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  1. CONGRATS SUZI, almost at half way mark BE PROUD of your acheivments !
  2. Hi PBK, Yes this is an essential part of your diet at this time, Your body still must have Protein, I personaly found using skim milk rather than Water does make it more fullfilling and should also fill you up. I will recomend to go the Vitamin Shope over GNC or any others because they have much better prices. Once you progress and are able to eat solid foods you will ween off the Protein shakes unless you choose not too. Some people have difficults eating beef or chicken to get the need protein. I remember I had bought a Cookies and cream flavored shake mix, or you can get the unflavored and add it to fruit juice. Hope this helps and if i can be of any other assistance feel free to contact me my email address is on my profile. GOOD LUCK Steve
  3. SteveFrett


    Hi C, LOL, HI-C.. What you have experienced is PBing. and like Maya said once you get that feeling stop eating and get to a bathroom ASAP! This happens when you on't chew your food enough or if you eaten something that expanded in your pouch or throat none of wich are fun, i basicly tell anyone that asks what it feels like and i tell them think of trying to push a golf ball down a straw. it don't go down. so what you want to do is one slow down your intake chew whats in your mouth until its mush, slow and steady wins the race. also know that the weather will also effect your eating. I found the hotter and more humid the less i can eat, as if my throat closes up. I will pass on a few tricks to you, One is Drink something HOT prior to eating, this will help relax your throat and allow the food to move eaiser, Avoid all Carbonated beverages, you will experience sharp pains in your chest and neck up into your shoulder, this is normal it's just gas. I know its summertime but Soup is a excellent food for you at this point one its a liquid for most part and any other ingridents wil be small enough for you to chew and should be soft enough to pass, if i can help you with anything else just let me know , CONGRATS on your next Chapter!
  4. SteveFrett


    Sarie, 1st thing is listen to everyone who has responded to your post. You are Not even close to being a complete failure. 2nd remember your dealing with a RN not the Doctor, What your experiemcing is 100% normal, matter of fact you are doing GREAT 20 lbs down in that short of time is FANTASTIC. remember your body is still adapting, as you go you'll find yourself eating less. It would seem to me the RN doesn't know wtf their talking about. Nothing has been ruined and let nobody but the stupid ass nurse down and yourself, Now would you rather believe the RN or people like myself who have been there and done that we all got the T-shirt too!!!!! CHIN UP! don't lose the faith !
  5. SteveFrett

    Here To Lend A Helping Hand

    congrats on your next chapter, please do take advantage of my knowledge, I wouldn't say it unless i ment it. good to see that you feel the same about paying it forward, like i've said we forgot what our founding fathers built this nation on. and my love of history has shown how we were once a country that helped one another, as we all know history does repeat itself so if i can be of assistance to a felow man,woman or child i do my best
  6. SteveFrett

    The Inner Fat Kid

    Lmao bro, gotta love those stupid days, love the fact you added your own story, dude if we can't laugh at ourselves for being gavones ( italian for pigging out) sure can't to others. Everyone please feel free to post your own fat kid experience it's actually kinda theraputic... in a humorous way...
  7. SteveFrett

    Im New

    Hey never said it was gonna taste good just said it was an option, It's gets eaiser and if not option 2 is carry a rubber mallet with you every time you get the urge to eat just whack yourself once you wake up the massive concussion you gave yourself will help forget your hungry. Sorry I watched to much Cartoons as a kid and mental state is still in Toontown!
  8. SteveFrett

    And Another Guy Has Just Entered The Forum.

    I agree nice to see another guy, pull up a chair and join the Former fat kid club!
  9. SteveFrett

    Holy Hell!

    LOL Tippy Toes, Should'nt laugh but we all have our own horror story, Was it your Surgen who preformed the fill? I can relate to the needle thing, stupid as it sounds i have 9 tattoos and hate needles but will endure the pain for the love of art. I can only say I hope whomever did your 1st fill gets more practice under their belt, good news is you only have to go every few months from here one to get fill, i will reccomend you keep a chart for yourself of the fills, mistakes do happen. if I can help with anything please don't hesitate to as good luck, Steve
  10. SteveFrett

    Help! Need To Get Back On Track

    Well Sheila, It's only the honest truth, it really comes down to learning to eat to live, not live to eat. Trust me like i've said many of times deep insde me my inner fat kid is still lurking, he tries to take control at times, but it really has to come from inside one self, Each person must learn to have self control. I could easily have band opened and eat like i'm going to chair again but I refuse to. I wish i could have the same positive attitude with other aspects of my life as i do with my weight control. Oh well if we were are sane all the shrinks would be unemployed, Guess i'm doing my part to keep economy afloat huh? LOL keep in touch always love making new friends.
  11. SteveFrett

    Help! Need To Get Back On Track

    Guess what? your human!!! don't beat yourself up over it, now you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, say " $h!t happens and get back on the horse! everyone makes mistakes, I know i certainly did, hell still do.... bottom line is you made the 1st step, you admitted your error, and went as far as looking for support. Keep the Faith, think of how good your going to look,feel soon!
  12. SteveFrett

