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    People Looking For Mentors.

    I'll be happy to help if your serious
  2. SteveFrett

    People Looking For Mentors.

    I'm more then happy to help anyone, but seems I get some real winners. .. one had surgery, never told husband, and then was getting surgery to remove flab, how the hell are you going to explain that? Another doesn't want to talk about band or eating habits, people, what do you want me or anyone offering help to do? I can't come hold your hand, cook for you, adjust band,be a mentor with benefits, etc. This is getting really silly.
  3. SteveFrett

    *** Kfc's Real Secret Original Recipe ***

    I've got hundreds of restaurants recipes, olive garden, chillis, even most of Ben & Jerry's ice cream
  4. Hi everyone, Congrats on your new chapter! My name is Steve, I live in Port Chester, NY just on Greenwich borderline. I was banded in 2006 and have successfully lost 160 lbs. In that time. I know how difficult, nerve racking and down right scared. I'm willing to help anyone my knowledge, guidance and advice. Hope to hear from some of you. Good luck. It's a difficult journey, but not one you'll have to venture alone
  5. SteveFrett

    Bojangles Real Secret Recipe

    Yes dear that be you, happy? :-P
  6. Ok, by popular demand of ONE! here is the Real deal for Bojangles cajun fried chicken. 2/3 cup flour 1 tsp cayenne 2 tsp paprika 1 1/4 tsp garlic powder 1tbsp salt 2tsp white pepper 1 cup buttermilk 3 eggs well beaten combine dry ingridents in bowl eggs and butter milk in second bowl, place 1 piece of chicken in egg,buttermilk mixture, remove and place in dry mixture coat well and prepare.
  7. Well, after giving it some thought, I realized I'm on this forum for a reason, to help out,answer questions, blah blah blah. ...what kind of a Guy would I be to not share my treasures with others? It's not like your gonna get famous off it, already is...same for any " secret recipe " So I present to you all, Popeye's secret seasonings :-) 3 cups self rising flour 1 cup corn starch 3 tbsp seasoned salt 2 tbsp paprika 1 tbsp baking soda 1 package of Italian salad dressing mix, dry 11/2 oz package of onion Soup mix, dry 1/2 oz package of spaghetti sauce mix,dry. Or tomato soup mix,dry 3 tbsp sugar 3 cups corn flakes, crushed slightly 2 eggs, well beaten 1/4 cup cold Water 1. Combine first 9 ingredients into large bowl, corn flakes in 2nd bowl and eggs & water in 3rd bowl. 2. Dip chicken 1 piece at time in following order: 1. Dry mixture 2. Eggs, water 3. Corn flakes 4. Brisk, but briefly back in # 1. ** coating mixture (#1) can be stored in room temp. In sealed container.
  8. SteveFrett

    **popeye's Real Secret Spice Recipe*

    Bojangles,let me see
  9. SteveFrett

    *** Kfc's Real Secret Original Recipe ***

    Yes, kfc would work in oven, haven't tried grill yet. ..hmmmm
  10. SteveFrett

    Popeye's Secret Recipe Is Mine :-D

    If you would like it or any others I'll gladly fork them over, just kidding :-)
  11. Yes, My source has finally produced the Real Secret recipe! Have been waiting, so many close to exact but none match, this one is it! I'm sure I'll have plenty telling me they have it,will gladly compare recipes, but will not post it, sorry to tease but to phrase the great daffy duck, it's all mine,muhha-ha,down down down, mine mine mine o_O
  12. SteveFrett

    Spicoli Lives!

    If I saw his ass coming to save me,I'd opt to drown,or be shark bait! Yikes
  13. SteveFrett

    Spicoli Lives!

    Sorry folks,had to post this, was at beach yesterday and came across Jeff Spicoli fast times ridgemont high.... aka Sean Penn... I was in tears laughing when I saw him... not making fun of weight but I nicknamed him Super Size Spicoli
  14. SteveFrett

    Spicoli Lives!

    Sad part, he's a lifeguard! !!!
  15. SteveFrett

    Spicoli Lives!

    I was so laughing my ass off,guess being under influence aided the hysteria but,he lives... spicolisquatch
  16. SteveFrett

    Popeye's Secret Recipe Is Mine :-D

    :'( awww I don't suck, I bite if your nice luci maybe I'll share, maybe =-O
  17. SteveFrett


  18. SteveFrett

    Before Surgery

    From the album: frett

  19. SteveFrett

    No Bake Pumpkin Pie

    Ingredients: 1 (9 inch prepared) Graham cracker crust 1 (.25 oz. ) package unflavored Gelatin 2 tsp. pumpkin pie spice 1/2 tsp. Salt 1(14 oz. ) can, sweetened condensed milk. *Preferably la lechera brand * 2 eggs,beaten 1 (15 oz.) Can pumpkin puree Directions: 1. In heavy saucepan combine gelatin, pumpkin pie spice & salt. Stir in condensed milk & beaten eggs,mixing well. Let stand one minute, then place on burner on low heat, stirring consistently for about 10 minutes or gelatin dissolves and mixture thickens. Remove from heat. 2. Stir in pumpkin, mixing thoroughly, and pour mixture in crust, chill for at least 3 hrs before serving.
  20. SteveFrett

    New Recipe Posted!

    Hey peeps, posted new recipe, seeing fall is not far off. :-( and the Foodie holidays are rearing. ..decided to post a desert! No bake pumpkin pie. ..it's located in food forum, listed as no bake pumpkin pie, enjoy! Steve
  21. Holy down under Batman! Where did all the Aussies come from? Lmao, hey not complaining, there cool people, awesome accent. But I've got two Sheila's in my pouch to care for, they are getting banded and sent out with no info, may as well give them a loaded gun and say here, see what this does. .. crazy Aussie doctors! Hate to see what use for scalpel, machete?
  22. SteveFrett

    Who Left The Gate Open?

    Awwww man, are they trying to save them from disease? I can get a stuffed koala here...want real deal. ..so I guess a dingo is also out of reach too then? Won't ask for Roo, probably kick my ass :-) alrighty my tazmanian friend, keep in touch like I said we'll get you set
  23. SteveFrett

    Who Left The Gate Open?

    No,my dear not the norm. ...but, no worries Sheila B-) we're gonna get you on right path. Hey, what's chances of me " obscuring " a tazmainian Devi for thanks? :-! Settle for koala, but prefer devil,
  24. SteveFrett

    Who Left The Gate Open?

    No my dear,far from it....probably said take advil, right? Please don't get offered, again think Aussies are great, just found it funny I'm mentoring two at same time, gonna need a score card soon.. :-! Like I said we're going to get you on target, somehow. So no worries, Sheila!
  25. SteveFrett

    Who's In Need Of A Mentor?

    And teenz, Lol..it's an Aussie invasion!!! Take that any day good people :-) ..protein shakes! As I told Rina, powdered protein, I tell everyone, find a flavor you like, I took one that was cookies & cream flavored, with skim milk.but they make vanilla, chocolate, etc..... and also a non flavored mix...use that one with juices. Same for you email me slvrnblk77@aol.com

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