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  1. Wow, tempus fugit! A year ago today, I went into surgery weighing 284 lbs. Today, I weigh 195 lbs for total of 89 Lbs lost...SO FAR. My original goal was 140 pounds. While I am still headed in that direction, well see what the future brings. Wile I am very happy with my weightloss to date, I thought I would be further along. Oh, I'm not ungrateful, just anxious. I know that I have made some food choices that I shouldn't have, but I try to shake it off, and stay on task. Some days are better than others. I'm still forcing myself to drink lots of Water. I can say I have gotten much better! Along with the weightloss, I have gone from wearing a size 24 to a size 14. One day I just stared at a dress in my closet, amazed that it was really mine...in that size! I actually tried on a dress in a size 12, and it fit. Wow. A few other victories.... I CAN NOW: -shop off the rack, on the main level, not downstairs...behind housewares -cross my legs without cutting off my circulation -share a seat on my commuter train without fear of spilling over the center -run up stairs without gasping for air -Go shopping with a friend -tuck my shirt in -wrap a bath towel around my body -WEAR LILLY PULITZER....HOORAY! -sit on furniture without fear of crashing to the floor ***drumroll, please*** I WEIGH LESS THAN MY HUSBAND!!!!!!!!!! here are a few photos to show my progress thus far. I can't wait to come back in a few months to share my goal photos. Thank you Darlene
  2. Our stats are pretty close, so I will tell you it CAN be done. I know why I have slowed down, and have made steps to change the lazy, cocky habits I have picked up. ZUMBA has been my friend through most of this. I swear I sweat off a few inches every class. Good luck to you
  3. dar1983

    Hey July Sleevers

    We have nearly identical stats...I am also half-way to goal. My energy level has increased, and my bum knee no longer constantly aches climbing stairs. I am taking Zumba 4-5 days a week, and doing some strength training. There are (many) days when I am unhappy with the lengthy stalls I have encountered. Then I realize that I have lost75 pounds and lots of inches!
  4. I drink Crystal Light Lemon/Iced Tea...LOTS of it. I also drink iced water, but like many of you have already said, its tough to drink in the cold weather. I have been slacking big-time on the liquid intake. That is my resolution:drink LOTS more!
  5. dar1983


    Sigh...I am going to need some MAJOR work at the end of this journey. My breasts are history. At my heaviest, I was a 46DDD. 70 pounds lighter, I am approximately a 40DD. They are ok in a bra...barely ok. I am amazed at the transformation.
  6. dar1983

    almost four months!

    STOP THINKING, AND JUST DO IT! Sorry, not my place to say that, but if you are overweight/obese, be goos to yourself, and get the surgery. It is life-changing. You owe it to yourself to get healthy. (stepping down off my soapbox...)
  7. My daughter teaches pole fitness classes,a nd she specializes in 'plus-size' students. Do it today!
  8. dar1983

    Down 125 lbs December 22, 2012

    He's jealous, and scared. But the hell with that, you look great!
  9. my vitamins are like horse pills, and it took weeks before I could swallow them. The smell alone made me sick
  10. dar1983


    I wouldn't mind some grits now and then. But the carb count is kinda high...
  11. dar1983

    Why pictures MATTER!

    You're right, pictures DO matter. You look great!
  12. dar1983

    B4 And Now.

  13. dar1983


    FABULOUS! I am 20lbs away from "Onederland". It has been about 23 years since I have been in the 100s. Can't wait!
  14. dar1983

    Nsv Ah-Ha Moment

  15. *Omlettes *Burgers (I tried to eat little sliders, minus the bun...not good!) *scrambled eggs (sometimes) *more than a few bites of pasta *a few other foods, as well.
  16. dar1983

    My Birthday 11/4/12 100 pounds down!!!!!!!

  17. dar1983

    Help! This Is Not Working.

    Stalls. Plateaus. Gains. Frustration is my middle name, but I have come too far to give up. I just keep doing my thing, and hoping for the best.
  18. I had 1.5 slices of turkey and a 1/2 cup of mac and cheese. No desserts. Well, I did have some popcorn later at the movies...

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