    Getting Banded July25 Need A Longisland Ny Buddie

    not long island, westchester still willing to help if u like
  13. SteveFrett

    I Need A Buddy In Upstate New York!!!

    i live in Westchester County, not upstate but like all others here to help.
  14. SteveFrett

    Moving To Ct

    hi, saw your post i live in Port Chester, NY about 1 hr from Milford Ct. i was banded in '06 lost 160 lbs my name is steve and always looking for a new friend. feel free to message me if your interested.
  15. Some of the new members are asking about soft foods, what is considered a soft food? Mashed Potatoes, Jello, pudding, Anything that is just that soft, But So many are having issues with eating same stuff, Guess what there are some other forgotten alternatives, BABY FOOD as nasty and gross as it sounds, think about it before you say HELL NO!.... 1) you have no problems giving it to your newborn right? They are growing right, So Don't you think Gerber know what they doing, not saying eat the damn strained green Beans UGH! But for those of you who have not had the joys of parenthood, take a stroll down the baby food isle next time your food shopping, go see how they have gotten better with choices. Another trick we all forget we all have either a blender or food processer in our homes, how often do you use it? Did you ever stop to think, Well I could probably eat that if it was softer, TAAA DAAA there is your answer to making it soft enough to eat! Now don't go get stupid and toss a Big mac and fries in there and think i'll still lose weight, You got the band for that exact reason in 1st place (some of us). So Yeah I'm saying there are ways to still eat what you loved before but use it wisely! I was able to lose my weight in the most unconeventinal way not condoning it but willing to help those " MAVERICKS" who walk to their own beat like myself! GOOD LUCK ! P.S. no matter how much you lose, everyone will still have that inner fat kid living inside screaming to get out! I just learned to tune him out much like my ex wife and son when they talk to me!
  16. SteveFrett

    Soft Foods????

    Greens are not considered a soft food they actually will cause blockage! Like Laura said Mashed Potates, Jello, Pudding, People!!! did everyone forget of the invention call food processor or a blender? all of what you have eaten can be pureed to easily consume! I should say that not everyone is a cook. But SALAD Mike, is without a doubt not a soft food!
  17. SteveFrett

    Im New

    And if given the chance i'm sure you would try, LOL Relax Rookie, keep in mind that even though you have the band inside you it's not even been filled yet, your body is still going thru the healing process, stick to the game plan! As stupid and nasty as it may sound try eating BABY FOOD yes BABY FOOD, its full of everything you need and its MUSH! so get the visions of cattle out of your head!
  18. SteveFrett

    In Need Of Some Support

    even though I'm not a woman I have been succsessful and would like to help Anyone who's struggling or has questions so if you feel comfortable getting help all you need to do is ask.. steve
  19. SteveFrett

    Inside Tips On Eating

    Hi folks, I want to start off by saying congradulations to everyone who has either made the choice or considering it! I had my proceedure done in 2006 and since then I have lost 160 lbs. so I thought I would share some of my discoveries with everyone, maybe this can help you out or someone else you know who is having issues. As many of you may or may not know is that Weather does and will effect your band. I found the more hot and humid the air is the less i can eat. I found that consuming something hot before you eat helps, and i did confirm with Dr. Kurian, Hot liquids will make your essopogus relaxed and allow an eaider flow, also helps to drink hot liquids while eating if you are experiencing that clogged sensation, BUT BE CAREFUL!!! too much can also cause you to throw up. so take small sips! Alcahol is also another that will have same effect but don't recomend drinking carbonated beverages(BEER) that will only end up as a disaster! Another tip for those who love salads , very important, wich i'm sure your nutricianists must have warned you of is Greens will cause bloackage! Cucumbers, celery, roman, iceburge all are killers! for me! Now again this is not to say this will happen to everyone, Each person has similar experences some can eat foods others can't do'nt be a hater just find a alternative of that food you can't eat and make it work for you! An example I still love pizza!!!!! but to keep a slice down was impossible, so i put my evil genius to work, also helps that i'm a cook too! but what i came up with is this take a ordinary flour tortilla, for those who have one place the tortilla on a pizza stone preheat oven to highest setting, brush light extra virgin olive oil on tortilla , helps makes crispy, palce tortilla on stone if have one if not a baking sheet works as well, let the tortilla bake for about 3-4 minuets take out of oven, let cool for minuet, next add sauce (if you desire) place back in oven and let cook for another 2-3 minuets on highest setting, remove tortilla from oven now you will add your cheese, go easy on cheese! too much will make you throw up. If anyone is from NY and is Familiar with Lombardi's Pizza they were the 1st to introduce us to Pizza there style is slighty different but damn good insread of shredded mozzerella cheese they put grated Parmasian cheese, same as Frank's pizza too . But this is just an alternative worth trying once! ok so obviously the next step would be to put cheese and toppings of your choice again be careful think with your brain not your stomach! I personaly prefer my pizza extra crunchy! and this a good portion size depending on tortilla size of course i usually use a 5 or 8 in, If anyone has any feedback or tips they would like to share please feel free! Again I want to tell everyone CONGRATS! be proud of yourself, yes its a difficult journey, you will get frustrared, you will think you can't do it, but the truth is you can! I am just one of many who are living proof and are here to help all of you who are feeling those feelings. I was so worried i was going to fail when i started i had nobody to help me, but it was either sink or swim, so with alot of hard trials and errors i discovered what i can eat, but more importantly what I loved to eat! I was never a good eater never one for fish or veggies, lived on fast food live by the dog die by the dog, I found that no matter what you do those suckers are never gonna stay down so they are ancient history in my diet, Pasta, instead of heavy noodles i found pastina, or starts, or even alphabets are great replacement, and i can practice my spelling while i eat too LOL! but again folks just some tips that may work for you! Keep the Faith and if anyone needs more help .. all ya gotta do is ask! and my only fee is that i ask you all pass it forward!, meaning were all on this planet together, no mater color or creed we are al in this for the same thing to better ourselves and make this place a better so help someone who needs it because someday you may be the one in need of that help! just something to think about....
  20. SteveFrett

