Book Club (Inspirational Weight Loss Fiction)

    I know wasn't it good :-). I am going to look into the Cinderella pact... Keep me posted on others you come across.
  2. Sherry77

    Book Club (Inspirational Weight Loss Fiction)

    I'm going to download this now. Thanks :-)
  3. Sherry77

    Hands Off

    No never complained. He was always pretty affectionate, however lately it's just a bit much. I guess I shouldn't complain.
  4. I got very dizzy and light headed. I believe the medical term is orthostatic hypotension.
  5. This is a great article thanks
  6. I too recommend this one. It was an easy yet very informative read.
  7. Sherry77

    Omg Owie!

    I have 2 boxers (think they are lap dogs). I was so afraid they were going to jump on me unexpectedly.
  8. I was at the end of mine when I had my procedure done. When the hospital nurse called with all the pre-op instructions a few days before she said wear a pad no tampons. You will be fine :-). Good luck.
  9. Sherry77


    Get too full with 3 bites of salad ugghh
  10. I am only 7 weeks post op, but here is is a before and update on progress.
  11. There is a tool bar on the bottom of the screen. Go to more and click on settings.
  12. So far so good. I have been sleeved for 6 weeks now. It is amazing how little I am able to eat. This is a fabulous tool. So where in Mexico are you getting sleeved?
  13. Hi Nurseghana, I was sleeved by Dr. Rantis out of the Kane Center.
  14. North suburbs here too :-)
  15. Wow you are sizzling HOT! Great Job.
  16. Greek yogurt Salmon Pinto beans with a dab of sour cream and a sprinkle of shredded cheese.
  17. Sherry77

    Muscle Milk ?

    I hate the taste of muscle milk. Maybe it's just me but yuck!
  18. According to other posts, I thought you already had the sleeve done?
  19. You look great. That is a great loss in 4 months :-)
  20. Sherry77

    The Stuff They Don't Tell You

    I burp constantly. . I feel like Snookie on the Jersey Shore. The difference is I don't do it in public.
  21. I started gaining weight 5 years ago....and gaining fast. I put on 130 lbs in a little over 2 years. I had myself medically checked for everything. Every test to diagnose something that would cause such dramatic weight increase came back negative. I was so frustrated for a couple of years. I wanted the docs to find something wrong with me medically, then say here is a pill and you'll be back to your 130lb figure. No such luck! I finally had to come to terms with the obvious. I turned 30 (slower metabolism) ate crappy fast food daily, Stopped exercising, and was extremely stressed at work. Yikes by the time I snapped to reality and tried to change my behavior, I was in a strangers body. A body that was once very limber, now could barely bend to tie her shoe, or find any energy after or before work to be active. About 3 months ago I started talking to a friend at work who was having issues with weight as well. WLS entered the discussion, and I voiced an interest in the lap band. My friend mentioned a newer procedure her sister had gotten and demonstrated success.... VSG... I researched the band, bypass, and VSG. VSG made the most sense to me by far. I won't list my reasons in detail, as I'm sure they correlate to many others reasoning. Mid May I went to a seminar at a very reputable center of excellence and took the next step in making an initial consult with one of the surgeons, on June 8th 2012. I made up my mind to get the sleeve and started the approval process. My surgeons office sent all necessary documentation to my insurance company UHC and I was approved because my BMI was 40 or greater within 2 weeks. My surgeons office then required the following clearances: Pulmonology consult, dietary class, psych evaluation, pre-op support group class, upper gi, chest X-ray, and blood work up, etc. I was then able to schedule my surgery date for July 30th. I had to follow a strict pre-op diet consisting of only 4-5 protein shakes per day with sf Popsicles, and jello 15 days prior to surgery. The day prior to surgery I was allowed only clear liquids and had to drink a 10oz bottle of magnesium citrate (bowel prep) the night before surgery I needed to gargle with 1/2 bottle of Listerine (my mouth was on fire) I also needed to shower with Hibiclense that night. The morning of the procedure I gargles with the other half of the Listerine and bathed with the other half of Hibiclense. I arrived at the hospital 2 hours prior to my surgery as told. I went to registration, everything was entered in the system already, and they took me up to the surgical floor. The nurses had me gargle with more Listerine, pee in a cup (pregnancy test precaution) and I changed into a high tech surgical robe that they attached a warming hose to. The nurse then hooked up my IV, the surgeon met with me briefly asking if I had any questions. I was then visited by the anesthesiologist, who explained they would inject some happy medicine to make me relax. They then wheeled me into the OR and lifted me onto the OR table... That was all she wrote. I woke up about an hour and 1/2 later in recovery. I had some problems breathing when I woke up ( not too bad) and they continued to monitor my pain. I was then transferred to my own beautiful private room with a view of a large swan pond. I was in pain but it wasn't terrible. They didn't have to put a JP drain in, and I was allowed to shower the next day. I stayed in the hospital for 2 nights. I also did experience buyers remorse. I asked myself why i would put myself through something like this voluntarily, because of the pain, then remembered people on this site recolecting there accounts. The thing that helped me through so much of my hospital experience was the stories others posted on this site. I read so many posts, and educated myself prior to the day of surgery,and it helped. I knew the buyers remorse stage would pass, as it had for others. I am 5 days post op now and let me tell you it is sureel. Im sure I will run into more obstacles along my VSG journey but I know where to turn, and what tools are available. I really hope my story helps at least 1 person going through the pre-op stages. I am thankful this site was available to me.

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