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  1. Why not just post secret recipes i know is okay to eat for everyone? I'll Blog a few new Recipes every few days. Soups, chicken Entrees, Beef, Meican, Italian. I try to cover all groups and styles but again YOU MUST make the nessasary changes and substitutions, to what you know you can eat without having issues afterwards. Some may not work for you, some will.. Again these are ACTUAL FAMOUS RESTURANTS RECIPES, I will not disclose my sources but i will say it has been a long but still working progress. I will give all a Sample Recipe for T.G.I.Friday's Jack Dainiels Glaze. I'm sure you all have had to had tried it at some point in time. Anyways This Glaze goes with EVERYTHING, Fish, Pork, Beef,Chicken works well as a glaze to baste on, during and after or as a side dipping suace, Please Give me Feedback Both Positive & Negative Please. Ok so her it is; T.G.I.Friday's Jack Dainels Glaze 1 head of Garlic 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil 2/3 cup of Water 1 cup Pinapple juice 1/4 cup teriyaki sauce 1 tablespoon of soy sauce 1 1/3 cups of Dark Brown Suger 3 tablespoons of Lemon Juice 3 tablespoons of minced White Onions 1 Tablespoon of Jack Dainels Wiskey ( doesn't have to be J.D. any Wiskey will work.) 1 tablespoon of Crushed Pinapple 1/4 teaspoon of Cayenne pepper 1. cut about 1/2 inch off top of garlic, cut roots so garlic sits flat, remove paper skin from garlic, but leave enough so cloves hold together. Place Garlic in small acsserole dish or baking pan, drizzle olive oil over garlicand cover with lid or foil. Bake in Preheated oven at 325 degrees for 1 hour. Remove garlic and let cool down until able to handle it. 2. combinewater, pineapple juice, teriyaki, soy and brown suger into a Medium saucepan over medium/high heat,. stir occasionally until mixture boils then reduce heat until mixture is just simmering. 3. squeeze the sides of the head of garlic until the pasty roasted garlic is squeezed out. Measure 2 Teaspoons into the saucepan and wisk to combine. Add remaining ingridents to sauce pan and stir. 4. Let mixture simmer for 40 -540 minuets or until sacuse has reduced by about 1/2 and is thick and syrupy. MAKE SURE IT DOESN'T BOIL OVER. This will make aprox. 1 cup of Glaze.
  2. LOL well can't replace ground beef.. Beans are protein, cheese, you can ask them to go easy with cheese or have no cheese, when i go i get dorito tacos minus the lettuce, and drown it in mild taco sauce , still burns but not as bad as fire! How bout I make a list of places i have secret recipes for??
  3. SteveFrett

    How I Did It..

