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    A Penis Has A Rough Life

    His hair always looks a mess, he stays next to an a*****e, his family is nuts, his best friends are ******* and his owner is always beating him.
  2. ♕ajtexas♕

    my journey with restriction

    OMG, I have been MIA for how long...& the princess has had a fill (not just one, but more....) I lost touch with you & all my online band friends, my bad! I didn't like the change from lapbandtalk.com to bariaticpal.com so I left. I'm snooping back in because I'm up 20 pounds, feeling frustrated, needing friends that understand.
  3. ♕ajtexas♕

    Monthly Check-in

    Today was my monthly appointment at True Results. They always have the patients fill out a questionnaire prior to seeing the NP. It asks what your typical meals are, the size (1/2 cup, 1 cup, 1 ½ cups, etc), what exercise you are doing, and so forth. I answered the questions honestly. I am eating 1 to 1 ½ cups per meal and getting hungry between meals. I am happy to say that I am maintaining my weight of 169 pounds. So I don’t know if it is the head or not. When I met with the NP we discussed this and she told me a story about how the head messes with us. She had a transfer patient come in (they always pull all the fluid out of the band to verify the amount on transfer patients). She pulls out the fluid and puts it right back in (doesn’t add or remove any of the fluid). Two days later the patient calls her saying “I don’t know what you did but I have not restriction.” She has the patient come back in (concerned of a leak), pulls out all the fluid out again (the amount was exactly as it was 2 days earlier) and puts it back (again not adding or removing any fluid). Two days later the patient calls her saying “I am so tight I can’t eat anything” Nothing changed as far as the amount of fluid in her band; it was all in the head. lol I did get a small fill and instructions to get my timer back out and time my bits, put a dime next to my plate for a visual on the size of my bits, and most important, come to the support group on Thursday to help get a hold of this head game I got going on. Maintains is not a walk in the park!
  4. ♕ajtexas♕

    Did you name your band? :D

    I call mine Yellow Rose. Love roses.....but watch out for the thorns!
  5. ♕ajtexas♕

    Complications can happen to anyone!

    I have not been around as much lately and several LBT friends have asked why…… I was banded in February of 2012, lost 80 pounds in 10 months and have maintained that weight until I had a tummy tuck on Halloween… After the surgery I had 2 drains, they were removed after 2 weeks. Within 5 days, my tummy filled up with fluid and my doctor drained it (this is like drilling for oil with a really BIG needle….. not fun!). Within about 5 days my tummy was full again so my doctor put a drain back in. The next week the area above my belly button filled up with fluid and I had another drain put in just below my bra line. About a week later I had the upper drain removed & that issue was resolved, BUT…. I was still accumulating over 50cc of fluid a day from my lower drain. Doc said the magic number was less than 20cc a day for 2 days in a row, well that wasn’t happening. So on Monday doc flushed Ethanol thru the tubing of my drain into the pocket in my tummy (100cc total). This is supposed to irritate the area between my skin & abdomen wall and cause it to stick together. Today (Thursday) I am still getting 30cc of fluid a day from my drain…… I go back to the doctor Monday. My options are, do the flush again and if that doesn’t work…..another surgery. Ugh Complications happen, I know that. But, how has this affected me mentally? Well, I can’t exercise (every time I do the amount of fluid goes up), I can’t go in my hot tub with my husband (open incision), Have this glamorous drain to carry around in my pocket….. IT SUCKS! And I have gotten very depressed over it. I have disconnected from my life lines (Local support group, LBT wait I mean Bariatric Pal, and my family) Yes I looked to food for comfort. (We won’t even add the holidays on top of all this….) So you wonder….how is my weight? I am about 10 pound over my original goal weight (I weigh between 177-180, depends on the day). But even more important is how I am mentally? I will be honest, I am struggling. I am pissed, why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this? WHY? Oh WHY? OH WHY????? Full on pitty me party here!!!! This is my confession, I am not the perfect role model. I struggle, I have pitty me parties, I ask why me…… and so I stayed away from my support. Too many people saw me as inspiration. How can I be inspiration when I am like this???? I am taking my complications day by day. I am not giving up (& yes the tummy tuck was worth it). I just don’t think I can motivate anyone right now.
  6. ♕ajtexas♕

    Lap Band Talk?

