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  1. I have never heard of any of these books? So are they fiction books or biographies? Is the character fat or trying to lose weight? I'm confused - BUT INTERESTED!!!

    One of my favorite books (autobiography) is Showing Up for Life. Very good.

    Now I want to read all these books!!!!

    Fiction... They are great stories about women and the path to losing weight... Many border on romance novels.

  2. I tell my husband that he is a serial fondler' date=' and when I reach goal (78 more lbs, I'm down 81 so far) that I'm getting some 16 yr old boobies and he can have these deflated Water balloons put on his chest so he can play with them all day!!![/quote']

    Lol :-)

  3. I get you! Also - there's a difference between say a cuddle/hug and being groped. I don't get cuddles' date=' I do get groped. And it pisses me off too. I'm not just a pair of boobs.[/quote']

    I'm so glad I'm not alone :-)

  4. Did you complain of not being touched enough prior to your weight loss?

    No never complained. He was always pretty affectionate, however lately it's just a bit much. I guess I shouldn't complain.

  5. Ughhh I'm only Down 45 pounds, but my husband can't seem to keep his hands to himself. I mean at first this was cute but now every time I turn a corner he is grabbing me. I'm glad he is finding me attractive, however I'm getting a bit tired of the groping. Anyone else having this issue with their significant other?

  6. Any of you sleeved in early July going through slow times and fluctuating weight then drop about five lbs or so? I'm just wondering? That's what's going on with me

    I'm trying to change the eating schedule up adding a shake and dropping dinner cause I'm really not hungry anyway I was just trying to reach my 800-900 calories

    I experienced a stall for about 2 weeks, and all of the sudden 5 lbs were gone. I usually weigh myself every other day ( a bit of an addiction I know), so it was weird to see the jump.

  7. hello everyone. I made it through with flying colors. Those of you that reminded me to keep positive and go into it with a good attitude seriously made all the difference. My surgery was delyed a few hours because of issues with the surgeries before me' date=' So I finally had my surgery about 2:00 then to recovery for a couple of hours. i seriously had a great experience - as great as this type of thing can go. Not sure why but I didn't need a cathiter (sp?) nor did I have a drain. i was up a walking last night, but had a little nausea but they took care of that. This morning I passed my leak test and had my first post 'meals'. Mostly broths because the Jello is just too sweet. I was able to drink apple juice. I'm not in that much pain although I did press the morophine button a few times over night. I'm off all wires and IVs and they gave me a dose of Loratab a little while ago to take the edge off the feeling that I did 1000 situps <img src='http://www.bariatricpal.com/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />. I'm doing my laps around the floor and using my breathing machine as directed. They were going to send me home today (although i'm glad they didn't) but they can't until I pass gas - but my bladder is working just fine. TMI? sorry.

    I hope everyone is doing well today and I Iook forward to the next chapter of this journey. Thanks again to all the well wishers, i really appreciate it - You're the best!![/quote']

    Glad your doing well :-) the nurses on that floor are great :-)

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