    Inside Tips On Eating

    Hi Patty, It's my pleasure to give advice & tips B) , Like I siad some people are fortunate enough to be able to eat salads, Try a small amount at 1st and chew it to nothing. The Pizza is great, but like I said go easy on mozzarella, try the Old World Sytle with grated Cheese over marinara sauce, even if you use pizza dough try glutten free or whole wheat both are available at any Pizzeria, but key to that is make the crust as this as possible stil use the methood i mentioned but in this instance you must poke holes in dough before you put into oven other wise you'll have a giant dough ballon!! bake to your wellness of liking, another trick is Triscuits, I eat ham & cheese on triscuits,Tuna, make them into mini pizza's. Let me know if you would like any recipes! Good Luck and thanks
  21. My name is Steve, I had my surgery done in 2006 and have lost 130 lbs! As a former " fat Kid " I know how difficult your journey is, I live in NY (Westchester County) on Ct. Border. Anyone who is looking for a mentor, or a helping hand please don't hesitate! You can email me at: slvrnblk77@gmail.com
  22. I'd be a blatant liar to say having the band done wasn't the most frustrating adjustment to make in my life, but I can honestly say food No longer consumes my life. I often think of the days when I lived to eat. And obviously Not healthy! Pizza,pffft I could put away a small pie by myself! McDonald's cheeseburgers, 10 on a Friday after drinking! Now, if I think of McDonald's, my stomach gets qwezy! Funny how things that were staples of my diet have all but vanished, bread as you all know or will soon learn is now my arch Nemesis.. greens like string beans & lettuce clog me like a hairball in fluffy. I'll also admit I never delt with a nutritionist, I have issues with word No, I don't accept it. I basically learned by trial and error... more errors we're encountered but obviously I did something right to drop 160 lbs. My band is an 11 CC I am at 9.5 and have been for over 1 yr. I No longer go for adjustments. Happy with my abilities of consumption. Oh, those of you who are still in early stages, you may discover your appetite less during summer it's normal, it's your stomach adjusting to climate. Open to opinions and feedback
  23. SteveFrett

    6 Yrs....160 Lbs Less Of Me!

    Hi Difa I do understand, I have and you will as well. Good for you Never settle for something your not happy with no matter what it is in life. Remember one thing Opinions are like A-Holes everybody has one and everybodys stinks at some point in time. so better left unsaid. Hope you chose someone else for post op fills souns like you got a real winner on your hands.
  24. Folks I was Almost 400 lbs at my heaviest weight! I would eat like I was going to the chair, then diabetes reared it's ugly face. My general physician 1st recommended I try to eliminate bread, pasta,etc... now I am a Italian guy, try telling that to a ginny!!! Obviously that never happened.. he suggested I look into bypass surgery.. that was 2003, I will Not lie, it was a extremely difficult to adapt to but it's mind over matter and you need to stick to it don't give up!! If anyone needs more mentoring hit me up
  25. SteveFrett

    6 Yrs....160 Lbs Less Of Me!

    I wish we had cheerleedres! I played for the Card Sharks out of Atlantic City NJ. Idol... I don't know if i'm idol material but thanks for the ego boost LOL. seriously i'm not a Idol just a guy who knows how hard it is to be heavy most of their life unhappy, unhealthy. you hit you half way point be proud of yourself! Bro if i could only tell you how hard it was not devouring a bucket of chicken 3 triple cheese burgers and still be looking for more.... now if i look at that amount of food i want to hurl!! I would rather like to be considered a mentor rasther than role model lets leave that for those more worthy of that title.

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