    You haven't messed anything up. Not knowing your post op diet, all I can say is you don't have enough fill in your band so as the swelling from surgery goes down the hunger will return.
  7. What a great thread. I haven't changed careers but i have received a promotion since hitting goal. Was it related to my weight loss? I think so. Don't judge a book by its cover...... yea right I've never bought that. Everyone sets an opinion based on what they see. Its human nature. Plus when you add the boost in self confidence. Well only good things can happen.
  8. You look amazing! Congrats to you!!!
  9. ♕ajtexas♕

    Any San Antonio Banders?

    Not in San Antonio... close Austin. Would be happy to be a buddy for you. I have been at goal for over a year now. I still struggle with things, currently struggling with recovering from a TT. What are you struggling with?
  10. ♕ajtexas♕

    Complications can happen to anyone!

    Thanks everyone for your love & support. I really appreciate it. I go back to the doctor on Monday, so fingers cross that we have good news.
  11. I had a Tummy Tuck four days ago (Halloween). Today is the first day that I feel human. This surgery makes the LabBand surgery a walk in the park, lol. I learned a few things that I would like to share (I would blog this but…..) Day 2 was hell. Extreme pain, I couldn’t get up from sitting without assistance. I hurt from my boobs to my crotch (and have the colorful bruises to show for it). It is really important to stay on top of your pain meds. Day 3 was better but still needed a lot of assistance. The highlight of the day was a sponge bath and hair washing (Mom helped with this). Today, I’m human. Last night was the first night I could get out of bed without waking my husband. Pour guy felt like he had a newborn again, up every 2 hours. So what did I learn? My doctor did not require removal of Fluid from my band for the surgery, however FOR ME I wish I had about .2cc removed. My band has been extremely tight (borderline too tight) ever since I woke up. Yes I’m on liquids and soft foods. I had to be sure I was staying hydrated and that was difficult. On Friday I considered getting some fluid removed but the thought of a needle going anywhere near my stomach….. I decided to manage the situation. Things are settling, I was able to eat about 1-2oz of meat last night. So with good management on my part I was able to get through the worst. In the future (if I have the option) I will remove just a little fluid. The second thing I learned is that I have the most wonderful husband in the world. He had to step in as my nurse, emptying drains, helping me dress, picking me up (yes he can lift me – that was cool). I will post pre & post pictures once the tummy doesn’t look like a war zone.
  12. ♕ajtexas♕

    Tummy Tuck on Halloween

    Oh yes I milk the drains all the time. I just have a pocket that will not heal. I haven't done anything wrong, it us just one of those odd complications that can't be explained why.
  13. ♕ajtexas♕

    Tummy Tuck on Halloween

    For an update on how I am doing see my blog: http://www.bariatricpal.com/blog/6866/entry-32996-complications-can-happen-to-anyone/
  14. ♕ajtexas♕

    What do you like?

    What are some of the things you like that you didn't like before the band? Some of my likes are: 1. Looking in the mirror 2. Standing on the scale 3. Having my picture taken 4. Taking long walks 5. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator 6. V8 juice (hated it before my band, go figure) 7. The person I am! What's you list?
  15. Two years on Feb 7th. Been at goal 1 year now. Best thing I've done. Love my band.
  16. ♕ajtexas♕

    Happy New Year to my online friends!

