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  1. I got the lap band surgery back in November 2012 and have lost a good amount of weight steadily with kicking my butt in the gym and eating right etc. However, due circumstances out of my control - had to have 1.5cc's removed because I was too tight due to time of month and bringing food back up. Then add on I have PCOS and Thyroid issues and haven't been able to work out due to hurting myself at the gym the last 3 weeks I have gained 20 pounds (which gaining weight is VERY easy with PCOS and Thyroid issues - I can easily gain 70lbs in 6 months or less if I'm not eating right 90% of the time) I know this week has been bad and a portion of it is self control, not being in the green zone and able to eat larger portions, but even before that I had already gained about 15lbs - so how do you guys stay encouraged when you are going thru stuff like this? Any suggestions? Because I am an emotional eater, because I am disappointed the first thing I want to do is the last thing I should do and that's eat - as it's only going to make the problem worse. I'm more than embarrassed to go back to my doc to get a fill this monday (but I know I have to as that is part of the issue that needs to be resolved to help me continue losing) Just discouraged because I was SO close to being in onederland and now it feels like I'm so far away yet again
  2. Hey all. I've had the band for about a year, and there have been times where I've had to definitely bring my food back up, however this is the first time that occurred and the next day it feels like my throat is extremely tight. Even drinking something hot is difficult - I know we are suppose to be on liquids when this happens, which I have been all day so far, just even drinking isn't comfortable. I was curious for those that read this if they have experienced this issue before? Since my doc isn't open today can't exactly call them up. Thinking I might need a adjustment in getting a little bit of Fluid removed. Thanks!
  3. GodsTyro

    Issues Swallowing

    Thanks for the info - I was able to get into my doc this morning, I was way too tight, the fluid actually was pushing itself out of the band - then went and did a barium test so all seems good now. Just have to get my throat now healed up cause it's still a little irritated, but i can drink a lot faster than I could before so THATS a great sign. Liquids for another day and hopefully it will resolve the issue.
  4. GodsTyro

    Issues Swallowing

    PBing - for me though I get the same reactions physically as if I were vomiting (there's just no acid , and basically comes up just as it went down which is how I know i'm not truly "vomiting"
  5. GodsTyro

    Tough Mudder & Pull Ups

    Okay all (Specifically ladies) I'm training for a tough mudder come April 6th. One of my main issues is I don't have strength to do pull ups which is a major portion of the tough mudder Any suggestions on getting to a point to be able to have the muscle built up?
  6. This is gonna sound disgusting but I swear it tastes like a flipping dip chicken Guacamole Sour Cream Tomato Salsa (Pico de gallo) cheese Blended it all together in my ninja and was the bomb.
  7. GodsTyro

    Shrinking Airlines Seats

    Personally, I would have been embarassed, however all of the airplanes have that function - because of disabilities of folks that need help getting into the seat, there needs to be a function that the arm rest lifts in case they need to slide in
  8. For me, if i feel I am getting stuck a hot drink seems to help. with that being said, if you are cautious stuck episodes are far and few in-between. ive had my band for a year and been fully stuck (having to bring it back up) 2-3 times total - all in which i either ate too fast or ate too big of a bite, or both.
  9. GodsTyro

    i disgust myself.

    First and foremost, I am sorry you are going thru the emotions of leaving your BF, however, from what you said about the verbal/emotional abuse, it is also a good thing you knew to leave him because you along with every other person that deals with an abusive relationship deserves so much more in a relationship. The question I raise as you spoke about needing the surgery, in the same comment you made a statement that you were able to lose weight and sustain there - how did you lose that weight? What was the driving factor that made you stop losing weight? I get that everyone struggles with weight, and for those that this lap band procedure is needed for, I encourage those to look into it and get it. However, I would never encourage someone to purposely gain weight, to increase their BMI simply to have the surgery, especially if they are already in a state of being considered overweight. I'm not saying what you are doing is wrong to do, I'm just more concerned on gaining weight while you are already unhappy, which will only make you more unhappy. There had to be something that allowed you to lose the weight that you originally lost - for me, I always look at a promise I made to my father (may he rest in peace) and it is that promise that keeps me going in those days I want to give in or give up. Most folks need something like that, something to hold onto and know this is the reason they are doing it (outside of just to be "healthier") in order not to give up. At least in my personal opinion...
  10. GodsTyro

    Favorit protein drink?

    I use Syntha-6 by BSN it is higher in fat and carbs but it also doesn't have that chalky aftertaste. They also have a "Dessert" line which is yummy (but expensive) I like to mix my vanilla with light Turkey Hill Peach Mango juice and then blend in some frozen fruit I do the same with chocolate as well. Chocolate I will mix berries in, the vanilla I mix tropical fruit (pineapples, mango, papaya etc.) Note: Tropical fruit adds more sugar. So if watching sugar, I would keep with the berries. Syntha 6 line and Dessert line have betwee 22-24g of Protein per scoop.
  11. GodsTyro

    Learned to love...

