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  1. Hoping that it's because you're building muscle and having some hormone fluctuations before you see a couple pound drop. Good job finding movement that you like and will hopefully bring you joy.
  2. I'm hoping this doesn't turn into a novel. Many of you may remember that in February 2014 I could not stop losing weight and I was going to have LBL. I work out 6-7 days a week (weights, dance, yoga, walking) and we are generally active. I was eating 1800 calories at that time. After the surgery I started to gain weight. I wasn't sure if it was weight or swelling. After creeping up, bam, one month I gained 5 pounds. I called the endocrinologist I've seen since surgery. I had not been in in 18 months (my bad). I ought to see him every 6-12 months. But life. So, post surgery at some point my caloric needs changed from 1800 back to 1200! (My metabolism is really high and has been high since he first tested me in 2012.) We completed Resting Energy Expenditure and body comp. If you are struggling and you have the medical coverage or ability, I really thing a weight loss endo can be incredibly valuable to help sort out how YOUR body is doing maintenance. Some of you may really have a metabolism that died through surgery. It happens. You aren't doing anything wrong. Maybe you just need the right information and tools. In this case they often prescribe medications. It must be heart breaking. In this case it's really not all about calories like it is in my case.
  3. CBT

    Veterans ONLY please. One year + post op.

    The farther out I get, the less one year post op seems to qualify. So many changes happen in the 3rd year. I do think there is still a major difference on this thread as people move into maintaining versus people who have been in maintenance for a long time. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  4. CBT

    Vets: What Are You Eating Today?

    Breakfast: 12 almonds. coffee Lunch: Avocado, hard salami, Parmesan, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. At it with a toothpick outside in the sunshine. chicken meatballs and asparagus.
  5. I'm not sure if you are just looking at the surgery deduct and coverage.... Also I think, haven't researched, but from these boards, it appears that secondary procedures and increase in visits are common in the first year post-op (gallbladders, hernia repairs, endoscopies) and more primary care visits. I would also consider any comorbidities like diabetes and heart disease that may need increased follow up...
  6. CBT

    Plantar Fasciitis

    I had it in 2010. Things that helped: rolling a frozen water bottle under affected foot, rolling tennis ball, deep stretches that pull the fascia and not just muscles all the way up to my glutes, acupuncture. After 3 acupuncture treatments it was gone. I am on crutches and fully weight bearing on the foot that had PF in 2010. The day I got crutches that foot flared. I put an athletic shoe on and only took it off when I slept. Did the stretches, frozen water bottle and stayed off it as much as I could but had to walk at least every 2 hours. It resolved in about 4 days. It sounds like the pounding from court action was too soon. Like you still have a lot of inflammation. I hope it resolves soon. It's so hard to back off the things we love. Let me know what works for you.
  7. Good news that it's not your heart. What's next?
  8. CBT

    Vets: What Are You Eating Today?

    liquid is going pretty well. Yesterday was day 2. I'm free of 3.5 pounds! I had 3 shakes 2 poached eggs over raw spinach 2 Greek yogurt 1 Protein bar Half avocado 96 oz Water I'm on crutches but I hope to start cycling for PT this week. That will really help! Onward and downward
  9. I hope questions are all cleared up for you tomorrow. Sounds like you have a proactive, decisive and responsive Doc!!
  10. CBT

    Water - it really works

    Is there a lemon to water ratio? My water bottles are around 32oz.
  11. My surgeon's point was the sleeve is the middle of the road and if patients don't do well they can revise to RNY or get a lapband.
  12. I do interval training with weights every other day or just weights and low impact aerobics. I dance 3 days a week for 75 minutes. One rest day.
  13. A couple things to work on, if you aren't, 1) don't drink any calories (focus on eating to fire your metabolism and help with feeling satisfied. ) 2) make sure you are weight training. Muscles burn more calories than fat and they burn more calories at rest. So don't go more than 48 hours without lifting weights. In order to stop losing, I had to slow down my weight training. I couldn't eat more and didn't want to eat crap, but I had the opposite problem of not being able to stop losing. Turns out it was my big muscles )))
  14. I'm having a something. Maybe an ulcer, maybe gallbladder. Been seen by PCP who thinks I have developed ulcer from IB. Surgeon says IB dose not likely high enough to cause ulcer. Still, she immediately has ordered scope that she will do and ultrasound to check gallbladder. I've been on Prilosec 40mg and Zantac for a week with not much improvement in pain on empty stomach and nausea. Lots of burping and gurgling. Im looking for some reassurance from vets. The complications forum seems very leak focused. Has anyone developed ulcer 3+ years out. Any other thoughts? Scope is Tuesday.
  15. Are you taking any ibuprofen with the pain meds? Do things like ice or heat help? Standing on your head? I've never had stones. I hope they are able to give you relief tomorrow.
  16. CBT

    New Sleever Questions

    I defiantly have to use water enhancers. Plain water is hard on my sleeve even all these years later I can experience water nausea. I remember drinking warm water. Somehow seemed less shocking to the sleeve. Good luck. The energy lag is temporary. [emoji847]
  17. CBT


    I'm sorry! I didn't realize I was posting on a bypass thread. I have no idea what post op bypass norms are. I take it back. Lol.
  18. Soooo tired. Initial results are erosive gastritis caused by NSAID. My surgeon also did a biopsy and that takes 2 weeks. There has been some question if I have celiacs. Treatment is like they treat an ulcer. So stay on the 2 Acid blockers and prescription sucralafate for 2 months. Follow up in 2 weeks. I'm so grateful it's not more sever or requiring surgery. I'm also immensely grateful for this community because really only you can empathize.
  19. My symptoms are unchanged for 10 days but improved some with the Prilosec and Zantac. Bleck. I hope whatever is going on is obvious on the EGD, easily resolved and that I don't have to wait for biopsy results. ???? Thanks for following along!
  20. @@nursejenny07 hmmmmm - i never thought or did the above before my plastics then again i had a face lift double/triple chin - GONE GONE and GONE now i REALLY look cute as a button!!! 92 lbs weight loss!!! that's great good luck with PS kathy congrats ????you're funny. Do you love your face? What's that recovery like? ????
  21. I too am naturally curly and prone to frizz. I use Aveda Be Curly styling cream on damp hair. I have used coconut oil, too. My texture and thickness continued to change for a couple of years before coming back to my original hair. An awesome stylist got me through with cuts and product recommendations. Good luck!
  22. Oh, so doable!! I lost 135 pounds. Amazing.
  23. My surgeon's formula is 0.3 X current body weight = minimum grams of protein needed. Then there is a range based on activity level and REE, etc. So if you really, really want to know your range based on REE, you want to call your surgeon.
  24. I was sleeved 2012 an I am having scope and ultrasound too. What did you all learn?
  25. CBT

    I am flat out hungry (rant)

    Soup is good. Greek yogurt is good. My surgeon actually considers Greek yogurt a liquid because it's so good for healing. And still, a PPI is also good. Again, my surgeon's practice prescribes PPI routinely for 6 months post op. That roiling, churning is also stomach acid. Unfortunately, food also calms it down so I'd still follow up about a PPI. I think we were prescribed Prilosec 20mg twice a day.

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