    Happy New Year to all my WLS friends! May 2014 be bright & health for us all!
  17. ♕ajtexas♕

    Lapband support desperately needed

    KL we are here for you. Terry & Arline gave some good advise, the only thing i would add is look into swimming exercises. I have back trouble and cannot do a lot of strenuous exercise but I find that swimming is easier on my back (it's fun & refreshing too). As for the psychological help, I am a good listener. PM me if you would like to talk. This journey is not easy, the head games are the worst. S hit here it is New Years Eve and I'm online.....afraid to socialize? Partly, yes. I am still trying to figure out the social thing with my new lifestyle. You would think being at goal for a year now it would be a piece of cake.....not for me. It's a struggle every day. Anyway, you have my full support & like I said PM me if you want to talk. Happy New Year! 2014 will be a good year!!
  18. ♕ajtexas♕

    Am I just paranoid?

    Ditto! I have asked for an x-ray before, just because "something didn't feel right", it's not an unusual request. I feel it is best to check out your concerns and ease your mind. Good luck to you.
  19. ♕ajtexas♕

    A Primed Band Is A Filled Band

    Carole, I don't believe anyone "brags" about their weight loss, we all tell our story as we know it. Everyone on this forum has the opportunity to read all the stories and come to their own conclusion. I lost 80 pounds in 10 months, am I "bragging" because i say that? No. Does it make some bandster feel like they are doing something wrong? Maybe. Is that my intent? NO. I tell my story, I offer encouragement and support. Last, some patients do not know if they have a "primed" band or not.....their doctor doesn't tell them the amount in their band (if any). Where to they fall in your theory? The band is a tool and getting fills is one way to keep the tool tuned up. Some bands need tuning up more than others, so what. We all struggle with all elements of this journey. Let's focus on encouragement and support and not the 'technicality of fills'. Happy holidays to all!
  20. ♕ajtexas♕

    Can I Get Some Advice Please

    Do you have a nutritionist you can talk to? They could help you map out your meals. I try not to drink my protein/calories so I don't do the Protein shakes (unless on liquids). Also, is the bacon full fat bacon or turkey bacon (could be a lot of fat & calories). Last comment is cashews are high calorie nuts, might try dry roasted peanuts or something lower in calories. Again, talk with a nutritionist. Just because you are eating few calories it doesn't mean they are the right calories. Good luck to you.
  21. ♕ajtexas♕

    Home From Hospital

    So glad you made it through the day. Now rest rest rest.
  22. Calling all vets! Our help is needed. I know the new site is frustrating and a lot of us have posted less (myself included), but there are still a lot of people that need our support and stories. Let's not forget them in our frustration. They have questions, we have answers. They are scared, we understand (been there, done that). They need friends, THEY NEED US! So let's get out there and post. Don't let a topic go unanswered! Side note: CG I'm talking to you too.......YOU ARE A VETERAN!!!! (whether you will admit it or not, lol) So let's give back to our fellow bandsters and post!
  23. ♕ajtexas♕

    Home From Hospital

    My drains where never even, so that was the same. My whole abdomen hurt, top & bottom. lol Yes, I'm driving now, once I was off the pain meds I could drive.Some days are better than others. Don't be surprised if you are not flat on your back tomorrow and hurting. Sit with your feet up as much as you can. Take care, I'll be thinking of you all day.
  24. ♕ajtexas♕

    The Siren's Song Of The Last Bite....

    Great advise! Love your 'lessons' in your signature too. Congrats on your success.
  25. ♕ajtexas♕

    Protein Bars

    I like Revolution Protein bars. Supplement Facts Serving Size: 1 bar Servings per Container: 12 Ingredient Amount % Daily Value** Calories 280 Calories from Fat 80 Total Fat 9g 14 Saturated Fat 6g 30 Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol 15mg 5 Sodium 240mg 10 Total Carbohydrate 26g 9 Dietary Fiber <1g 3 Sugars 21g Sugar Alcohol 15g Protein 32g 49 Potassium 85mg 2 ** Percent Daily Value is based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. † Daily Value not established.

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