    If you are needing a mix up on oatmeal try egg white oatmeal - it's scrumptious (in my opinion) Cook oatmeal with Water like normal - when the oatmeal is almost done cooking add as much egg whites to the oatmeal as you want - cook the egg whites in the oatmeal - add 2 pkts of stevia, ground cinnamon and raisins
  12. GodsTyro

    Just Do It

    I agree completely to just do it. However, I also don't regret waiting as long as I did. I think my "Just Do It" is more - if you have done your research, know what to expect/not to expect - have tried other things and it simply does not work, then just do it - I don't think WLS should be the first answer in my opinion, I think it is more so meant for those folks that need that help, if you don't need the help, can lose the weight without the surgery, I think it's important to give that a try. However I also haven't meant anyone that's had WLS that didn't give years of diets a try or didn't look into what WLS is all about etc.
  13. GodsTyro


    I did vitafusion brand of gummies even right after surgery and had no issue with any of them
  14. all bands are stitched to muscle once it is in place - you can actually youtube the lapband procedure as a whole to see exactly what they do with the surgery (something I actually watched before I had the surgery myself, as I am someone that needs to know exactly what they are going to do to me)
  15. Any ideas on how to get out of this stupid plateau? I've been stuck at the same weight for the last 1.5 months - though I know muscle weighs more than fat, I would still think I would have seen weight change. I'm watching my Protein, my carbs, my fats and their all healthy carbs and fats and lean protein I work out 13-14 hours a week (yes, I'm a bit of a gym rat...) so I don't really know what else I can do, since adding more cardio is not an option because I work out PLENTY any help/ideas would be wonderful. I was hoping to get to 100lb weight loss by my 1 year, but that isn't going to happen seeing how I'm only 5 days from that.
  16. Just want to say thanks all for the ideas. So far so good as I was able to drop a couple lbs since changing up what I eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner Though the oreos probably didn't help me today but they were yummy treat that I hopefully will burn off come my first 5k tomorrow lol!
  17. GodsTyro

    At home workouts???

    It depends upon how your endurance is, however, below is a circuit training exercise I do 2x a week at the gym but easily can be modified to be done at home - if you have some dumbells and/or kettlebells. 3 Circuit Workout (30 minutes total) - Works entire body Circuit 1: Upper 2 minutes Butt Kicks 1 minutes Push Ups (Military Style, Modified - use a chair, or Hand Raise - you do it like a normal Military Style, but you lift your hands off the ground for a second before pushing up - easier than Military Style) 2 minutes Side to Side Box Jumps (If you don't have a box, grab a kitchen stool and do switch ups) 1 minute Hanging Tough - You are on the ground with a Dumbbell raised over your head and you have to get up from that position to a standing position without bending the elbow and do not lower it - always keep it above your head, go back to the floor and repeat - 30 seconds each arm. -- you can use your other free arm to help get you off the floor 2 minutes High Knee's 1 minute Kettlebell Rows - 30 Seconds Each Arm 1 minute Rest Circuit 2: Core 2 minutes Jumping Jacks 1 minute Low to High Plank (if you can't do this, then do a low plank hold only) 2 minutes Jog in place 1 minute Ball Slams - if you have a medicine ball, otherwise, do normal crunches 2 minutes Jump Rope 1 minute High Plank Hold - However, as you do this, you are bringing your knees into your chest (as you bring the left knee in and back, then bring the right knee in and back, repeat for 1 minute) 1 minute rest Circuit 3: lower 2 minutes Butt Kicks 1 minute Lunges (find something you can put your foot on, and do a lunge from that position (called "Box lunges") - you can take a cushion off your couch and use the couch, or you can do normal lunges depending upon how much room you have to work with) 2 minutes Side to Side Box Jumps (See Circuit 1 for more info) 1 minute Kettlebell Sumo Squat - Squat down like a Sumo wreslter, hold the kettlebell in between your legs or close to your chest) - if too hard with Kettlebell, do this without any weight) 2 minutes High Knee's 1 minute If you have someone that can help you, lay on your back with your feet in the air, have them put their body weight on you from your feet- bring the your legs and them in as far as you can and then push them back out (this is basically a leg press) If you don't have anyone that can do this for you then you can always do Jumping Squats (it's a mixture of a jumping jack and squat - you don't have to swing your hands, but can if you want to - you jump out and as you jump out and land, you land into a squat position) If this is too hard on the knees, then do a wall sit - squat down and have back against wall - butt should be parallel with your knees - stay there for 1 minute) 1 minute rest
  18. GodsTyro