    Ok, i was told i should start a blog about how I learned to eat Famous resturant secret recipes at home. Guess I need to start from begining. I was always a crappy eater, never liked chicken, fish.. as a kid diet was Pizza, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, steak.. Always was riddiculed about it from family. And as time went on I became more defient and rebelious I just kept gaining and gaining. I was never happy with my looks, but food was my escape. Eating out was not a treat but a routine for me, Mcdonalds, pizza .. you know the places.. Well obviously once the band was inserted, life as i knew it was done. I had no idea what i was going to eat. I did follow up with nutricianist, what was i going to say I hate this and hate that.. she would have looked at me like i was from Jupiter.. So i followed the rules did my liquids, my soft foods , mashed taters, jello, pudding, etc. etc ..etc.. but once it was time to incorparate real food that's when it became a nightmare. I thought i was never going to do it. and i did try to see what i could mange to eat. Well lets just say after spending more time in the Bathroom of the resturant instead of at the table, I said you have two choices Steve: One get this thing out and just be fat and die young. or Two Use that grey mushy thing shoved inside my skull and figure out how i can eat. Now I was an artist by trade, always had an active imagination as kid. and as time passed i discovered i loved to cook too.. so as i got better at cooking I thought, There has to be some way I can still eat what i like and lose the weight at same time. I have always been a tradional cook nothing fancy or foo foo,your everyday stuff BBQ was my specialty.. and I love the small MOM & POP joints that have their own challanges and recipes that made them famous. and one day while watching it hit me.. I can do what they do! and that's where it started got my hands on the recipe not an easy task for many! Now I make my own BBQ sauces, Soups , I took my love of eating and turned it to a love of cooking for others now, I can't eat it to enjoy it but others can and it makes me feel good to know people Love my cooking and make requests.
  4. Ugh, you and the damn Bell... I don't have any secret recipes for them , what is it from them you want to duplicate? What the hell is your name again??
  5. Hi my fellow banditos... I have been thinking about the Resturant recipe dealio... decided i'm going to revamp it just a smidge.. Instead of ME making the substitutions YOU will be making them. I will gladly give you the ACTUAL RESTURANT RECIPE as if they were to prepare it, You will replace the things you can't have with things you can. AGAIN keep in mind this is not ment to be made a part of your regular diet, unless it's super healthy of course.. But to kill the craving you're having for that particular dish. There are no Substitutes for McDonalds, Burger King or any Buger joint.. it it what it is , you can replace ground turkey or chicken but no magic food found yet that tastes like it that won't make us fat... Unless you go Veggie Burger.. Pasta is another that can't be swapped. It too is what it is flour, yeast... Carbs.. I have seen Rice noodles, Tofu Noodles but I am not that daring to try them. I have my own trick to pasta! HA HA HA ... Another thing is be careful of Hot & spicey.. I LOVED Spicy food, was able to eat brimstone like it was candy.. Nowi look at a hot pepper and my throat burns.. I still cook hot for others but i can't do it anymore. If you are going to use bread, be sensible only have one slice or Toast it so it wont get stuck going down. But moving forward Recipes will be given in original format. Please tell me Resturant, I will tell you recipes I have for them if I do..
  6. Boars Head does carry a line of low sodium meats and cheeses. I can give you the actual resturant recipe and you can do what i did, go over ingridents and make substitutions from there. Hard to tell what is available by you. Have you ever shopped at Trader Joe's http://www.traderjoes.com/stores/index.asp they have a few stores in the N.C., they are a glutten free food market. You mentioned bojangles, i looked thru my recipes and unfortunatly they are not one i have anything for. I think what i said , give you the resturant recipe and you change what you want to change. sound better? I can help with ideas for replacements.
  7. SteveFrett

    Newbies: Please Read This!!!

    Woah!!! Let me set record straight while I Dodge the rotten fruit being thrown at me..... guess I must be doing something wrong too because 6 yrs banded, and I still mess up too at times as well. ... we all make mistakes! Do I sometimes forgot and eat something I shouldn't, I'd be a bold face liar if I said no. My comment was meant to tell us all to Think before we eat.... not trying to say anyone is Stupid... so drop the torches & pitchforks, call of the villagers ...geesh.
  8. SteveFrett

    Newbies: Please Read This!!!

    I know I come off as some crazy lunitic, but it's just me. I'm sarcastic but not in a harmful way just my warped view of life. I enjoy helping others, gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, Oh wait that's something else that does that.. LOL... Seriously Ibasicly decided i can't eat what i loved to eat before so, now I make the things that caused me to become the FAT KID to all everyone else... All part of my evil plan to make the entire universe FAT KIDS! HA HA HA ...
  9. LOL I was told i should write a cook book called The Former Fat Kid's Resturant Secrets.. See You're using your Noggin.. Burgers unfortunatly can't be substitued god part is if eaten without a bun and in small bites, You'll see it's not taboo now. Most will find it the only source of beef they may be able to handle. But crumbled up or made into a patty it's the same. It's realy simple if you think about it. Bread is made of Flour, Yeast. water.. What else is made from same ingridents, but is a totaly different texture? Crackers, Now again walk down your local supermarket isle, how many different types of crackers are available? Thousands! People say I miss Subway.. Again you can go get cold cuts , but have them shave the meats, Turkey, Roast Beef Chicken Breast, Bologna.. not going to name every meat in a deli case but you get the Idea.. And again replace the bread with a cracker. Put a small amount of meat and a small piece of cheese bam... Instant mini sandwich. But I must stress this to ALL.. This is not to be a everyday option. Wisdom in the wrong hands can be leathal.
  10. SteveFrett

    I Dont Get It!!?? Help!

    doing everything right, diet is perfect. again Rebecca, takes time. you won't see it so much in begining becuase it's so gradual but your on the track keep up the great work!
  11. SteveFrett

    My Lapband App For Phone's!

