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  1. Wow, tempus fugit! A year ago today, I went into surgery weighing 284 lbs. Today, I weigh 195 lbs for total of 89 Lbs lost...SO FAR. My original goal was 140 pounds. While I am still headed in that direction, well see what the future brings. Wile I am very happy with my weightloss to date, I thought I would be further along. Oh, I'm not ungrateful, just anxious. I know that I have made some food choices that I shouldn't have, but I try to shake it off, and stay on task. Some days are better than others. I'm still forcing myself to drink lots of Water. I can say I have gotten much better! Along with the weightloss, I have gone from wearing a size 24 to a size 14. One day I just stared at a dress in my closet, amazed that it was really mine...in that size! I actually tried on a dress in a size 12, and it fit. Wow. A few other victories.... I CAN NOW: -shop off the rack, on the main level, not downstairs...behind housewares -cross my legs without cutting off my circulation -share a seat on my commuter train without fear of spilling over the center -run up stairs without gasping for air -Go shopping with a friend -tuck my shirt in -wrap a bath towel around my body -WEAR LILLY PULITZER....HOORAY! -sit on furniture without fear of crashing to the floor ***drumroll, please*** I WEIGH LESS THAN MY HUSBAND!!!!!!!!!! here are a few photos to show my progress thus far. I can't wait to come back in a few months to share my goal photos. Thank you Darlene
  2. A BIG thanks to everyone for your wonderful, supportive comments!
  3. LOL...I had just bought the dress, and was modeling it for my daughter and her friend. I did remove the tags!
  4. Our stats are pretty close, so I will tell you it CAN be done. I know why I have slowed down, and have made steps to change the lazy, cocky habits I have picked up. ZUMBA has been my friend through most of this. I swear I sweat off a few inches every class. Good luck to you
  5. Thanks, Kathy! If you knew how long it took, and how many bras it took to prop up my sagging breasts and get that cleavage, you'd laugh! Boy, I'm going to need some major plastic surgery!
  6. I have already decided to change up, and go bak to the start. I have read many accounts here of people who have done the same ting. Jump start the metabolism! Thanks, everyone for the nice comments...they are encouraging
  7. dar1983

    Before and After Pics

    This is me, 7 months post-op..79lbs lost
  8. dar1983

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  9. dar1983

    Hey July Sleevers

    We have nearly identical stats...I am also half-way to goal. My energy level has increased, and my bum knee no longer constantly aches climbing stairs. I am taking Zumba 4-5 days a week, and doing some strength training. There are (many) days when I am unhappy with the lengthy stalls I have encountered. Then I realize that I have lost75 pounds and lots of inches!
  10. Pre surgery: 284 D.O.S: 273 Current weight: 210 Spring goal: 199 Anxious to be in "onederland"! While I remain optimistic, these stalls have me being CAUTIOUSLY optimistic.
  11. dar1983

    Smaller feet

    I wear an 11 and if I were to get down to a 10 or so...watch out!!!!
  12. dar1983

    Taste change after sleeve?

    I MISS HAVING A CHEESEBURGER! I can no longer tolerate them. I also loved scrambled eggs...not any more! I used to drink the protein shakes rather easily. Not anymore...they make me hurl! Oh, well......
  13. dar1983

    update on body image topics

    I started this journey at 284lbs. I am currently at 210, with a goal of 140lbs...which at my height, would leave me with a BMI of 24. I will be honest and say I am not shoting for a particular BMI, size or anything. I am wearing a size 14 right now (was a 22/24), and if I reach a single digit clothing size, I will pass out from excitement! I am not one of those who suffers from body dysmorphia or has trouble accepting a smaller me. I LOVE getting into smaller sizes! Just bought some skinny jeans today and still shocked and pleased at the fit. I just turned 53, and I intend to love life, and not get mired in head games. Enjoy the new body you have worked hard to get, and get out of your own way!
  14. dar1983

    weight loss stalled

    My initial response was also too many calories. Up the Water and protein. Good luck!
  15. dar1983

    spanx everyday

    I wear'Spanx' almost everyday. I LOVE my weight/inches lost, but the lower stomach sag is gross. Soooo...the proper undergarments are key to looking smooth and put-togther.
  16. ...well, it is major for me, and perhaps a number of women here. I am finally able to put on stockings without having to be a contortionist! I used to get out of breath trying to cross my legs, bend over and try to get those damn stockings on without falling over or ripping them! NOT ANYMORE!!! It is amazing what 71 pounds and lots of lost inches can do for a girl!
  17. dar1983


    I had the same thing happen,and I was stunned. What a feeling!

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