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    From the album: 2016

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    From the album: 2016

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    After Photos

    Life changing memories
  4. Girl you look great! Go ahead with your skinny self!!!! Awesome work!
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    I lied.

    The law of defamation protects a person's reputation and good name against communications that are false and derogatory. Defamation consists of two torts: libel and slander. Libel consists of any defamation that can be seen, most typically in writing. Slander consists of an oral defamatory communications. The elements of libel and slander are nearly identical to one another. Specific requirements that a plaintiff must prove in order to recover in a defamation action differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Under the Restatement (Second) of Torts, which is drafted by the American Law Institute and has been influential among state courts, a plaintiff must prove four elements. First, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant made a false and defamatory statement concerning the plaintiff. Second, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant made an unprivileged publication to a third party. Third, the plaintiff must prove that the publisher acted at least negligently in publishing the communication. Fourth, in some cases, the plaintiff must prove special damages. - See more at: http://injury.findlaw.com With this being said BS has placed herself and others in a very difficult spot. SHE (either willingly or thru coercion) has OPENLY stated that SHE lied. Basically admitting libel!! If in fact what she said was 100% truth, the way that she went about expressing the truth makes her actions questionable, especially when she turned around and recanted her story. People have taken what she has said and made the assumptions that the man could be capable of "rape and molestation of a pt while under anesthesia." If indeed he is guilty of sleeping with patients, in the United States he may be deemed guilty of moral turpitude; however, if what the OP has accused him of is untrue, in the United States he would be entitled to punitive damages (which wouldn't be difficult to recover since she's admitted she "lied". Oh my, the drama never ends here. I suggest that you all let sleeping dogs lie and "back away from the fire". Truth or untruth, in the end we ALL must answer to a higher power who is ALL knowing. So if it seems as though he's "getting away" with things, he won't be. And if the OP is indeed "lying" then SHE will have to be held accountable on THAT day.
  6. Sleeved 2/26/13 and getting between 800-1000 calories a day. Pretty much eating everything except bread/pasta, I try to stay away from that. I have eaten wheat bread and small tablespoons of rice though they make my tummy feel so heavy. Total 49 pounds lost since surgery/pre op diet. So wanna get to at least 150. Feeling great, trying to continue to track on MFP and often struggling with trying to decrease my carbs. How many carbs are you Feb sleevers taking in?
  7. You look great! Congrats to you on all your success! I can only pray that I experience some of the same results on due time. Thanks for sharing.
  8. SweetTee

    feb 2013 sleevers weigh in

    Sleeved 2/26. Down a total of 24 pounds 12 pounds pre op 12 pounds post op! Wish it was more but I'm thrilled with 24 pounds in a months time. Tomorrow makes the 3 week mark since surgery! Yeah to us for taking the leap towards a healthier life!
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    Sannah, I haven't been on in a minute so I wanted to take the time to drop in and send well wishes and good cheer your way. I'm so relieved to hear that you're feeling and doing better! Hooray for you. I hope that the issues with the kidney stones are worked out ASAP. Just being able to eat and feel normal is such a wonderful accomplishment. So glad to hear that the little one and the DH are doing good as well. Hooray for small victories! Tasha
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    You look great! And I love the hair.
  11. Love the dress and you look fabulous!
  12. SweetTee

    #160 lost 1 year post op (w/ pics)

    You look great! Glory to God!
  13. You go girl! You look great!
  14. Congrats and good luck! See you on the skinny side!
  15. SweetTee

    Sleeve: The UNTOLD Story

    As far as Dr Garcia, I know he said that he does the most difficult cases first. Which could explain the long wait. If the person before you had several issues to arise in the OR then you could run into a long wait. As far as I was concerned, I didn't wait extremely long and they did come and tell me that I would be going second and in less than 5 min they were there to take me. As for the nursing staff. They were pretty good to me, one poster commented on how her fluids ran out once, so did mine and as the next nurse came in and noticed she was right there to quickly hang another. The medical staff of "Dr Garcia" was great. His team was always available and attentive. I was experiencing bad nausea and the Zofran was not cutting it. The dr came in the middle of the night to order me something else for both pain and nausea. Try getting that in the US ("I'm a nurse and trust me I know"). I never had to ask for pain meds though. They were right in and as soon as they heard me gag they were in there. I'm not sure if they were more attentive because I was a nurse or because I was alone. Whatever the case I felt they were knowledgable and competent. I did not like the fact that they didn't have a call bell. I was however able to tell "NURSE" and they came right in. And I did do that when I dropped my remote, my cell phone, and my emesis basin which they had no trouble cleaning up and refilling it with tissue for my next use. I would not have just kept quiet and accepted substandard care. I definitely don't mind being vocal when needed. Was it a cake walk, heck no! Was my needs taken care of, heck yes! Would I do it again, without a doubt! Is the hosp different from in the states, most definitely!
  16. SweetTee

    Got sleeved Tuesday

    I have to say that I can totally relate to how you're feeling. I'm sipping and walking but the gas pains are no joke. I too just want so bad to get past this stage and onto feeling normal again. I'm not hungry but I do miss just being able to eat if I was. At this point I can't even imagine putting food in my tummy. I hope this phase passes fast cause it definitely has my spirits down. I'm thankful to have made it out alive and seemingly well though.
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    Dr. Fernando Garcia

    Beautiful weather. Nice and sunny but just cool enough for a light sweater or jacket.
  18. SweetTee

    And I'm up!

    Tessie I can't wait to meet you, I am praying for you and I both. I believe God ordered these steps and we are abiding by his plan. Let his will be done. Heavenly Father, watch over us in our time of need. Protect us as we travel and guide our surgeons hands as he performs each and every operation. Bring peace to our hearts and deliver us from all hurt, harm, or danger. Father we stand on your word as we make this trip across country. We pray for healing and good health, strength and prosperity. All of these blessings we ask in Jesus name. Amen. When it's anointed by God, consider it well done.
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    In tijuana

    Good luck. I will be there tomorrow.

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