    Yeah reached goal few yrs back. How's it going so far for yourself winsane?
  12. SteveFrett

    How Often Can We Eat?

    Hi, I was forwarded your question from another newbie like yourself, happy to help you on your new chapter, only eat when required too, don't eat because stomach is grumbling. That's only going to lead to future bad habbits that can slow progress. Your doing everything correct. Stick to The Sugar free jello, and basic soup stocks. When you drink water remember it can't be Ice Cold, that will cause your esophagus to tighten, and don't drink from a straw, that creates gas, speaking of gas, your going to experience sharp pain in your chest & neck area, that is built up gas from surgery, takes time to dissipate, also will happen if you drink to fast. When the hunger starts do exactly what you've been doing drink water,just take slow,small sips remember no straws. Don't get frustrated or scared I along with many others are here to help and answer. Feel free to ask for my help or guidance
  13. SteveFrett

    I Dont Get It!!?? Help!

    Oh, well again Rebecca, each person is different too, some take longer to shed the weight, but you've even said it,clothing is loose, summer time is also tough too. What are you eating for solid food?
  14. I also want to say I don't condone doing this as a way to cheat, i merely offer to those who want to have the option of having old favorites but in a healither and capable way of eating them. And obviously i can't convert every fast food resturant entree, can't change a hambuger! or chicken but the cut of meat can be modified. Many supermarkets are starting to carry Shaved Beef, Very Delcious! for those who struggle with Chicken, A key is the moisture in the meat white meat as we all know is dry, but if cooked properly will be as moist and juicy. the proper way is to cook on low heat and for long time. keep skin on chicken, helps keep moisture in bird while cooking again your deli counter or section will have extra thin or shaved cut meats such as ham, bologna,turkey, use a triscut, wheat thin, cracker as alternative for sliced bread. Sorry If i repeat myself but just want to make sure i am making my self clear and that you all understand what i am trying to say.
  15. My biggest preoblem was I ama damn MAverick, always a fussy eater befire nver one toeat fish, veggies, my diet was fast food. so how does one who lived on fast food change their eating habbits, I did the liqiud diet and soft food as i was supose too, but once the green light hit for real food... that's when the real challange began! I tried eating Mcdonalds only to find out the buns were killing me so i treid without bun, still no good. Must be all that Processed crap they used instead of beef. So I gave up on that same for Buger King. So when the burger crave hits i make my own burgers. like i said the leaner the beef the better, i still don't use a bun just cut it into small pieces,dip and down the hatch. but chew it good, small, slow bites. Steak is an expensive alternative, Fillet Mingion! i will say the serloins,T-bones and prime rib all must be of a good marblized grain a good mix of white and red in a marble swirl is what your looking for, the more marbling, the more tender the meat. the eaiser it is to eat. Pasta was another b***h fo me, Being Italian, bread was heard enough to say ciao too pasta.. Ok this is what I can handle don't go by me trial and error is only way.. Ravioli is hard but two or three tops depending on size and how stuffed it is.in replacement of spagetti, I have Angle hair or Capalinni, again small amount. But I did find a fool proof way, Now my MOm woill be rolling over in her Grave , Sorry MOm but gotta do what I gotta do to eat , she understands, but is pissed no doubt! Spagetti O's yep , your plain jane can of spagetti O's what i do is add salt, pepper, onion& gralic powder, Oregano, basil, grated cheese into pot with O's mix up let cook for few minuets and TA DA pasta that has a better taste than tomato soup with noodle rings swimming in it. It's Delicious. i also buy the boxes of pastina, or stars, even alphabets so i can practice my spelling while i eat, LOL and either use my own home made sauce or jar of prego, ragu, your favorite, and so same with pasta like O's . I still have my Pasta but suited to how i can enjoy it. I also never followed a calorie intake, as you all do. so measuring portions will also have to be considered as well.
  16. SteveFrett

    Before Surgery

    From the album: frett

    Me: Before
  17. SteveFrett

    I Dont Get It!!?? Help!

