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  1. Bailey Jan

    Any surgery twins (April 11th)

    Sorry, just saw this. I wound up getting COVID last week so I was totally dehydrated. Before that I only had a craving once when my kids were eating chips. I hate to admit it but liked the salt off of a couple. I feel that my stomach makes noises but don't feel hungry. What about you?
  2. Bailey Jan

    my dinner

    Me too! I rotate between beans the ricotta bake. I am 4 1/2 weeks out.
  3. Bailey Jan

    Any surgery twins (April 11th)

    1 day apart. My surgery was 4/12.
  4. Bailey Jan

    Lap-Band Revision

    Following, sort of as I had my lap band removed 5 years ago and dr wouldn't do the sleeve at the same time. I am finally starting the process to get the sleeve and wished I would have gotten it years ago.
  5. Bailey Jan

    Dilated Pouch ?

    I had my band for 4 years. I recently started gaining weight. The surgeon suggested going an un-fill and going for an endoscopy with the results being that I have a dilated pouch. Does anyone that it is absolutely necessary to get it out because of this? He suggested that I get the band removed and get the sleeve. I hate the idea of going for two surgeries and having second thoughts. I am moving with the process and scheduled for the removal on July 5th and sleeve in August 17th. I started at 285 pounds. The lowest weight after the band was 200 and now I am at 240. My husband and family are supporting me going for the surgeries but I think I am totally frightened.
  6. I had my band removed three days ago and still uncomfortable. My port area is especially sore and it hurts to go from sitting to standing, etc. I am wondering when I will start to feel better?
  7. Thank you for your encouraging words!
  8. Bailey Jan

    Pain after Lap Band Removal

    I just had my band out yesterday and for some reason I did not think I would be in pain but I am. It is so sore especially when i go from sitting to standing. Fingers crossed it won't last long.
  9. Bailey Jan

    Post-op pain

    Great advice! I guess if I can have 2 c-sections and the lap band, I can do this! I am also worried about the pain afterwards since in the hospital it will be managed and the recovery time. I am scheduled for Aug 17 and go back to work Aug 27. Will I be ready? (White collar position, no lifting but a lot of mental stress.)
  10. Bailey Jan

    Any August sleevers out there?

    My dr stated that I would need to heal for a few weeks to ensure there is somewhere to staple for the sleeve. He stated in most cases getting them done at the same time will not have the best recovery.
  11. Bailey Jan

    Post-op pain

    That is a very great recovery!
  12. Bailey Jan

    Any August sleevers out there?

    I am scheduled for August but having serious doubts if I want to get it. I went through the lapband and will be getting it out in July. I cannot imagine a summer of 2 surgeries.
  13. Bailey Jan

    Post-op pain

    Following topic...scheduled to get my band out in July and sleeve in in Aug.
  14. It is going on four years and I am contemplating going from the band to the sleeve. I lost a total of 70 and gained back 20. So, I feel like I hit a plateau and stuck at this 50 pound weight loss mark. I went today and got my band emptied. The next step is going for an endoscopy and then have the band removed. After four weeks from then, I can get the sleeve. Wondering if this is the right move? I still need to lose 80 pounds to reach my ultimate goal. Any advice?
  15. If you have your period can you get a fill? It has been almost 10 months since I had a fill and I really do need one. I am scheduled for one tomorrow but did get my period today. I don't think think it effects it but want to be certain. Thanks!
  16. Do you use liquid acetaminophen or tylenol crushed up? I am not sure what to use for cramps and headaches and usually take a 1/2 of zanax.
  17. Bailey Jan

    Post-Fill Diet ?

    This is my 5th or 6th fill and I always have the same question: Does your doctor tell you Clear liquids or just liquids and for how long? My doctor's post-fill instructions are the same as after my initial lap band instructions. Therefore, I seem to try to survey others to see their instructions. I am going to stick with clear liquids, today (day 1). Then tomorrow (day 2) regular liquids. For day 3 I was thinking liquids in the morning and gradually increase to yogurt, etc. at night.
  18. Bailey Jan

    What do you take for a headache?

    I am also scared to take tylenol in pill form. What brand do you get of liquid tylenol or where do you get it? I looked and could not find Tylenol for adults in the liquid form. I found generic versions that I may just get. My dr said that Iburofen (sp?) is not allowed. He stated it could cause stomach ulcers.
  19. Bailey Jan

    Post-Fill Diet ?

    I hope that is the consensus! I feel like I have the only dr in the world that states CLEAR liquids. I even asked today if I could have a little milk in my decaf coffee and was told NO.
  20. My last fill was 2 months ago and he said that I was where I need to be and gave be only .25 cc. So, I am doing good but really would like to go back for another fill. It is now a year that I have been banded and not sure how often I should now go.
  21. Bailey Jan


    I recently had an injury and went to my gen dr and then to a specialist. I personally feel that when I state I have the lapband and cannot take any NSAIDS they are not aware of it. So, I researched and found this list. It gives me a peace of mind to what is safe. Here it is; http://www.pharmacistsletter.com/pl/detaildocuments/251101.pdf?cs=&s=PL
  22. Bailey Jan

    Need an email buddy...

    I was banded in July and lost 65 pounds but would love the support of a buddy. My email address is staceywjan@yahoo.com Thanks, Stacey
  23. Bailey Jan

    Link To Website For Loads Of Info!

    Wanted to add that it is very beneficial and detailed. I have referred to the site a few times since Oct.
  24. Bailey Jan

    Link To Website For Loads Of Info!

    Thanks for sharing the info!
  25. Bailey Jan

    It Happens All The Time.. But Why?

    I heard from somewhere on this board to take enzyme papaya pills. Maybe before you eat and after. I take them after when I feel like I am going to have a stuck episode. Not sure if it works but it is better then nothing...

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