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    Where do you find coconut water?? With drinks?
  2. joyous girl


    I am 5 weeks out today. My dr just called and said my potassium is extremely low and I have to take 4 pills a day to get it up with another blood test thurs. Have others experienced this?
  3. joyous girl

    3 Months Post Op With Pics!

    Amen Lisas hope! I too give all the glory to Jesus Christ!
  4. I have only told my husband, mother, and sister-they are my support team. I tell others that I have been re-educated about eating healthy. I have a nutritionist, trainer, and have gone through psychological testing to learn how to eat healthy! Everything I said is true, I just leave out the surgery part because it's nobodys business. Also many wouldn't understand!
  5. joyous girl


    Doctors office said it was completely normal...so I guess I won't worry! He also called in a prescription for nausea!! I am still not where I need to be with protein! I just can't stomach the shakes - I'm hoping that will pass!
  6. joyous girl


    Why at 5 weeks out, all of a sudden, would I get nauseated? I haven't had that the whole time! And how in the world do you force yourself to eat when you feel this way? Nothing sounds good! Ugh!
  7. I had my surgery July 9th! I breezed through it never throwing up and never taking a pain pill! Here I am almost 6 weeks out and the last three days I can't hardly force myself to eat! I had a appetite up to then, but now the thought of good almost nauseates me! What do you do when his happens? I'm pretty much on all foods! Please don't suggest protein shakes or I will throw up! Any ideas would be appreciated. Yesterday I managed to get 500 cal down but only about 30 protein. Therefore, I have no energy!
  8. Okay I had my surgery July 9th. (I think I am the slowest loser ever!) I have lost 40 pounds, but most of that was before the surgery! People are really noticing it and I have had to get rid of my whole wardrobe! So it mudt be working!! I had no pain with my surgery and never threw up, and other than no energy, I breezed through it. Yesterday I had my first problem! I had a pain in my stomach all day! Right above my belly button! I couldn't eat much all day! I wasn't sure if I was constipated or it could be the gas pain so many of you talk about. I took meds for the constipation and took an extra Pepcid and a Tum last night! Today the pain is gone , but I have zero energy!!! I have no appetite at all and having a hard time getting my water down! I can't hardly force myself to eat today! Anybody have any helpful ideas? What do u do when u just can't get food down?
  9. joyous girl

    Stalled? Or Are All Bets Off?

    I have had the exact same thing! I'm also 16 days out. I lost 12 pounds after surgery and stopped! Finally yesterday I dropped a pound, so hopefully I'm moving again! It is frustrating but I try to remember this time we are in it for the long haul! It will happen! The scale will move again for you too! This time is different from our past failures! Good luck!
  10. I'm 12days out and I am still weak and tired. That's been my only complaint! I have had zero pain, foods going well, but so tired. Everyone says it will get better and it's definitely better than it was a couple days ago! Hang in there!
  11. I felt fine in a couple days. I never had pain and took no pain meds. I am 10 days out and are on pureed stage. Other than still lacking energy, it's been great! I'm most curious about the cruise! We are frequent cruisers- but I have till nov to get ready! As you know we are going to totally have to change our mindset and remember its about having fun, being with people, not all about eating. You can do it!!
  12. joyous girl

    Labor Day Challenge 2012

    Great idea! Today at 8 days out I was 265... I'm going for 245!
  13. joyous girl

    Fat Guacamole Devils

  14. joyous girl

    Help Please

    That makes a lot of sense! Thanks and good luck!
  15. I just had my sleeve Monday but feel like I should be getting more energy everyday, but I am exhausted. I have zero energy! What can I do to help! I have not been getting all my protein but I'm probably about 40 or so! Let me know if this is normal-I usually have so much energy! I take a nap in the morning and again in the afternoon!

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