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  1. Hi just wanted to see who is out there that lives next to me. I'm 7 months out and down 101 lbs...I have 23 more to go and feeling great. It would be great to hear from ya!
  2. Katie, Went out w/ my hubby yesterday. Tried to have a chicken dish at a reasturant. I don't know if it's how they prepared the dish, but only could eat a few bites. Such a waste of money. There's only a few handfuls of places that I feel comfortable to eat at. Do you go out ...where? and what?
  3. Oh! Forgot to tell you ladies...I am wearing my first pair of size 10 jeans today!!!! I started with size 24-26.
  4. Hi Sandy! BTW to you and Katie...my name is Heather....I go to Woodland Hills Kaiser for the support group, but I only go once a month because I live in Santa Clarita and work in Toluca Lake ( too far to drive every week). 19 lbs is HUGE on a shorter person, so keep up the work sista. You'll find you'll have stalls and stuff along the way, just do what they taught us in class. Make sure you are eating enouph cause you won't lose if your not and get your water in. I drink tea a lot during the day, it helps me get it in.
  5. Goodmorning! My menu usually is: Breakfest: 1/2 cup of Bob's RedMill thick cut oatmeal ( it has 7 grams of protein) with splenda and I can't believe it's butter spray then I'll add 1/2 cup of strawberries or rasberries. Snack: I'll do either Premire Protein shake ( from Costco) with 30 grams of protein or I'll do 1/2 apple with string cheese Lunch: 2-3 oz of chicken breast cut up in 1/2 cup of organic tomatoe soup with 1/4 cup of raw broccoli then I microwave the whole thing. snack: Fage 0% yogurt with the acai berry mix in Dinner: 2-3 oz of chicken or fish and maybe a 1/2 steamed artichoke or we go out to Souplantation and I get the kids portion of salad...1/2 baked potatoe and chicken out of their chicken soup (shhh...don't tell them I do this...LOL...it's the only way I can get protein when I go there!) and maybe a cookie. When we go out I tipically get the kids portion- if it healthy enouph. I have nooo problem with cheese or chocolate or sweets whatsoever! They go down just fine unfortunetly! Fried foods, beef, pork stuff do not go down that well, lettuce kinda is like that too. I'm sure it might change as I go along. I'm noticing that I'm craving more and more refined carbs so I need to limit that more. I know that I'm in the honeymoon phase and the hard part is ahead of me. I haven't really been working out until recently. I need to walk on my treadmill every morning and I have a great weight machine that will be used 2-3 times a week.
  6. I totally get the FB thing. Everyone knows that I've lost weight, but I don't discuss "what" I've done. I have a seperate page on FB for my support group that I'm in for that. I don't feel that it's everyone business, but mine. If I choose to share I do privately. I'am on FB more then this, but that's fine we can "share" here too. Well yup we are at the opposite sides of the spectrum on height ( and I'm sure shoes too...size 12... and they didn't shrink any since the weight loss... ). Have you noticed that your eating more?? Into any more "types" of foods? When was the last time the scale moved for you...mines been about a month.
  7. Katie....Let me know if your on FACEBOOK....
  8. Well we are twins practically! Well I'm 7 months out...and 23lbs from goal. I havn't been excersizing hardly at all. I know that if I did that AND ate a little more clean I'll get there. I'm 5' 11". My main goal is to get moving and continue to just eat small and as clean as I can. I do go to a support group once a month, but that's about it. I also attend Weight Watchers just cause I've gone since I was practically born, but not every week. My weight loss has slowed, but I'm o.k. with it since it dropped so fast to begin with, but I do ( and will) want to lose the other 23lbs and work on keeping it off. They say we'll never cross the finnish line with this ....it's kinda sad...but we'll be dealing with this the rest of our days. I thank God that I had the surgery though....
  9. I like to say that they didn't do a lobotomy ( they should of, but they didn't) I still have the same ol'e tapes in my head and sometimes the same thoughts. It's good that you are being serious about this. The easy part is the first months after the surgery. I think the hardest part I think are coming up for me when all the "oh! don't you look great!" dies down and the "newness" wears off and your able to eat more then you have in the past. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is lifelong...and for good!
  10. Hi Katie, I had Kaiser West LA too! I had Dr. Zelada. My surgery was June 25 2012 and I'm down 101 lbs with 22-23 more to go. Do you go to a support group with Panorama?
  11. I love to have hummus, Bob's Red Mill thick cut oatmeal ( 7 grams of protein per 1/2 cup!), carb master ( Ralph's/Kroger)yogurt, string cheese, cottage cheese...my list goes on and on...
  12. I'm on my 4th plateau and I'm almost 4 months out. But what ya gonna do...my plateau's last usually 3 weeks-ish. Good luck
  13. Yup...it's a permanent lifer. No more B/S ing ourselves. It's soo exciting in the beginning for us newbie's. Then as you go on and don't get the atta boys so often, it probably gets like a job. I'm trying to mentally get myself ready for the long haul. I've never long hauled anything ( I'm talking about other things in life). This is for me, my diabetes, my health. Last week I was taken off the last of the 13 medications I was on for my diabetes and high blood pressure, cholesterol. I'm going to be 12 weeks out this monday. I've lost since my surgery 43 lbs and overall 80 lbs down. I've done better then some, and maybe not as good as others...but I don't care. I'm off my meds, it's working, and I'm really getting really into me.
  14. My own sister said that this will cause a divorce....I was stunned. She has MS...so I just attributed that to it, but I let her know that she overstepped her boundary with me. She hasn't talked to me since BEFORE the surgery...June 25th...oh well.
  15. I did most of the housecleaning when I was still heavy. Most of the people I have around me now are pretty positive. I say most because I have two people I work with that are pretty insensitive. They made it very known that they did NOT support my surgery decision and made it known to patients ( we work in a dental office and I would let patient know about what I was going to do and these two yahoo's would take them in the back to work on them and tell them that they don't support it and why). Now they have egg on their face...I'm now 80 lbs down AND off all my diabetic , blood pressure and cholesterol meds...that's 13 pills I'm NOT taking because I was so stupid to do the surgery. I make it very known that they can kiss my lily white ass ( oh and by the way...it's now a smaller ass to kiss). So I love being around by supportive family ( friends, family and other co-workers). The others...well what ever.
  16. init4me