    Protein Drink

    I personally prefer the Syntha-6 Protein drinks by BSN brand or their Dessert Brand It is higher in fat, higher in carbs with 22-24g of protein depending upon the type (fats and carbs vary too depending upon it, but max carbs I've seen is 15g. Fats are normally about 3-4g) I personally prefer this brand because though it is whey, the higher contents allow it to not have the aftertaste whey normally has or the chalky flavor of it. The Dessert line is very yummy, however I also don't feel like it's a good amount for the money you pay - so this is good for a treat every once in a while (you only get 1.38lbs for about 20-30 bucks) the Syntha 6 you can get almost 3lbs for about 35 bucks - needless to say syntha-6 is a much better buy. Peanut Butter Cookie is by far the best one they have, unless you like to mix fruit in it - then vanilla or chocolate work and are just as yummy - I personally don't prefer the straight vanilla or straight chocolate flavors
  19. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the opinions and suggestions, I think I am first going to try increasing my greens (which I severely suck on - so anyone with good greens recipes, feel free to share lol!) and lowering my carb intake to see if that helps in the next two to three weeks. If I don't see a difference I might have to look at decreasing my sugar intake from the fruits as well that I am taking it. I guess it's a matter of a playing around game until I see what works unfortunately.
  20. Though my trainer (and any trainer for that matter) encourages every 2-3 hours eating regimen, that's not why I do every 2-3 hours. My stomach actually is growing and grumbling every 2-3 hours to the point of the hunger pains that people will get if they don't eat when they are hungry. This is why I eat every 2-3 hours. As far as calories, it's been a while since I've done my calorie count at the gym, but when I was concentrating hard on it I was burning the following: Monday's - 1700 calories (3 hours at gym in a MMA class) Tuesday's- 1200-1300 calories (2 hours at gym with trainer and cardio) Wednesday - 2300 calories (4 hours at gym 3 hours in a MMA class as well as an hour with trainer) THursday- 1200-1300 calories (2 hours at gym with trainer and cardio) Friday - 600-700 calories (1 hour cardio) Saturday - 1700 calories (3 hours at gym in a MMA class) So I burn about 8700 calories a week (not including my deficit of calories. which is about 1500-1600 (there are days that I get to about 2000 but that's not eating lean - my Protein drinks even with the high caloric end are about 300 - and my Protein Bars are low- 150 calories
  21. Thanks, however, I know calorie wise that isn't it - I eat about 1500-1600 calories daily (which is what my intake is about) I know the band is about satiety, but like I said, I'm also not in the green zone so will not have the same satiety feeling as those that are in the green zone. For me, I eat less food but because of my metabolism and because of how much I work out I do eat every 2-3 hours. I actually chatted with my lap band doc about that and they agreed everything was okay on that end last time I was in. I personally have no interest in getting to the green zone and restricting more because of how much I work out as well as up until this plateau being in the yellow zone has worked perfect for me - I still don't eat as much as a person that didn't have WLS but I eat more than a person with WLS in the green zone too. Though it is a lot of food, it is low calorie count, I don't know the exact amount but the days I was counting it (and nothing has changed with the above types of food) it was always between 1500-1600 and somedays it was even less than that.
  22. Thanks for that information - I'm going to have to give that a shot and see if that works. Yea greens I am HORRIBLE on - but I do try to do green Beans. You said you use a powder that tastes like fruit - what powder is that so I can check it out. My issue is all protein powders I've tried (which I have tried a LOT), without mixing with fruit I gag on it, I just simply can't stand it's taste.
  23. I'm getting plenty of calories, I actually have a trainer for 3 days a week and I'm not in my green zone, so I actually can eat more than a normal lap band person. Currently I'm on a 150 Protein 50 Fats and 260 Carbs daily because of my workout regimen of working out as much as I do. I don't touch 260 carbs though - on a daily basis I'm normally 125-150g protein (all lean proteins) 40-50 g fats (all good fats) and normally about 160g carbs (all slow carbs, no fast carbs) Every once in a while I'll give myself a "treat" but that's maybe every 3-4 weeks My normal meal plan consists of something like this: 6am - Egg White oatmeal (Oats, Egg Whites, Raisins, Cinnamon) 8am - Protein smoothie (Almond Milk, 1/4 c Orange juice, 1 c frozen fruit, protein powder) 10am - Same as above or Protein Bar 12pm - chicken with yams (or brown rice) 2pm Protein Smoothie (Same as above) 4pm Protein Smoothie or Protein Bar 6pm-7pm Chicken with yams (or brown rice) 10pm Protein shake
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  25. GodsTyro


    Okay, I know this is in the mens room and you are wondering from the guys, but I am big into the UFC stuff - especially since females have been allowed in. My gym actually does a MMA class that myself and my trainer (who I've been blessed to have become like a sister to me) have been participating in for the last 1-2 months. Saturday was the first time I full on sparred with my trainer, and I had no issues (minus the fact that she fatigued my arms to the point I couldn't push her off of me when she had me in a head lock lol) Anyways, I don't know how much is related to the lap band because I have become a religious gym rat (I go to the gym about 12 hours a week) so a portion of it is my endurance that's built up, however the band has helped me drop the weight I needed to along with myself kicking my own butt at the gym in order to be able to participate in a class like that. I have yet to see any side effects, I know a lot of folks question being hit in the port etc - I haven't had any issues.

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