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  1. Now why did you steal this models photo and put it next to your preop picture? Girl you look fabulous! You are so beautiful. Congrats to you for all your hard work. I love the new hair color.
  2. SweetTee


    Sannah, I've been absent from this tread for a few days and am so bummed to hear you have been having gallbladder and kidney issues. I pray that by the time you read this you're already starting to feel better. I know you've been through so much. I'm praying for you and I hope your recovery is swift. I haven't had WLS yet, but I have had to endure issues with my gallbladder until I finally had it removed. And you are right about one thing, the pain is horrendous. I would have episodes of n/v in conjunction with dizziness and sweating, followed by diarrhea. Trying to figure out which end to point towards the toilet took a toll on me mentally and physically. I'm so relieved they found the problem and believe me you will feel 100% better when they remove that little culprit. Love you lots and I'm sending you some e-roses as a get well gift! @->>>>>, @->>>>>. Tasha
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    Six months surgiversary!

    Wow 160 lbs in such a short time frame. Congratulations to you
  4. SweetTee

    one more thing....

    Thanks for sharing, I feel more at ease.
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    That's awesome news! I'm so glad you're doing ok and I pray you had a safe and uneventful flight home. I'm so glad to hear that all went well. Keep us posted on your weight loss and recovery. Congrats!
  6. WOW!! You look awesome! Congratulations and hats off to you for weight loss success! Your picture is an inspiration to all. It feels so good to see sisters taking control of their life and health and not letting this obesity define/limit us.
  7. I would try to get a long form just to be on the safe side. I have the card also and was told when I went to get a passport that it was not accepted. Went to vital records today and ordered a BC through the mail. They closed down the office in BR and have kiosh machines set up. After paying 35$ for a rushed (3-5days) BC, I learned I can go two towns over (45min) and get one the same day. I will wait til Fri and if it doesn't come I will go get one then.
  8. I'm Feb. 26 at Mi hospital with Dr Fernando Garcia
  9. I'm Feb 26 at Mi hospital with Dr Fernando Garcia
  10. SweetTee

    Wouldn't it be fun if...

    I'd definitely attend! Can't wait to celebrate my versary!
  11. That's great news! Congrats and please do take it easy. I'm so excited to hear all is going smoothly. I'll be in your place in a few days.
  12. This is so funny! I will have to chime in. Being able to paint my toenails without doing acrobatic moves. Bending over to pick up something off the floor and not feeling like i'm squeezing all my internal organs or mooning the entire room. Being able to cross my legs like a lady Climbing stairs without going into cardiac arrest Riding a bicycle without having to call 911 once I've peddled about 3 times. Bending down and lifting back up only to find my shirt has risen up my big belly showing my 9 month pregnancy Feeling and looking like I'm 9 months pregnant and 4 cm dilated Putting on a shirt that I could fit last week and feeling like the incredible hulk I could go on and on, but I'm pretty sure you guys get the ideas.
  13. OMG the time is getting so close! Sleeved in about 8 days!!

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    I also waited to book my flight and just got raped at the checkout! The price has increased by at least 200 dollars in the last few days. I should have gotten the ticket days ago, or even weeks for that matter. It's finally real though. Tell me again what should I pack?
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    DiamondEyed and Vintage_Starlet

    Great for both of you! I'm so relieved to hear all went well! I can't wait to hear all the details. Tell diamond I said hi!
  16. Ok remind me again who's going on the 26 to Dr Garcia at MI Hospital? I'm going alone. Getting a tad bit nervous.
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    just touched down!

    Great! I hope all is well. Can't wait to hear from you. Keep us posted.
  18. SweetTee

    yea tomorrow is the day

    Congratulations! Let us know how you're doing as soon as you're up to it.
  19. And I thought I was alone. The son is drinking my protein shakes, the babies eating all the ice cream and chicken broth, my husband eating all the salad. I could give them all a swift kick in the rear end! (Not the 6 & 8 yr old). Lol! I'm just ready for this to be over with already.