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No More Hospitals!

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~*~ Melissa ~*~


Hey All!


To start off, the last couple months have been nothing but craziness! Three hospitalizations, 30+ days and nights spent undergoing tests and sleeping in the most uncomfortable beds ever. For now, I want to thank my VST family for all the messages while I've been away. Below is an explanation of what I've been through for those who have asked (much easier than replying to multiple messages). Much love to you all <3


At the beginning of September, I moved back home to Michigan to be with family and get well, leaving my new life and job in Tennessee behind. Everyone in my immediate family now knows of my secret trip and decision of getting sleeved, which has been a relief. My mom is my partner in crime and is always checking in on me which is something I appreciate more than I could ever imagine. I still have bouts of dry heaving and sickness + vomitting because of my siliva (thickness) but each day seems to get better and better. I'm now on a pill that has helped thin out secretions. I spend 3 days a week with a physical and occupational therapist, gaining strength and learning to walk again. All the hospitalizations caused me to lose much muscle, specifically in my legs. Each and every day gets better and I'm thankful for every professional that has helped me move closer to independence once again. From all the tests done in the hospital, I was told that my surgery went very well and that everything looks great- hooray! All worries regarding the procedure have been officially thrown out the window. The problem: Vitamin B1. Blood tests revealed that my B1 dipped critically low and seems to be the culprit behind many problems- numbness, blurry and double vision, etc. This vitamin has been added to my medicine and has helped much thus far.


Just out of curiosity, has anyone else had issues with dry heaving or even vomitting up thick phelgm? It was much worse months ago but still lingers. If you experienced something similar, did it ever go away for good?

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Hi Melissa!

It's so good to hear that you are doing better! I wondered about you and how you were coming along. It sounds as if it's been a difficult road for you. "I spend 3 days a week with a physical and occupational therapist, gaining strength and learning to walk again", man that is serious. I almost don't know what to say besides I'm so happy that you are doing better. I have not had the VSG procedure yet, so I have no advice on the dry heaving or vomiting. I pray that those symptoms soon go away. I'm always here with a listening ear if you need to vent/talk. Take care and I will keep you in prayer.

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Hi... I had the sleeve on Oct 10th. I had the same situation. Vomiting, dry heaving, thick saliva. It caused me to dehydrate and was back in the hospital for 3days. I stopped the protein drinks and all dairy. After that I felt much better. I was told sometimes after surgery you can become lactose intolerant. Hope you feel better and best wishes in your WL journey

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