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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. SweetTee


    You look great! And I love the hair.
  2. SweetTee

    Rohler1520's thread

    So glad you're doing better and better each day! I was so relieved to get to the hotel and lie down in that comfy bed!
  3. Yes it is! I'm so glad I stepped out on faith! Thank you God!
  4. I'm 11 days post op and noticing a difference already!
  5. Hubby is acting great these days. I think it has more to do with me "taking care of him" than my cooking, LOL!
  6. SweetTee

    masturbation or sex safe?

    Well I guess my hormones are raging cause it seems like once I started, I just couldn't get enough. I guess it was about 6 or 7 days post op. it kinda feels like that glass of juice I've been trying to get down. Tastes so good and I want more but I just look at it and think, imma tackle you again in a few minutes. Brain wants more than the body can handle!
  7. SweetTee

    Can see results already

    I agree, you look great! I think I notice the difference in my face too! Yay for us!
  8. No hunger here either. I'm about 10 days post op and even the head hunger has disappeared. Food no longer controls me.
  9. Love the dress and you look fabulous!
  10. SweetTee

    #160 lost 1 year post op (w/ pics)

    You look great! Glory to God!
  11. That's great Tessie! I can't wait til I drop a pant size or something major. Then this will finally feel real!
  12. You go girl! You look great!
  13. SweetTee

    99 lbs down and Onederland!

    Great job! Congrats to you!
  14. I was sleeved on Feb 26 and I'm just curious as to when the scale will begin to move for you veteran sleevers.
  15. Yoohoo! I made it through week 1!!!! I feel better and better each day! I'm so glad I made this decision and I pray the scale gets moving from here. Any advice on getting the scale moving would be greatly appreciated!
  16. SweetTee

    Rohler1520's thread

    Congrats and good luck
  17. Congrats and good luck! See you on the skinny side!
  18. Congrats to you on your success! You look absolutely stunning!