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    feb 2013 sleevers weigh in

    Height 5'1 Age: 38 HW: 232 SD: 02/26/2013 weight on SD 222 (by Dr Garcia's scale) CW: 191 Total loss: 41 pounds
  2. Here's an early update. I'm still just 9 weeks out but I'm loving my results so far. Trying to remain active and exercise. In tracking everything on MFP. I wish I could get my carb intake down more and my Protein intake up but this is truly a learning process. The first picture is a week before surgery 2/2013 and the second pic is last week 5/2013.
  3. You look great! Congrats to you on all your success! I can only pray that I experience some of the same results on due time. Thanks for sharing.
  4. You look fabulous! Great job!
  5. I'm down 27 pounds. I'm in a stall now. How about you?
  6. I struggled to do Protein Shakes for weeks after surgery. I just could not do it. Everyone I tried tasted so nasty and thick. I know my taste buds changed after surgery. Each time I tried to drink them I felt nauseous and my mouth watered uncontrollably. Since then I've struggled to get the protein in through food. This is such a challenge each day. It seems as if I will be stuck eating the same assortment of foods for the rest of my life, lol. I struggle with avoiding the slider foods that are loaded with calories. Crackers seem to be easier to consume than real food. eggs make me feel to heavy chested. Sigh.......and to top things off I'm into a stall. Second week and scale isn't moving.
  7. We're pretty much eating the same thing. I'm finding myself hungry every few hours or so. I eat the mashed potatoes, eggs, cheese, tuna, baked fish, chicken salad, but you are right a bunch of those foods are loaded with carbs. I'm tracking on MFP and averaging around 700 calories a day. Some days I can eat more. I have not tried any steak meat, ground beef, or any chunky meat. I really don't think I could handle digesting it. I'm just not sure of I'm eating to much, not enough or what! It's so hard trying to find "the right things" to eat. Sigh.....I'm worn out and over the top
  8. You look fabulous. What are your eating? I find it so difficult to make good food choices.
  9. I'm SweetsTee on MFP. How do we add friends? I would love to have some MFP friends.
  10. SweetTee

    feb 2013 sleevers weigh in

    Sleeved 2/26. Down a total of 24 pounds 12 pounds pre op 12 pounds post op! Wish it was more but I'm thrilled with 24 pounds in a months time. Tomorrow makes the 3 week mark since surgery! Yeah to us for taking the leap towards a healthier life!
  11. SweetTee

    At the ER

    Thank God! Glad to hear your ok. Take care.
  12. SweetTee

    1 year 7 months - 297 pounds gone

    Congratulations! You look great!
  13. SweetTee

    My marriage sucks

  14. SweetTee


    Sannah, I haven't been on in a minute so I wanted to take the time to drop in and send well wishes and good cheer your way. I'm so relieved to hear that you're feeling and doing better! Hooray for you. I hope that the issues with the kidney stones are worked out ASAP. Just being able to eat and feel normal is such a wonderful accomplishment. So glad to hear that the little one and the DH are doing good as well. Hooray for small victories! Tasha
  15. SweetTee

    Will I ever get to wear my underwire bra again?

    I noticed this too. Good to know that this too shall pass. I'm so ready to feel normal again!
  16. SweetTee

    My marriage sucks

  17. SweetTee

    My marriage sucks

    Financial difficulties can ruin any relationship whether it be a friendship or a marriage. Think about it, how many family, friends, and spouses do you know that fell out over money? I keep hearing you say your friends say leave him. I'm not trying to be ugly but I do firmly believe that you should keep your friends and family for that matter out of your marriage. I'm not saying let a man dog you or walk all over you by any means. I am however saying that you guys made a vow for better or worse. You also have children that you are responsible for. I think that communication is the key. You have expressed to him how you feel and as a MAN he needs to respect your feelings and meet you half way. You say that he said he won't make any stupid decision, well give him the benefit of the doubt. In the end only YOU need to decide when it's over and when you've taken all you can take. Don't let anyone's opinion but yours be the deciding factor. Do know that not everybody wants to see you succeed! Lastly, I'm not sure if you are a religious person, but prayer can change conditions. Pray for you marriage, your husband, and your finances. I promise you it works. I have had to pray my way through many difficult times and God has always pulled us through. My hope is that you can find a common ground and keep your marriage intact if at all possible. I also pray that your finances can work themselves out. I've heard one of the veteran posters speak about how debt is such a burden and he often speaks against incurring it and he's so right. As the old saying goes "money is the root of all evil" and it is true. Oh and "more money more problems" that's also true! If you need to consider bankruptcy that's always an option. And you can file and keep your house. I bet if you take those financial stressors out of your marriage it would probably be a happy and fulfilling one. Tasha
  18. Seeing some results. 2wk post op
  19. I just came home yesterday and I'm 6 days post op and...my husband is just being such a jerk. I'm not sure what his problem is and he says I'm moody. WTF??? I don't feel moody. We were so happy 6 days ago....ugh! I'm just venting because I really do love the a*****e and was so happy to come home to the jerk. Now I just want to go to work, back to Mx, or anywhere he isn't. OAN, my kids are all up under me and so attentive.