    Parents That Don't Agree With Wls

    My Mom said "a daughter of mine doesn't need to have WLS". I explained to her that because of my diabetes that I NEED to do it. I took her with me to my meetings with the surgeon. After a bit she was able to understand that it was best. Now I am off my diabetic meds and 80 lbs down, so it more accepted by all who were not supportive. You know I have said to her and others that were against it...until you are in MY shoes with MY medical problems then you have NOTHING to say about it...I NOT asking for your approval...just letting you know what I"LL being doing to TAKE CARE of myself. If they support you great, if they don't you have ALL OF US...like how many of us are there???? BIG HUG from me to you.
  17. You go girl.....It is the bomb....not easy for the first month, but soooo worth it!
  18. init4me

    Med Alert Bracelet

    I got mine the other week. It has my name, ICE # , that I had Gastric Sleeve done 6/12, no n/g tube, no sugar, no nsaids and that I'm diabetic. I really feel it's important to have one.
  19. Hey all! Wanted to find out what others have done, thought, or said ( or not) when they have encountered people who hadn't seen them in a while and then say something like....oh! you looks so much prettier...just got that one from one of my patients ( I work at a dental office). This morning I got from someone who works on our equipment ( bear in mind I'm married and he's....I guess you would call it married). Hey your looking a lot cuter....maybe I should start flirting with you too ( he REALLY flirts with another skinny girl that is married and works here. I told him....ahhh thanks,but that isn't gonna get you anywhere....and by the way I was cute when I was heavier too ( jerk off). He didn't say anything.... Anyhoo I've had some really great compliments from many people too. It's just the one's that treated you like trash before and now that your more acceptable they are different to you...makes me want to smack them. Suggestions?
  20. Ya my husband said the same thing...I'm just kinda real sensitive about it...I'm sure he really meant it as a compliment. The other guy IS a loser..in every sense of the word. Well anyway it's friday...yippeee. have a good weekend!
  21. People can be so insensitive ( some mean to and other's are just clueless).
  22. I never regretted the fact that I did it, but I had some "poor me" days while I went through the first 6 weeks. Now I feel great ....and best of all yesterday I just got told to go off all my diabetic meds...no more meds! No one can blow sunshine up your ass, and make you feel good...your just gonna have to do it yourself. It sucks sometimes, but .....you know what I'll say..... Good Luck!
  23. I did it because I let my overweight-ness go on too too long and developed diabetes. I did it to 'help' with my diabetes...cause once you get it....it's like luggage you can't get rid of it. Before surgery I was on 8 pills a day to control my sugars...now I'm on one. I was also on 3 med a day for my high blood pressure...now I not on any.
  24. I started at 298....lost 44lbs before the surgery....lost 36 since my surgery ( June 25th). I am at 224 and I have 49 lbs to go!! I on my "weight down" folks....tee hee hee.
  25. init4me

    Skin! Does It Shrink?

    Age is a big factor I think....I'm 46 and I jiggly all over. But it's a lot better then being so heavy!