    Your not alone Rebecca, your in good hands with these ladies! Just watch out for that Carolina girl, LMAO kidding! Seriously what she and Dolt said is most important and the truth. I was banded 6 years ago, lost 160 lbs and maintained my weight, it's hard but as time passes you become more adapted to it.
  18. Both focus on fat/calories and protien/veggies Yeah sure you can substitue chicken, instead go to deli and ask for chicken breast, so many variations now, buffalo..etc.. but again must be SHAVED. yea steak um's are frozen many stores have own brand, I have even seen shaved beef in the Meat sections and have tried that for philly cheese nachos! I think they may have even gone as far a s making chicken steaks too.. Turkey can also be used too!
  19. Wow good for him too! LOL subway is easy just get shaved cold cuts.. I found that in replacement of sliced bread, Triscuits, small, crunchy,fiber, or a Pita cut in halk only one side toasted. Melba Toast, saltines. again all in bread family but none will expand in stomach and less starch = less sugar Mcdonald's, Wendy's ... just don't eat the bun, small nibbles and chew chew chew, taco bell same as before.. Dominos... Now this is where it contradicts itself, For Pizza I use a Flour Tortilla, wheat can be used too.. whatever size you prefer 12", 9" ... now if you have a Piza Stone that is a plus if not no buggie not needed. just helps make crust crispier. take the tortilla and poke fork holes into it so when it bakes it dosent bubble up. apply a smal, thin coating on olive oil to tortilla and place in oven for 3 minuets or until it starts to darken at edges. remove from oven, apply thin light layer of sauce, and put back into oven for 2 minuets remove put low fat or fat free mozzarella or whatever cheese you prefer, and bake again until cheese has melted, if you want to put toppings make sure they are small enough to chew and to pass make it crumbled if needed. Bojangles.. None of them in NY but i'll checkhave so many resturants secret recipes!
  20. SteveFrett

    I Dont Get It!!?? Help!

    All of what your experiencing Rebecca is normal. so don't get frustrated, your body is still adapting to the foreign object inside you, your metabolisim is also adjusting , you will have flux in weight gain & loss as you start,but once you move to solid foods your stabilize and loss will come, i know we all want instant results, but your doing great , congrats to you and hang in there like you said your frustrated but refuse to give up. Slow & steady wins every time. GOOD LUCK & CONGRATS! Steve
  21. Ah Meican food, Lets address that one, As you may know steak is a no no for us bandittios, Only for simple fact is too much fat, or its to thick, well here's my secret for recipies that call for steak, Steak Um's Yes Minute steaks, easy to make quick, thin and lean. Chop it up into small pieces sautee them in onions with a small amout of extra virgin olive oil or sprinkle onion powder, minced onions, however you enjoy it. nOW GROUND BEEF IS STILL OK FOR US, BUT IT HAS TO BE THE LEANEST YOU CAN GET, 85/15 Is obviously good, 90/10 is better but again whatever is available and within your budget. use lift or fat free sour cream and same for cheeses but try to get the finest grate of cheese possible, Salsa are hard too because of chunks of veggies, so hers what you'll do , take the amount your having and put into a small food processor, or blender, and puree it for about a minuet or untill a whipped consistancy. In replacement of Flour Tortillas use Tortila chips. Anything that goes into something can just as easily now be on top of it. Just be careful of Spices. they do repeat and sure ain't pleasant at 2 A.M. Give me your feedback on this please, like i said give me a specific recipe so i can be more precice to the entree
  22. Applebees & chillies no problem, BBQ is my Specialty dear,pitmaster at your disposal! What fast food restaurants?
  23. Hi Carolina girl, just tell me the restaurants and the entrees I'll see what I can do for y'all
  24. Thanks for the nice comment Meredith, perhaps you may be right... anything I can do to help fellow bandittos
  25. Hey pbk how's it going? My biggest enemy Italian food... what in particular is it? Pasta or something else?

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