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  1. Thanks you guys, and PDX Man you are right. He says he was upset that I was in the store complaining over the price of chewable vitamins, lol. It took me forever to pick one. He also said he was glad that I am putting me first and I would not have been complaining if it were something I was buying for the kids. He also apologized and said that I was extremely moody yesterday. I know that I was but I figured they should cut me some slack and understand. I was so frustrated cause I couldn't eat anything!!! He kissed my sweet face and told me he loves me and he's my a&$ho$&. . So today I made him his favorite meatloaf, potatoes, and corn. I also baked him his favorite sweet potato pie. If I felt up to it I would give him dessert twice,(wink). Maybe next time.
  2. SweetTee

    Sleeve: The UNTOLD Story

    As far as Dr Garcia, I know he said that he does the most difficult cases first. Which could explain the long wait. If the person before you had several issues to arise in the OR then you could run into a long wait. As far as I was concerned, I didn't wait extremely long and they did come and tell me that I would be going second and in less than 5 min they were there to take me. As for the nursing staff. They were pretty good to me, one poster commented on how her fluids ran out once, so did mine and as the next nurse came in and noticed she was right there to quickly hang another. The medical staff of "Dr Garcia" was great. His team was always available and attentive. I was experiencing bad nausea and the Zofran was not cutting it. The dr came in the middle of the night to order me something else for both pain and nausea. Try getting that in the US ("I'm a nurse and trust me I know"). I never had to ask for pain meds though. They were right in and as soon as they heard me gag they were in there. I'm not sure if they were more attentive because I was a nurse or because I was alone. Whatever the case I felt they were knowledgable and competent. I did not like the fact that they didn't have a call bell. I was however able to tell "NURSE" and they came right in. And I did do that when I dropped my remote, my cell phone, and my emesis basin which they had no trouble cleaning up and refilling it with tissue for my next use. I would not have just kept quiet and accepted substandard care. I definitely don't mind being vocal when needed. Was it a cake walk, heck no! Was my needs taken care of, heck yes! Would I do it again, without a doubt! Is the hosp different from in the states, most definitely!
  3. SweetTee

    4 days out... Frustrated

    While I was still there and having trouble getting fluids in Dr Luna advised me to yogurt but no fruit. I'm 6 days out and definitely not getting in enough fluids. Now I know I was probably a day or two early for the cream soup but desperation for some form of liquid and nourishment to keep me going. My BS has been tethering in the 60's and 70's which can make me feel dizzy, sluggish.
  4. SweetTee

    4 days out... Frustrated

    I just can't do the protein shakes. I'm 6 days post op. Any suggestions on making them tolerable? This new tummy is so rumbly! It's like the rumble you get when you're just about to have a case of explosive diarrhea, but minus the diarrhea (TMI I know). I find that the PPI seems to settle it. I also felt hunger today for the first time, I don't think it was head hunger to. I managed to get in 32 oz G2, a greek vanilla yogurt, 2 spoons of cream of broccoli soup (sleeve didn't like that), 1 jello, and 1 SF fudge Popsicle. I'm trying to stay hydrated and 64 oz just seem impossible to me, my urine was starting to look dark but looked much better today. I can't stand this gassy stage!! When will it end??? I feel pretty good, no real pain no nausea (thank God). But, when will I feel normal?
  5. SweetTee

    Blow dryer

    My toes were done also
  6. SweetTee

    Sleeve: The UNTOLD Story

    I didn't have any of those issues and believe me if i did I wouldn't hesitate to say so without a doubt. As for Rosie I think I saw her twice. I didn't need her and she called every day. I was offered to go shopping and I declined. She felt bad that I stayed in the room but I just wasn't up to any of that, plus I was traveling alone. Had someone accompanied me on my trip I prob would have pushed myself to go. As far as being naked after 4 kids and many surgeries I could care less who sees. Maybe they can compare my before and after, lol
  7. I made it to the other side!

  8. Good luck Amy! You're in good hands. Have a safe trip. You're almost here!
  9. SweetTee

    Got sleeved Tuesday

    I have to say that I can totally relate to how you're feeling. I'm sipping and walking but the gas pains are no joke. I too just want so bad to get past this stage and onto feeling normal again. I'm not hungry but I do miss just being able to eat if I was. At this point I can't even imagine putting food in my tummy. I hope this phase passes fast cause it definitely has my spirits down. I'm thankful to have made it out alive and seemingly well though.
  10. DivaNurse and Susan, I'm so sorry to hear about all you've been going through. I pray that things just continue to get better from here. Thank God DivaNurse that you made it out ok. I will continue to pray for your speedy recovery. One of our biggest fears are leaks or some unforeseen medical emergency. Continue to keep us posted on your progress. It's so hard being the patient when we are so accustomed to being the caregiver.
  11. Just a little update: So far so good, I am being well taken care of. Dr Garcia and his team are great at what they do. Minimal pain, just trying to get accustomed to my new rumbly tummy. The first few hours after surgery are the hardest. Once you get through those it's all smooth sailing from there. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. Keep lifting me up prayer warriors as I continue to pray for a smooth recovery and a safe flight home. Tasha
  12. SweetTee

    In tijuana

    Waiting on my connecting flight to San Diego
  13. SweetTee

    And I'm up!

    Ikr. Thanks and we are pretty brave aren't we.
  14. SweetTee

    In tijuana

    See you there in a few!
  15. SweetTee

    In tijuana

    On my way to the airport. All my prayer warriors lift me up in prayer!
  16. SweetTee

    And I'm up!

    Tessie I can't wait to meet you, I am praying for you and I both. I believe God ordered these steps and we are abiding by his plan. Let his will be done. Heavenly Father, watch over us in our time of need. Protect us as we travel and guide our surgeons hands as he performs each and every operation. Bring peace to our hearts and deliver us from all hurt, harm, or danger. Father we stand on your word as we make this trip across country. We pray for healing and good health, strength and prosperity. All of these blessings we ask in Jesus name. Amen. When it's anointed by God, consider it well done.
  17. SweetTee

    In tijuana

    Good luck. I will be there tomorrow.
  18. SweetTee

    SCsleever in TJ

    So glad to hear all is ok. Rest and keep us posted.
  19. I bought a fanny pack type thing I saw next to the locks for the suitcase. I also bought a lock
  20. Oh I also just realized we're using different doctors. I'm scheduled with Dr Fernando Garcia. By I will still be at MI Hospital