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  1. I absolutely love reading books about weight loss success. Listed below are some of my favorite's so far. * Jemima J By: Jane Green * The Perfect Fit. By: Louise Kean * Your Big Break By: Johanna Edwards * Good in Bed. By: Jennifer Weiner I would love for others to share some inspirational reading. I will add some others as well.
  2. Surgery July 30, 2012. 67 lbs down.
  3. Sherry77

    Book Club (Inspirational Weight Loss Fiction)

    Fiction... They are great stories about women and the path to losing weight... Many border on romance novels.
  4. Sherry77

    Book Club (Inspirational Weight Loss Fiction)

    I know wasn't it good :-). I am going to look into the Cinderella pact... Keep me posted on others you come across.
  5. Am looking for a good unflavored protein supplement. I tried Bariatric Advantage and it still has a sicken sweet taste. I was wondering what you all thought of Unjury.
  6. I'm going to a costume party tonight. It is byob (which is good) however I need suggestions on what would be good to drink. I don't do well with carbonation so beer is out :-(
  7. Sherry77

    Book Club (Inspirational Weight Loss Fiction)

    I'm going to download this now. Thanks :-)
  8. Sherry77

    Jimmy John Unwich

    Wow that is great news. I love Jimmy Johns!
  9. Sherry77

    Forgive Me

    Yep totally normal. It will get better though.
  10. Sherry77

    Hands Off

    Ughhh I'm only Down 45 pounds, but my husband can't seem to keep his hands to himself. I mean at first this was cute but now every time I turn a corner he is grabbing me. I'm glad he is finding me attractive, however I'm getting a bit tired of the groping. Anyone else having this issue with their significant other?
  11. Sherry77

    Hands Off

  12. Sherry77

    Hands Off

  13. Sherry77

    Hands Off

    No never complained. He was always pretty affectionate, however lately it's just a bit much. I guess I shouldn't complain.
  14. Sherry77

    Pre Op Liquid Diet

    You got this. Just keep in mind it is not uncommon to develope a headache for the first couple of days. Mine went away by day 3. Keep Tylenol on hand. Good luck to you :-)
  15. Sherry77

    Loose Skin

    I too worry about loose skin. I've actually had nightmares :-(. I am going to try the dry brush technique and lotions mentioned. I will also continue seeing my personal trainer 3x a week.
  16. I got very dizzy and light headed. I believe the medical term is orthostatic hypotension.
  17. My personal trainer told me it is very important to eat something before you work out. She told me this after the first time I worked out with her and admitted I had not eaten anything yet.
  18. Sherry77

    Baby Silverware

    I bought baby spoons and forks on line, and it helps with portion size bites. I think it's a great idea.
  19. Personally I would say I was sick. I find it very difficult to make it look like I made a dent in a plate of food. I always feel bad after going out to eat as the waitress, always misinterprets my full plate of food as a sign I did not enjoy my meal. Not attending the dinner will eliminate any hard feelings, and awkwardness on our husbands part. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  20. Sleeved July 30. I lost a total of 45 pounds so far. I am noticing the weight is coming off slower than most of you. I will keep on plugging along with a positive attitude. Congratulations everyone keep up the great work.
  21. Sherry77


    This sounds cool. I'm going to look into this one :-)

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